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Hormonal meltdown... long story/vent

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I am so embarrassed! So, here's the background:

Today was the last day of my internship & I'm really going to miss one of the other interns (stressor #1). DH left for the middle of the wilderness, Alaska, and will be literally unreachable until next Saturday, and I miss him already (stressor #2). I ate a cupcake and like 4 fruit roll-ups (high sugar=stressor #3). I talked to my Mom about whether or not I should go back to law school this fall - she thinks I shouldn't since I don't like it, don't plan on working any time soon, we'll be closing on our new house in November (fingers crossed), then renovating immediately, then moving, and I'd be 36 weeks pregnant during finals right after/during moving. And I think she's right but am having a really hard time making the decision to quit. (major stressor #4). I went shopping for maternity clothes in a really busy area at 630pm, crowded with tons of people, hot and muggy outside (stressor #5). I got hungry (stressor #6). I got tired (stressor #7).

And here's what happened:
I went to one of my favorite restaurants to pick up some dinner to go, sat down at the bar and ordered. The bartender/waiter guy was super nice and tried to put in the order, but the chef said no (while looking right at me - meanie) since they were busy. So the nice guy goes and gets the GM (I didn't even ask - he was just being really sweet). The GM comes and I see the three of them talking, then the GM comes over to me and says he'll make an exception but they usually don't do to-go orders when they're busy. (Personally, I think this is silly and illogical - I would order the same food whether sitting at the bar or taking it home, but whatever.) We talked a bit and I said it didn't make sense to me, but thanks for making the exception. (I was also getting a little frustrated since DH and I go there all the time and I've ordered food to go before without a problem.)

So... as the GM keeps talking, I just started tearing up! I kind of turned away from him and said thanks and he left. Then the waterworks started! I could NOT stop bawling! So I'm sitting at the bar in the middle of a crowded restaurant, crying my eyes out while trying not to, and the chefs are all RIGHT there on the other side of the bar, and the nice waiter guy is being sympathetic and telling me he would have ordered it to stay and packed it up for me even if they'd said no (), and people are looking at me and I'm feeling SO ridiculous because I realize that it looks like I'm crying over food! I tried as much as I could to regain composure, but failed miserably.

After a few minutes (still crying), the GM guy comes over to me with the food, and says he's sorry, that he obviously upset me, he recognizes me from before and doesn't want to lose my patronage, etc. and he says the food is on the house and he won't let me pay for it! So then the crying gets worse because I'm feeling like a TOTAL fool for causing such a scene and I tried to explain to him that I wasn't upset at him, that I was just pregnant and hormonal and my husband left today and I'd had a long rough day, and it wasn't his fault, and I wanted to pay, etc. It didn't work - he said he must have been a catalyst for making my day worse and was trying to make it better now and gave me his card and wouldn't let me pay for the food. I think I must have looked like a blubbering fool and he just wanted me to leave!

I feel so embarrassed! Will someone please tell me I'm not the only one making a fool out of myself, getting all hormonal and stressed out, crying in public over little things?!
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I started tearing up at small stuff lately. Since I rarely cry, this is my version of bawling.
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Free food, yo!

Seriously, though, I know what you mean. I *hate* crying in front of other people. *HATE* it. Especially when it's not a true reflection of my emotional state. It happened to me when I was in puberty and it happens every time I'm pregnant.
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awww big hugs!
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*big hugs* I HATE CRYING! But I cry at work. Ill be stressed about something or bored and my mind starts to wander. My boss is sound sensitive so no music! And he and I are the only two people in the office. And it never fails, it happens right before a patient walks through the door.
Imagine how much of a DORK I was when DH sent me a text message telling me he loved me and missed me (even though I saw him earlier that morning) and that he was going to try harder to pull hs head out of his ass (see earlier threads) It was like a busted water main. I cried on the dept of mental health disability form I was completing for a patient.
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*big hugs!* I totally know the feeling and it stinks!

I lost it at the hospital the other day, because the would not see me for my triple screen appt, because I was late ( i called!) The tears started and would not stop! The head nurse and doc came out tried to calm me down...needless to say I was seen. Even though it sucks, it does have a positive side...sometimes, lol!
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My DH left on Tueday for 8 days, leaving me at home obviously pregnant, with our 3 year old. I could NOT stop crying Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday. It was horrible. Granted, we haven't been apart for this long since before we lived in teh same state (so probably early 2001) and he has never been away from DD this long, and I really had no idea how I was going to survive the week. I was crying all through church, and it was a huge nightmare. I'm actually sitting here crying because I know how stressful it is!

Just know you're not alone, and it's normal, no matter how stupid we may feel. Good Luck dealing with the rest of the time your DH is gone! I'm right there with you!!
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Originally Posted by kalirush View Post
Free food, yo!

but seriously, i know what you mean. it happens to me at work, and i get all worked up about something dumb (and ususally, i'm just more embarrassed that i'm upset than anything else), and then the tears start, and there's just NO STOPPING THEM when i'm pregnant! it seems to get easier for me after the first trimester. well, actually, i just get less inclined to cry and more inclined to go into an insane, illogical rage. equally exciting, really.

sorry 'bout the ordeal. hope you don't end up avoiding the restaurant!
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With DD I had a really bad day and ended up sitting in the checkout aisle at Target bawling my head off- it was really embarrassing- at least in your case people felt sorry for you- in my situation they thought that I was a freak.

I think it happens to a lot of pregnant women.
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Look at it this way...the GM probably did not want the other customers to see that he'd treated a customer badly. The free food wasn't about getting you out of there, it was about having you come back, and about not wanting to upset the other customers (if you saw someone treated badly, wouldn't you be more likely to complain about your own meal?).

Pregnancy just makes the best of us cry. Try to carry nuts and stuff in case of emergency hunger, for me the emergency hunger stuff STILL hasn't gone away (at 6months!).
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Aww, thanks ladies. Glad I'm not the only one losing it, but I guess I was lucky to get some free food out of the deal!
*hugs* to you all when you're having these moments!
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I know how you feel Rachel! I haven't broken down in public (yet), but the other day I cried three times during Legally Blonde 2. I am sensitive to animal stuff, so that part made sense, but once was during a patriotic moment, which is SO unlike me. The joys of being pregnant!
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Thankfully, I've only had the crying bouts in front of DH. Actually, last night we were goofing around, and I was laughing, and then I started crying. It was so absurd, but I couldn't stop. He thinks I was putting it on for show, but as you know, I wasn't!

I like that you didn't have to pay for your food. It did seem to be a strange rule, and the hassle of involving 3 staff is prefectly upsetting for a pregnant woman!
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Dude, yeah!

I just spent almost 4 weeks traveling and the tears kept happenig to me at crazy times, usually while traveling, on buses, in taxis and airplanes. A few people noticed but I'm so grateful no one made a fuss! I had a hard time getting rid of a lovely flight attendant at one point, he was convinced I was hungry and I couldn't quite get across to him that I couldn't have the slice of pizza he was offering me. And the whole time I couldn't stop the tears.

Hormones! Love 'em!
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I can't blame you, that's for sure. I spent all day today crying over one thing or another, just once I got set off I couldn't seem to stop. I felt like a loser.
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I did it about two weeks ago, to a total stranger, on the phone. Poor lady didn't know what to make of it. And it had nothing to do with her!

It happens. The fun of pregnancy!!
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It happened to me just Friday. I called DH for help to calm down and not freak out and ended up standing in the parking lot bawling. I just couldn't go on, I melted. The store was closing and as I'm in the middle of my breakdown telling DH that he will have to go to the feed store, I just can't do it anymore and totally crying the cashier walked by going to her car. She had given me a hard time about which side of the building I parked on but they only have a ramp for me to get the stroller up on one side but the other side is closer to the loading door and the employee doing the loading didn't want to walk around so she told me I needed to park on the other side. In writing it doesn't sound like that big of a deal, but it's not easy to load two kids into car seats, take down the bike rack, fold and load the stroller,lift up my pregnant self into the van, drive around the store, climb out of the van, take down the bike rake again, pull out the stroller, wait for the man to load the bags and such into the back of the van all the while telling him I need it in one pile because I still need that stroller and no I can't put it on top! Pack the stroller back in after rearranging around 200# of feed, back hatch down, bike rack up, climb back in, now kids are out of patience and screaming for snacks...I needed to cry again for a while.

I feel like I flipped out and after all the hassle my day doesn't sound nearly as bad as yours did. It's really that the little things pile up isn't it?
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