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So the meeting today was . . .weird? Inconclusive? Not at all helpful to my current stress levels. I did call eksmom and vent at lunchtime and that was really helpful. Y'all, I really need more real life dingoes around me.

bbm - So sorry you aren't feeling well, and the baby bugs, too. Summer illnesses are the worst. I might need to reconsider my working situation, but I'm just not sure. Some parts of it I really love, and then there's my family of course. Despite the crazy hours, my dh is happy here, my kids are happy here, and my whole field is difficult - I wonder what would happen if I uprooted my whole family in the name of job satisfaction and it wasn't any better? To change job situations at this point would definitely mean moving - there are no better situations in the area. I just don't know.

Runningmommy - I don't think I'm depressed. I definitely don't meet the DSM criteria! I'm very happy with most parts of my life, just the job situation is a constant stressor. Is it anti-phospholid that you are dealing with?

JenLove - Keep forgetting to say, what a gorgeous belly bump! And you do remind me so much of Geo's lovely abs!

grnmtnmama - did they say you had some irregular beats that weren't life-threatening? It's common for those to be very symptomatic, especially during stressful life periods, but not to cause any permanent issues.

RR - I ran last night after dark. I put little dd to bed and headed for the treadmill and found dh just starting his run on it! So I headed outside instead. I ran just 3 miles, and it was wonderful. It was dark, and cool, and I felt like I was flying. And I was kind of flying, for me - 1st mile 9:15, 2nd 9:39, third 9:20 - all fast for me! I just needed to run and pound out some frustration. I'm supposed to run a 5K tomorrow night with Justin, but now he has a baseball practice, so I'm not sure how this is going to work. 11 miles planned for Sat before my call starts - hopefully I'll get out there at 6 am and get it done.
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Originally Posted by towsonmama View Post
Does anyone use the stick? I can't figure out who is supposed to use it and where/when.
Look on the techniques page - that seems to have good descriptions.

Thanks for the massage tip mamabeth, I'm gonna give that a go.
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towsonmama ~ We own the stick. My DH bought it when he ran the STL half. I really loved it when my muscles got sore (especially after weightlifting). It does massage legs like no other. I have seen people use rolling pins though too.

drjen ~

grnmtnmama ~ Do you deal with anxiety/panic attacks at all? When I first started with them exercise (for some ungodly reason) would make them worse. I would come home and feel like I was having a heart attack after a run then go into a panic mode that I was going to die.. and on and on from there. I was just doing *too much*. Once I realized exercise wasn't another "chore" or "to do" it really made it more relaxing and they started tapering off.
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So what do red dots in the throat mean? I peered into dd's throat and saw little red dots...
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Originally Posted by babybugmama View Post
So what do red dots in the throat mean? I peered into dd's throat and saw little red dots...
I'm not sure about red.. I think white means strep. After having it as a kid twice you would think I'd know...

ETA - http://www.mayoclinic.com/health/str...CTION=symptoms
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Ok, I need more help. I think I either overworked my core (???), or I have some kind of infection all through my chest and back from this cold cough virus.

I've had this cold/cough for about 10 days, and it seems to slowly be getting better. but it had me feeling like crap 7 and 4 days ago.

3 weeks ago I pulled my chest muscle from kneeboarding/tubing on teh lake. So I've been giving upper body a rest at teh gym. My chest feels much better, I don't even notice it hurting. Yesterday, I decided to try upper body work at teh gym. When I did an assisted chin up, i could feel the weak spot.. didn't hurt, but felt sore, so I stopped. Tried tricep dips, that felt sore too, so I stopped, I was able to get bicep curls in and back pull downs no prob.

Today I wore a new nike top... it's a tight tank with a racerback with a built in bra. You gals know, *everybody* wears them at the gym. Honestly, I'm too big to wear it, but when I sucked in my abs, I looked okay in it, so I decided to wear it. I was very conscious to keep my shoulders tall/back, and to keep my stomach engaged all morning.

I took a kickbox today. i try to take kickbox once a week, but this was my 1st time taking a dance like coreographed kickbox class. Similar to teh class I am used to, but less athletic and more steps. it was fun, I felt great, and I kept my HR 130's -150's.

Afterwards, I did the elliptical, and my upperbody felt tight, liek I needed to stretch. So I stretched on the precor stretch machine (upper back, lower back and shoulders) Then I got a blance ball and wrapped myself over that, whcih felt good.

All day I have fet progressivly more sore/painful. It hurts and I can not take a deep breath. I'm also unable to cough, I can do little shallow coughs, but it hurts. I've had a few hiccups, and they are so painful that I yell out (thankfully they were short and infrequent)

I tried to lay down with dd, adn I could not lay on my stomach or side. It just hurts.

I checked web MD, and it says that I could be having a heart attack and go to teh ER ASAP. I don;t think that is it. I've been working my core for 8 months, including trying to draw navel to spine and have good posture. Is it possible that I just overdid it today. Also, usually after I work out, I feel soreness the next day, not right after. COuld I have pulled my core muscles? Or could this virus have settled into my core????

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Gigi, do you have a nurse line you can call? I'll admit it, you're scaring me. Of course, I have back problems that start small and spasm bigger and bigger...but this sounds scarier.

I need to share with you guys. So be my rocks, OK? I had a really bad feeling about dh's trip...and I still am not feeling good, but that's not the point...In less than 24 hours, I have lost 2 animals. A turkey overnight, and this evening, a ewe. We got home from work and I sent ds to count sheep while I did other chores, and he reported back that one was down. I had to call around for help to put her down. Looked like tetanus. It advanced really fast, and I am now totally freaked out about the rest of the flock. I am buying CDT vax tomorrow and seeing if my dear neighbor (you know, country neighbor--about 4mi away) can come and help me pin and vax sheep. And of course I got in real close to comfort my girl. And I have not had a tetanus shot in 12 years. And still have not heard from dh. He left Tuesday night.

And running is too painful to do. Waaaahhh.
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1jooj - just to set your mind at ease about one thing - tetanus is not contagious. It needs an anaerobic environment to thrive, and is not passed person to person or critter to person. Personally, I think it's not a bad idea for a farmer to have a tetanus booster anyway - but your sheep probably didn't put you at risk. Many hugs, though, for having to deal with so much while you are single parenting it.
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oh, and red spots - if you are talking about tiny red dots on the soft palate just above the tonsil area, they may be petechiae which are often a sign of strep. If you are talking about red spots or tiny sores on the tonsils themselves, that is often a viral infection.
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Gigi - I'm not sure what to tell you but I agree, I would not hesitate to call the nurse line or something similar if you at all think you should. Better safe than sorry.

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jooj, i'm so sorry. sounds like a terribly rough day! i know how hard it is to lose animals.

tetanus always worried me but like the pp said, it's not contagious. and i'm not a doctor, just a paranoid mom who researched the risks of not vaccinating, etc.

many hugs and prayers to you. hope you feel better soon.
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jo - ((((()))))
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Oh, Jo. I'm so sorry you're having to deal with all of this by yourself. I'll be thinking good sheepy thoughts.

HelloKitty... the other dingoes will either laugh or groan because they will expect me to say this, but I'd recommend trying to be seen in person by a Physical Therapist. Knee pain does not necessarily equal weak quads... our ankles, hips, and pelvic alignment can affect our knees and if you go to a PT they can watch you run and do all kinds of fun little tests that will help narrow down exactly where you're weak or out of alignment. Another common weak area are the glute muscles on the sides of our butts -- specifically the gluteus medius. You can look up an exercise called the "oyster" or "clamshell" that helps work it. Again, though, if you see someone in person you can be SURE you're being taught how to do it correctly and use the right muscles. Us humans are notorious cheaters and tend to compensate with other muscles and negate the benefit of whatever exercise we're doing.

The more I'm in a clinic, the more I believe strongly that it's impossible to figure out the right treatment -- especially for the annoyingly complex knee -- without hands-on assessment. Knees are tough. But... as one of my professors is fond of saying, "When in doubt, strengthen the quads" So that won't hurt while you're waiting for a PT appointment ;-)

RR: ran 4 tonight at ~ 10:07 pace.
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jooj. I'm sorry about your animals.
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Gigi - how are you feeling now? You are worrying me too!

Megs - can I just say I wish you were my PT!
I quit going because she would just randomly give me exercises and leave to go check email while I tried to figure out how to do them :
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Gigi - Yeah, if your symptoms match up with "having a heart attack" it wouldn't do anyharm to at least call a nurse right? Or, maybe you broke a rib and it got re effed today? Gentle but don't feel embarrassed about erring on the side of caution.

((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((Jo)))))))))))))))) )))))))))))))))))))
I hope that's the end of the hard part mama.
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Jooj I hope things only improve from here. Sorry you've had a rough couple of days.

Gigi ~ how are you doing this morning? I'd get the rib pain checked out, just in case

I'm up at 5:30am because I can't stop coughing. And my head hurts. And my nose is all gunked up. I want to try and run today, just a little bit. I can feel my fitness level falling as we speak . This was supposed to be my last big "build" week because DH will be out of town from next Thursday - Sunday. So much for that plan. At this rate, I'll be lucky to finish the Oly Tri, never mind do well.

Okay, whining done.
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I woke in the middle of the night and felt no pain. My back is sore this am, and I feel a little sore all over. I think I just over did it with mu core/back yesteray (doing twist moves while really engaging my core). Sorry for worring you gals and thanks for the advice!!!!
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