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I'm late on the race list too, but nancy, I hope you had a great race, and GOOD LUCK JAYGEE!!!

No official running today, but we biked to a park and I ran up and down a hill barefoot in the grass w/ DD, so I'll count that as my forward motion for the day
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Bye-bye! I'm off to the races ! Unfortunately, I'm having some digestive issues this morning. Hope they don't effect me at race time. I'll be back with a report this afternoon !
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GOOD LUCK JAYGEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:
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Go JayGee!!!
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I'm back from volunteering at Tri for the Cure...holy crap am I tired! I think my legs hurt worse than if I had actually raced! Not to mention I'm going on 3 hours of sleep...had to be there at 4:15 this morning. I was in the transition area so I spent the first two hours directing people to their rack, marking them with their race numbers (holy permanent marker fumes, batman!), and answering questions. Then I got to hand out water (and cheer myself hoarse) at the start of the run. It was hot, hot, hot. The last racers got on the run course a good four hours after the first wave started (which was almost three hours AFTER I got there!). What a great experience, though. I truly believe that everyone should volunteer for at least one race just to see it from the other side. Plus, it's so rewarding. I had one woman give me a big hug and a kiss on the cheek after the race to say thank you! :

Now trying to get motivation up to go to the Y to swim. My legs are shot, but I haven't been in the pool in almost two weeks. And I have a 10 miler planned tomorrow...we'll see how (or if!) that goes!

Eagerly awaiting race reports...
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JayGee!!! GO!!!
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I got first in my AG!!!! And was 5th woman overall!!!!! Here are the splits:

Swim 13:36.4 ( 63)
T1 02:18.5 ( 68)
Bike 0:43:43.2 (19.2 mph/ 65)
T2 04:10.4 (133)
Run 0:20:12.8 (06:44.3/ 40) ~ I swear the run was short. There is NO WAY I was that fast!
Final 1:24:01.2

Must get back to family now, but will write a full RR tonight .
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Wow Jaygee, That Is Awesome!!! Congratulations!!!!!
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You rock!!
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Great job JayGee!
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OMG, JayGee! That's awesome! WTG!!! You are one speedy dingo triathlete mama!
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And reporting in that I dragged my sorry butt to the Y and forced myself to swim my 1500 m. It was slow, it was not fun, but I did it and I did not allow myself to quit at 750 even though I really really wanted to! Then I took myself to Qdoba and rewarded myself with a chicken queso burrito. :
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Originally Posted by tjsmama View Post
Then I took myself to Qdoba and rewarded myself with a chicken queso burrito. :
Mmmmm. My nrr for today was sitting my tired tuckus on the sofa, watching The Other Boleyn Girl in its entirety, and downing Pad Thai and Ben & Jerry's in record speed. Thank God I ran 13 miles yesterday!!
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Yay JayGee! Great job!

another raining day today. took ds on an outing then i managed 5 miles on the bike before deciding i didn't really want to get wet and came home. working on a core workout now.
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JayGee WTG on the 1st place AG and the amazing times! You were smoking fast!!

RR: 3 mile run/walk this am... hoping to go get some new shoes this evening, mine are shot!

karyn - that sounds like an awesome recovery day! :
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JayGee you totally

Mmm.. towsonmama!

tjsmama - Way to go getting to the Y!

I"m waiting for the rain to quit before I go out for a walk. I have my first OB appointment with the Dr. tomorrow. I get to hear Sprout's heartbeat! Counting down until 3pm. :
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holy crow, jaygee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! that's awesome :
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Jenlove~how exciting!!!!!! :

NRR: really looking forward to waking up tomorrow with my dh already at work. sigh. he is just miserable and being around him is the same. ick.

RR:....um....reading along count? Nothing this weekend. It's hard to get it in around dh's mood. tomorrow I shall run!!!
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