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you are looking at maybe 7 more minutes. You can do anything for 7 minutes!
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TM, I'd say try it and see if it works...or maybe try a "lighter" half a bar. I eat these really small ones from Melaleuca about 15-20 minutes before I run and they are great. I have to eat before I run, but there's no way I could stomach Gu....but now is the time to try!

In all my excitement about posting the new thread (yes, I'm a little excitement starved over here) I forgot to mention that I finally ran for 30 minutes on the TM . And had, not coincidentally (see my blog) a MUCH better day with the kids today.
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I wonder if it would help me to do something like that. I don't really do anything special for my long runs. I will carry a bottle of gatorade tomorrow since I think it's going to be insanely hot. I'm making zuchini (sp?) muffins that's why I'm hovering on mdc in case anyone is wondering :
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Just subbing... and pleased that forward motion is becoming routine for me again :
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penelope~another vote for morning here. I just feel like I have to get my workout done early in the day or I'll come up with too many excuses not to do it! Not to mention the heat...

towson~I think the only way you can find out is to try it, but I would definitely carry another gel or two with you just in case you need it. I need WAY more than that before a long run. Heck, I can't even do a shorter run without more than that, or it's just not pretty. I generally have at least a lunabar and a Stonyfield Farms yogurt smoothie, and for a longer run I add a banana and sometimes a bagel!

drjen~If you've done 14.39, 15 is barely even a blink more! You can TOTALLY do it!

I'm have off days the next two days, not really by choice, but by circumstance. Maybe I'll get lucky and H will be able to hang out here with DS while he naps on Sunday so I can go swim. I haven't been in the pool in WAY too long. : I guess worst case scenario is that I could do my PT home exercises and a good core workout with my poor neglected Bosu. :
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Originally Posted by towsonmama View Post
Speaking of morning running, would it be stupid to skip breakfast and just use GU to fuel my long runs? I usually eat half a power bar at least an hour before any run longer than 10 miles but I hate having to get up that early just to eat. During last week's 13 miles I ate the power bar two hours before the run and I still felt a little too full for the first 5 miles or so. Will GU alone cause a bonk???
I always have to eat before a long run - at least a power bar (or a boston cream donut or i have major issues. i drive 20 minutes to meet my group to run long, though, so i eat as i'm driving. gu alone is only about 100 calories, so that wouldn't do it for me - but if you're full on half a power bar two hours before, you might be ok.
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Someone needs to tell my cat that she does NOT need to be fed/let out at 5:45am. I finally have a chance to sleep in today (DH is home!!!) but was rudely awakened by a loud "meow-wow" in my ear. Couldn't get back to sleep after feeding her, so here I am. Yawn.

towsonmama ~ I don't think GU would give me what I need for a long run. I've heard good things about drinking an Ensure 2 hours before, although I haven't tried it myself. Could you put one next to your bed, set the alarm, glug it down, and then go back to sleep? Just an idea....
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Woohoo!! 15 miles done - and y'all were right, it wasn't that bad. We took the pace slow and walked to drink (and had one emergency potty break - but not me this time, my partner) and still finished under 3 hours. I don't stop my watch once we start, so even with all the breaks we were at like 2:56, so I'm pleased with that. We walked a warm up and cool down, so the total was 15.98 miles - and we were really tempted to go up and down my driveway a couple times to get that even 16, but didn't in the end as I REALLY needed the bathroom by then. My running friend had no issues at all this weekend and throwing up so much last week. Who knows? My dh and younger 2 kids and my running partner all went out for breakfast after and now I have to run to a marching band thing (Catherine is in marching band - she's still out of the country, but I'm going to see her band anyway.)

One quick work on the Ensure - I'd try that on a non-running day first as it's not terribly uncommon to get some loose stools from it if you aren't used to it. Knowing my luck, I'd have a disaster in the middle of a long run!
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drjen~Congrats on the long run!!! Sounds like it was a great one. Thanks for the Ensure heads up. That could be a disaster!

rr~I ended up putting my Power Bar next to my bed and I ate half when I woke up around 4 a.m. (I went back to sleep for an hour and half afterwards). We ran 13 miles today and my legs are SORE! They haven't felt like this since I ran the half in May.
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So I did run this morning, got out while it was still in the 70's, and even though I forgot to use my inhaler like a big dummy my breathing was good and I ran at a pretty good clip. It was loads and loads easier than my evening runs have been. Thanks for all the confirmation of that - it's nice to know that it isn't just me being lazy, the heat and humidity really do make a big difference.

Now I'm trying to decide if I really need new running shoes, or if I'm just falling back into my usual pattern of assuming that new shoes will cure whatever ails me.
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Jen - I am glad your 15.98 miles went so well. That's awesome mileage!!

towsonmama - You got some good miles in today too! Wow ladies!!

Penelope - I always like running after the sun goes down, but that's just a personal preference. My lungs and legs don't seem to function early enough to run before it warms up.

I just got back from a walk with my doggy. It sure is a beautiful day here. Sunny, warm, but breezy to keep you cool enough. I love days like this. :
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subbing :
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Great running ladies!

I did 13 today with jgmommo. It felt better than runs have felt in a while. We went slower than I did last saturday by about 5 minutes, which is probably why it felt better. We got some good hills in and it was quite hot.

So after this run we (dh and the kids) decide to go to the zoo. Wooo not the best idea. Way too hot. We only stayed for an hour and a half, maybe two.

towsonmama - do you think your legs are sore just from the run or does it have to do with how you fueled? couldn't decide based on what you posted.
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Originally Posted by babybugmama View Post
towsonmama - do you think your legs are sore just from the run or does it have to do with how you fueled? couldn't decide based on what you posted.
I think it's from the run. We ran 13 last weekend too plus 3 runs midweek--I'm guessing it's just fatigue from the step up in total mileage. Next week is a step back in the training program so we'll see if it's easier. Eating half a Power Bar at 4 a.m. seemed to work well in terms of energy. I felt strong the entire run today and had two GU's while running.
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My legs are sore too...I figure it's just a function of running 13 miles! Nice running!
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I'm thinking of doing a Tri over within the next year. So today I tried to do a semi brick (I dodnt; bring my swim suit to the gym), Elliptical, 30 min, then I biked for 20, then I walked and ran for 10. I think I will plan to do this (bike then run) once a week, but do it longer, and with maybe just 20 min on the ellipt before hitting the bike.
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I got new running shoes today. It was going on 8 months...
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I don't think I will ever get the July thread read - so I am starting fresh with the August thread!

We had a great family vacation, but this homebody is soooooooooo glad to be home. I think I live in the most beautiful spot in the world, so I am happy to be home now. I am away for most of next week, but then I am home to stay for a good long time.

We did a ton of camping and exploring in July and that was fun. Our kids did great with it all - I was so proud of them. dh and I spent a month together pretty much 24/7 and we are still happily married - so I guess we can make it through anything

Not as much running as I had planned. I am not sure I am going to be able to do the half marathon in Toronto next month : I did lots of hiking in the mountains and that was a great workout, but it was also a few weeks ago and I have been slacking since - I am embarrassed to admit that here. Sorry, dingoes. I will try to get it back in gear - I don't know what my block is.
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Popping in quickly before I go shower to say...

: (hmm, where's the bike smilie???)

And I hope Nancy926 had a great race today! I completely forgot to check the racelist yesterday! :
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Ga had a tax free holiday so I got some new running shoes for $54!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOOOOVE a good deal. And HBM is going to be sooo jealous, they are orange bc that's the last color they had in my (giant) size!

I ran for about 20 min this morning on the treadmill. Then we went to our little town's parade and sweated to death....it is a fun small town parade and we can walk to it, and the kids got candy, etc but JEEZ it was hot!

now off to watch Dreamgirls, taking advantage of dh being out of town.
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