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I don't think I'd have to twist arms too hard to get out to youngs either Gaye...unless of course it's nap time.

It was lovely to hang out with Geo yesterday in the Glen. Such a pretty walk. Very adventurous. Dd found a frog, which she struggled (as always) to leave in its' "home." We saw a pileated woodpecker (what woody woodpecker was based on - they are enormous woodpeckers! You may not have realized how big it was Wendy with how high up in the tree it was). And that was incredibly sweet Geo "You know the best part of a dingo commune would be? Our kids would have playmates that are all lovely, kind human beings even when their parents aren't watching." If that is one thing I want for dd it's this exactly...kindness and gentleness to all creatures. (That said I think we're going to have to give the guinea pigs away - she just can't seem to understand that they are not just moving dolls and is just too rough with them and just doesn't seem to get how scared they are so much of the time because of her play - I feel guilty b/c obviously I overestimated her ability to handle a small pet at this age).

Gaye there is more to running than speed. There is the bliss of just feeling your muscles move and the power within. And you may be surprised how much faster you are in a race situation. My long runs are almost always 10-11 min mile pace and I routinely run lower 8's for my half marathons. I have no idea how or why.

I'm having a barbeque for jgmommo (a belated birthday party). We are grilling pizzas. I have been cutting toppings since 8am. Whew. Now to roll out the pizza crusts.
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Callie. I'm so sorry for your loss, and on top of having a tough time elsewhere in your life.

I would so love to have a Dingo Commune! It would be bliss. I, seriously, just spaced out for a few minutes fantasizing about it.

So, my parents took us out to the best Chinese restaurant on the planet yesterday for our Anniversary (2 weeks ago), and I totally over ate. I don't feel good today as a consequence. Why do I do that to myself? And we're having friends over for a BBQ today, so more food. Must.control.myself!

Tomorrow starts my new running schedule that I have for myself.

Next week's goals:
~ Eat in moderation!!!!
~ Get all my water in
~ Lots of veggies

Monday: 5 miles
Wednesday: 5 miles
Friday: 3 miles
Saturday: 7 miles

Nothing like just jumping in!
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Originally Posted by Geofizz View Post
You know the best part of a dingo commune would be? Our kids would have playmates that are all lovely, kind human beings even when their parents aren't watching.
: :

Callie - I'm so sorry mama, that's a lot to be dealing with.

Today is Ali G's 1st birthday! I can hardly believe a whole year has flown by with her already. But she does look like a one year old so I guess I didn't rip off a calendar page too soon by mistake! Bad mommy that I am I didn't get our collective act together to plan a party with anyone but the family on hand but Chiara and I made a cake last night, white sheet cake on the bottom with a brownie heart on top. Now we just have to frost it. And I have the urge to wrap her presents even though I suspect that it won't make a whit of difference to her if they are covered in paper or not.
Well, time to get on with it!

: To my dingos!
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Wow! Already Plady...gah it just seems like yesterday that we were stalking her birth. Time races.

All cutting up and prepping for grilled pizzas done! Now making the cake. I called her and asked to speak to her dd who gave me the inside info on the kind of cake she likes. White with chocolate frosting (I'm making a sour cream chocolate frosting )
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RR: I did my mud run this morning! It was really fun - very casually organized, a ton of costumes, we got started a bit late... holy freaking hills, though! It was through a vinyard so the whole thing was up and down hills in between rows of grapes. Very cool. The mud pit was awesome - I got mud in my mouth, even. The last stretch was a hill, and even though it was chip-timed I'm sure the course was shorter than 5K. My time was 27:51, which is a full 90 seconds faster than the 5K I did on July 4, and the beginning was really slow because everyone had to narrow to three across to fit in between the rows of grapes. So I can't figure how I dropped 90 seconds with the slow, and the hills, and the mud. I would guess that they just mis-measured the course really badly - I think my time for a full 5K would have been closer to 32-33 minutes under the circumstances. Oh, well.

Dd did not run - she was well enough to go but has hardly eaten for two days, and could barely do a brisk walk across the parking lot without needing to slow down, so she was clearly not well enough to run. She wanted to run, but once she saw that she was still pretty tired she was happy enough to skip it. Her appetite is better, though, and she's much perkier than she was yesterday, so I'm thankful tomorrow is a day off from school. I'm sure by Tuesday she'll be fine. I was just glad that dh and the kids came with - it would have been much less fun without them.
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Yay Penelope! That sounds like a fun hard run! I have a trail run in october that I'm really looking forward to. I haven't run a trail race since high school cross country!

The icing is YUMMY! Sour cream chocolate....yum yum yum.
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What a fun race, Penelope! I'm sorry your DD didn't get to run, but I'm glad she's feeling better today.

BBM, I'll take some of that icing!!!!! My PMS keeps calling me back to the freezer for tiny nips of chocolate ice cream !

We're having a really nice weekend here. Yesterday's waterfall hike was fabulous and this afternoon I took all the kids to the craft fair downtown. DD1 and DS are busy making crafts of their own now, while DD2 naps (finally....) and DH is off at soccer. No run for me today.

Okay, TMI question. Any ideas on how to treat a hemmorhoid????? I got it when pregnant with DD2 and every once in a while it springs back to life, causing no end of pain and itching. It's HUGE! I've been Preparation-Hing it to no avail. Ideas??????
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jaygee, gotta get all personal with ya...are you using the ointment, or just the pads? if you aren't already, GET THE OINTMENT. Use it every day after your shower. Don't ask me how I know this. :

I feel like I missed a lot, but we were gone doing stuff the past few days, in a good way! I did a long run with my neighbor on Friday morning, 7.5 miles, and then shopped for a while by myself. then Saturday we went to a book festival (every bit as awesome as it sounds for us book/writing geeks) and stayed pretty much all day. no running, but much walking/on my feet time (we took the train).

I am firmly a dem but I like that Sarah Palin is a runner! I heard some stuff on NPR today about how she ran through high school and such. Did y'all see the part about how she used to run 7-10 miles a DAY? jeez. hardcore.

someone asked about clothing WAY up....I only wear tech stuff, and I'm getting picky about that. I like really light shirts, esp in the summer obviously, but I like my shoulders covered bc I get sunburned there the easiest. My favorite shirts are my dingo shirt from this year and a tech race shirt from the atl women's 5K. both really thin and fairly tight, but not like a form fitting one (I don't have the belly for that!). for shorts, I wear pretty good stuff, Moving Comfort, Hind, etc. And they have to have a zip pocket. and not be too long or too short, and have a liner in them (that's like underwear, I HATE wearing undies with running shorts.)

not that I'm really picky or anything.
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So update on my 5K - it was a 2.5 mile run. No wonder my time seemed so speedy! It was advertised as a 5K, and the inital results (posted at the event) calculated times based on that. So I went from not-quite-9-minute miles to 11 minute miles. I didn't expect to go fast, so I'm still really happy with the run, just amused that they figured out too late that the course was shorter than they'd thought.

And re: gear - I just found an awesome tech shirt this afternoon - a great color of blue, fits me well, 3/4 sleeves which I love, and it has a teeny zipper pocket on the back that would hold my cell phone (if I needed it, could I really wrest it out from behind me in time? but still). And on sale.
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yes, I'm also having a gear problem now.....can't stop shopping for it, although I definitely don't NEED anything. : sierra tp is having some spectacular sales....
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I found a lot of tech shirts at target a few weeks ago - sleeveless ones for $10! I bought three. I also found some good wicking shorts there too, also $10. They don't have a liner, but for 10 bucks, so what. If it's hot enough I just run in my bra and shorts. I just run out a certain way that there aren't a lot of people to gawk. During cool weather it depends. I have some running pants, some wicking under armour, a wicking mid layer that's thick and can zip up my neck, and then a fleece top that is big enough to go over. If it's really cold I'll wear running tights under the pants. And smartwool socks are my favorites now.
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I ran today! Yay! And then spent the nicest day with terrific friends, taking care of lots of business on the farm and enjoying an indulgent day before the start of Ramadan. We start fasting tomorrow, and for the first time in a long time, I'm really happy and excited about Ramadan. It's all about self-improvement, in all the most important ways. I am ready, willing, and I fully intend to make the most of this month. :
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I'm working on getting pictures uploaded now but there should be a couple pictures of our Dingo meetup from last week on my blog pretty soon.

Jo - Happy Ramadan! I envy your time for fasting and reflection. Culturally I guess I have Lent for that but it isn't revered by me or my immediate family in a real way. Maybe I need to work on that huh? Anyway, I say enjoy it and I hope you'll still be checking in!

MB - Does that yoga site you use have any choices about what level yoga you get? I'm thinking that whether it floats my boat or not I need to start doing yoga. I tried Downward dog this morning and I couldn't get my heels down. Sad. I also realized that what I'd been thinking was a piece of glass lodged in the ball of my foot is more likely to do with muscle stiffness, kind of like plantar fasciaitis (sp?). Double sad.

We had a nice little b'day for Alison. It was pretty low key but we had good cake. We did a white cake with a brownie layer and cream cheese frosting. : My mom sent clothes - for 6-9 months The thought is what counts but one might ask, what was she thinking?

Okay, pix are up on the blog. Bedtime!
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Um whoops on your grandma Plady.

Okay I wanted some thoughts from my dingo sisters. I'm thinking about running a group, one for 11-12 y.o. and another for 13-14 y.o. Both focused on issues of self worth, self esteem (what I believe underlies depression and anxiety in most teens). I want to do 8 sessions over an 8 week period. I can get into more detail about what I want to do if anyone is interested. I'm curious though whether this is something that you would pursue with your own girls when they were old enough (if not already). What would you be looking for and what would you want your child to get out of the group? I guess I just want some feedback on the idea.

What sparked this was yet again I am faced with having to find childcare. Dh and I were talking about how to minimize my hours as much as possible and even possibly eliminate the need for childcare, just have me taking care of the kids. Well, I don't know if I can eliminate the need, but I think I could get it down to about 4 hours a day for two days a week with dh and my overlap schedules. With doing the groups I could potentially earn the same amount despite a reduction in hours. Of course I've been up since 4am thinking about this and soon as ds nursed at 5 and went back to sleep I got up and made a complete mock up of the groups I would like to do. The awesome thing is that I am really excited by the idea. I LOVE working with adolescent girls. They are amazing and I am truly frustrated and irate at what is happening to our girls throug media, ignorance, and technology. I think so many of our girls are so ill-equipt to handle their world and sadly many parents don't know what to do, or don't realize the depth of impact. It's hard to explain the whys, but I do love working with this age group and working with them in a group could be really interesting and fun and very fulfilling. Although my stomach is in knots on whether I could get enough participants, whether they would be willing to pay a fee schedule that makes it worth the time and preparation, and whether I could do it long-term, meaning having new groups every 8 weeks or so.

So, can I get some feedback about what you think of my idea? Where are the loopholes or the things that could cause a snafu? etc.?
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K, I think it's a fantastic idea. The only downside of the plan might be that it could be hard to find people who want to do that in the winter months because of the weather. Could you bump up other hours if you don't fill the program?

A friend talked me into doing the old lady water jogging thing yesterday. We spent an hour and a half walking around the pool (me mostly screwing around), and dealing with the kids wanting to jump in and swim to us. Then I went bowling. We bowled two games (second game I bowled a 139 ) then dinner with friends. I can't move this morning. :
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: Never post before :

K is thinking about "running a group" for girls, not a "running group" for girls. Ok, misread that. Nix the whole "winter might be harder to fill" comment.

Back to the coffee for me.
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BBM, I think it's a fantastic idea! I know I would have benefitted from such a group HUGELY at that age. I don't think I developed self-esteem until I hit 30 ! And it sounds like it will be very good for your family life too. Wonderful idea! Any ideas on how you will market it? Any specific "at risk" girls you are targeting?

DD1 woke me before 7:00am by pinching my cheeks . And she didn't go to bed until 10:00 last night. We're in for a doozy of a day, I'm sure. The Y is reopening today after a weeklong shutdown for maintenance, and I can't wait to get in the pool.

Happy September, everyone!!!!
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Popping in to report a slightly-faster-than-yesterday (but still kinda slow ) 3 miles.

Gotta get showered so we can get out of the house and go meet up with my sister, BIL, and niece (and very possibly bbm)!
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I ran yesterday with a friend on the boardwalk and then had an AWESOME run this morning. You know, when you find that rare "sweet spot" on your run and just keep ... going. Gorgeous weather, nice breeze, streets to yourself, sweaty and in the rhythm...

Should I turn back here? nah. Next block? Nah. Go all the way, longest loop.

No clue how far the distance was; I'll have to drive it later. I can't figure out how to do it on mapquest.

Does anyone else have a hard time doing other exercises/crosstraining? I.e. strength training, etc. Because when I go to work out, I want to run, and if I do something else, I feel like I haven't really worked out. Also I don't know what I'm doing w/ strength training even though I know I should do it.
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bbm, that would be GREAT. I worked with that age group at camp (it is probably my favorite age) and it was so completely rewarding for me and, I think, the girls. and I am going to try to find something like that for dd when she's that age. I have a friend (also a pastor) who just hooked her daughter up with a therapist when she turned 13, just so she would have that place to talk to someone without having to make a big deal about it when she really needed it.

but I also think a running group for that age girls would be great. maybe both? not so orthodox, but there's that guy in RW...ran with his clients.

1jooj, SO glad you got to run! and that's awesome that you're feeling that way about Ramadan. I hope it's a great time for you and your family...as I remember you'll be scarce online but I'm wishing you well. Plady, I look forward to Lent in the same way now. I never used to, but I started trying to really use the time in my own way. I go strictly veg, I exercise every day, and I read some kind of devotional book (in addition to my normal Bible stuff). last year I gave up "stupid" spending, like extra magazines, cokes, and clothes I didn't need. feel free to join me....

I am back from 4.5 this morning...my poor neighbor ate a gel to try it out and it was NOT agreeing with her. but as she said, that's why we try these things out in training. we were also buffeted by hurricane winds.

so, I'm having a dingo cookout at my house today! everyone's invited. but I'm assuming only the atl mamas will show up. have a good day mamas.
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