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WTG, JAYGEE!!!! You did awesome! I cannot fathom running that fast after biking and swimming. Heck, I can barely run that fast without biking and swimming, and certainly not for 10k!

rr~Holy epic ride today. I talked a friend into going with me to do the same ride I did a few weeks ago, the 10 mile long climb up. I was hoping to complete the loop instead of turning around at the top, but I was leaving it up to my friend since she's fairly new to cycling. She did great, although she had to get off and walk a few times on the way up. We got to the top, took a short break, and she decided that she wanted to try to complete the loop, so off we went. Wow, we had NO idea what we were getting into. We thought that the rest of the ride would be downhill with maybe a few short ups. Nope, there were some serious ups and our legs were DONE. Just about the time I think we were both about ready to flag down the next car and beg for a ride, we hit the *real* downhill and it was SO much fun flying down! My friend was awesome...for awhile there I was worried she might try to push me off the nearest cliff, or at the very least never ride with me again. After a well-deserved burger and margarita, we both had much more positive opinions of the experience. In the end, we did about 27 miles with somewhere between 3500 and 5000 feet of elevation gain (which is a good bit!). My legs are DONE. No spin class or run for me tomorrow, I think...swimming it is!
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Amazing times! Whew you are fast!

WTG long runners this weekend!!1

tjs - I'm exhausted just hearing about that ride

Gigi - I don't have any specific advice but you have made amazing progress. I'm hypothyroid too, and have often worried about insulin resistance bc I match a lot of the symptoms and have a HUGE family history of it and diabetes... I know for me, starchy carbs and sugar really do me in - I can slightly overdo one week, and see a big gain the next week Hopefully this week can just be chalked up to normal fluctuations or plateau and the carbs.... Good luck! Don't worry about venting, that's what we are here for!!!!

poppy - glad you all made it! more west coast dingos, yeah!

classes start at the univ tmw, and I'm teaching for the first time in several years, so I feel super rusty!
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Originally Posted by poppywise View Post
has wawoof always been out here? i thought she was in nearer to you.
She was near me. We started a Saturday am playgroup together. Then I moved here and she moved there.

My legs are toast from yesterday. Another 10 mile (round trip) commute today...
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Last night I went out for a *short* jog (about 1/2 mile) and then I walked for about 15 minutes. Today I am hoping for a prenatal yoga workout once I get home from the little beasts at the YMCA. Today and tomorrow and then I'm done!! :

JayGee ~ Woot! You are so fast! Way to go!

tjsmama ~ My legs feel done after reading about your ride. I've only done road riding... that climbing on a bike thing is too much for me.
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Hey ladies!

Cath~I have insulin resistance, and gaining is easy, losing is difficult. I'm thin, vegatarian, and was training for a marathon when I found out (55 mile weeks). Genetics got me. The insulin resistance diet works well for me, and I am currently waiting for the book from Amazon (getting impatient as I ordered weeks ago...) so I can be more strict about my diet and try to get it right. I am on the verge of seeing a dietician, but it's not covered by insurance and I've spent SO MUCH medical money already, and dh needs some stuff done. mama, it's tough.

I've had a crazy weekend, skip if you want. I slept through the church run Sat. morning but went out from my house for a later run alone. Our neighbors across the street were outside yelling at eachother with the F bomb at 9am, which caught me off gaurd. I got back about a half hour later to find the grandmother there looknig distraught, and all the family in the front yard on cell phones. I walk up to talk to GM and she says that A (mother of three) is high on drugs and violent and won't let anyone near the kids (yet she is unsafe for them at the time.) So I talk to A and she lets me take two of the kids to my house, the baby stays with S (the baby's dad, all three are different dads.). Right as I am running across the street with the kids (6yo and 2yo) the cops pull up and put A (the mom) in handcuffs, and eventually take her to jail for a warrant (for a fight she was in another time).

So our party day was spent caring for these children who are crying, scared, dirty, hungry, etc. and all upset by the situation. We also find out that the mom, A, bit, scratched her dad (they all live together) and threw a tv at him tearing up his leg, just that morning. Yikes!!

Find out that the husband of A, S, is on parole for meth, and our 21 yo neighbor next to them, is on parole for traffic and alcohol something a rather and they shouldn't be talking to each other but they do.

we. want. to. move.

Then my Dad calls and tells me that they lost water at his house, so that's where I'll be spending today with the well repair people, since he left for Chicago (and we have my GM here this week).

Found out that my GM forgot who I was yesterday (alzheimers) which I knew would happen some day, but hoped not when she was due to stay here all week.

Our washer broke 3 weeks ago, and still no part for it. I've been doing laundry down at my dads, but now that he has no water, did some at my MIL's house. I might hit the laundry mat tonight to finish the rest of it. sigh.

All is good, we are fine, but we do want to move. Son did have a blast at his party day and that was important to me. I do love my kids so!!

Did 63 push ups yesterday on week one of that challenge. It's fun! I'm not as sore as the first two days. Must run soon. This week is crazy.

Love to you ladies!
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You are a saint, Lisa.
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Originally Posted by Geofizz View Post
You are a saint, Lisa.
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whew. definitely sainthood. how awful for those kids. but how great that you could help them right then.

I didn't get a run in...it was pouring and I didn't sleep well so got a little more sleep vs. getting up and running the mill. But the day's not over yet, right?

Jaygee, you are CRAZY fast! Congrats, mama! :
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I have a phone appointment with K's teacher tonight. She was scared to go to school today. Now I need to get all my thoughts together rationally to talk to the teacher. Help?

She's in a 1st/2nd grade split. Holding kids back a year is all the vogue around here, with about half the kids a year older than they should be by grade. That means that her classroom likely has several kids who will be turning 9 in a few months. K is 6 years, 3 weeks, and she's the youngest in her class.

*DD is shy. We worked hard last year to make one friend, and they were split up this year.
*DD is really sensitive and has minimal exposure to TV. She gets nightmares from scary images, even if they are just described to her. (We had nightmares with some of the reading books she had to read last year. They seemed to all have the general theme of "cute lovable creature in mortal peril.")
*DD told her afterK teacher last spring that her one worry about first grade was that the class would be too noisy and distracting for her to concentrate. It sounds like she's been seated next to exhibit A of "noisy, not sitting in her seat, speaking out of turn" kid.
*I think DD's bored with most of the work. I actually think this is a big part of the issue.
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jaygee that is AMAZING!!! Wow, I am just beyond impressed. to the master

Okay I walked away and have forgotten most of my personals, but here's what I do remember:

Runningmommy - I think you have the most amazing spirit. You have such a gentle and giving soul. Those children have an awful situation, but at least for a while they had calm and gentle in their lives.

Geo - I'm gonna pm you...
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Holy cats Jaygee! Way to go!

Lisa, Wow, just wow at all you do.

Geo, I hope you find a good solution for your dd's school. That's so tough.

This morning I ran 3 on the treadmill (, did half of a zumba class then went straight to my choir practice. There was a new lady today and the poor dear had to sit next to me. At my absolute stinkiest. I was so embarassed.
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Lisa, you are one amazing Mama to care for those poor children . And yes, I'd love to plan a run with you one of these days .

Geo, I hope the meeting with the teacher goes well. That's got to be so difficult for your DD .

Amazingly, I'm not sore today! Maybe tomorrow it will hit me. I am taking a well-deserved day off anyway though. DD's first day of pre-K was this morning and I was the parent participator. She did great! I am so pleased with her teacher. She's so kind and gentle and loves to get right down and play with the kids. She was pretending to eat play food, "filling up" the tricycles at the pretend gas station, and just having a great time in general. And tonight is parent-teacher night at DS's school. Busy, busy, busy...

Okay, where's Megs??? I want to hear about my Oly distance compatriot's race !
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Geo -- you basically just described my second grade experience (except I moved in October and that's when it began and it wasn't a grade split). I'm so afraid of what might be in store for Erin. I hope the conference goes well.

Lisa: I'm so amazed at your strength. Actually I'm just in awe.

I began my first day of work today at my new job. It already is stressing me out. Urgh. Have I mentioned before that I suck at transitions? I think my fall running might consist of park vehicle, put on backpack and run to class. Seriously there's new construction on campus and apparently parking is moving around. I hate hate hate driving around in circles so I'm shooting for a satellite lot. I could potentially put computer in the jogger and make the 1 mile there, 1 mile back better.

Must get some work done at aforementioned job.
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Aw Kristin that made my heart sad. I'm sorry that first grade was so sucky. Geo - I have more...I"ll pm you again if my 4:30 really is no showing :
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Originally Posted by babybugmama View Post
Aw Kristin that made my heart sad. I'm sorry that first grade was so sucky.
Moving when you're a shy girl stinks. Moving a lot sucks a lot. But you know what? I'm here and I'm ok.
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geo and rm~

Originally Posted by JenLove View Post
tjsmama ~ My legs feel done after reading about your ride. I've only done road riding... that climbing on a bike thing is too much for me.
That WAS road riding, just in the mountains! I think mountain biking is too much work...because yesterday's ride was sooooo easy Amazingly, my legs feel better today than they did yesterday. Just a vague achy/tired feeling, no actual soreness.

Y'all, I need a maid. Or a housekeeper. Or both. How about a handyman, too? Anyone wanna volunteer? My house is a mess. My study has become the throw all the junk in and close the door place. My parents are coming to visit and I MUST get the study cleaned out so they can sleep there! Oh, and I have another ceiling fan that needs installed in the living room. Did I mention the complete and utter lack of motivation to do anything about any of the above? Blork. In fact, I think I may just go take a nap. I'm still recovering from two weeks of lost sleep (stoopid Olympics) and the epic ride, doncha know??

rr~got a nice short swim in at the Y. I did 800 yards and decided that was good enough. That's the most that I'm going to need to swim anytime soon, so why do more? I'm sensing a severe lack of motivation in my future unless I can come up with some races for the winter! It was a nice swim though, it felt really good.
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Kerc - I moved a lot too as a kid, I'm shy now...I don't know whether I was then or not or if it evolved as a function of moving a bunch. It was really hard for me though (6 moves by 11 years old, two involving international moves).
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Originally Posted by tjsmama View Post

That WAS road riding, just in the mountains!
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Prenatal yoga is done for the evening.

Now I'm off to some warm apple pie and chai latte. Any Dingos want to come over for a bite to eat and a good chat? I could use some girl time..
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Originally Posted by JenLove View Post
Any Dingos want to come over for a bite to eat and a good chat? I could use some girl time..
Dude, you have no idea. *sigh* The worst part of the internet is that sometimes people are just too far away. Well, that and the fact that I can't seem to disconnect.
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