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Who's left-check in!

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Am I the only pregnant mama left?

Sorry, it's a little early for tomorrow's thread.

Anyone out there?
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Here I'm. You're not alone. I'm still having ctx, some strong others not. Definitely not labor yet........ugh
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Me too

I mostly just read on MDC : but I wanted to add here...

I'm still waiting for my guy. I'm 41+4 today.
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41w today
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Nope, still here.

Just didn't update yesterday...I think the whole, "wow, its August!" thing got me a titch sad.

Alas, I am only 40 + 4 or 40 + 3 and either way it has to happen soon, right?

Been enjoying hanging out with my DH who is off, we've been dating (and shopping...this could get expensive...we ended up buying a fancy stroller yesterday).

Still the same, really. Intermittant contractions, cramps, and backache, no MP, bloody show or anything down there.
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Also still here. I'm 41 +1 today by one due date and only 40 +3 by another. I think I'm counting that right... Anyways, quite depressed here that I am still going. Noone seems to understand the fear I am beginning to feel, thanks to starting this journey with the medical world telling me how BIG ds will be. He just keeps getting bigger, and I hope and pray I can do this naturally, at home and still get him out all right. My mw seems unconcerned, so I'm trying to focus on that and enjoy the last fews days with it just DH, dd and me. We are going to talk Monday about whether to try castor oil or something else at that time. The reality is, if ds were ready to come out acupuncture would have worked its course.

PS the only sign of plug or bloody show was when my mw stripped me after another practice labor last week. Otherwise it is timeable 10 min apart ctx that feel more like BH than a real ctx...
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Still here....either 40w 4 day or 41 w 2 day.
And nothing is going on! I had ctxs from 37 weeks on and nothing now!

DP and I are just somehow staying busy with all these little things that have somehow this morning turned into taking apart furniture and putting it back together this morning.
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madiesmommy, I feel the same way that you do. I'm also sad and frustrated. I have decided that I'm not pregnant, I just have some really serious health problem that I'm going to have to address sometime, and for now I'm ignoring it. Luckily, I have some big projects I'm working on.

Other than that, nothing, nada. NO contractions, no anything.
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Madiesmom - I'm feeling the same way about the whole size of the baby thing.
Around 33 weeks we had an ultrasound to check for position and ended up with the LGA (big baby) diagnosis from the doctor because our baby measured 6 lbs. 11oz. or about the size of a 37 week baby. After much discussion of our due dates and GD tests (which I totally passed) I just decided not to go back for any follow up ultrasounds.

My midwife doesn't seem concerned about the size of the baby, she thinks we can do it and the baby is not too big but if I hit a point of needing NSTs I'll have to go back to the same doctor who said our baby was going to be too big and I would like to avoid that.

And I haven't had any sign of MP or bloody show at all. No ctxs since yesterday afternoon.
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I'm still here too. 41 +1.

Still very random contractions. Though, some are starting to be a bit more intense. Yesterday I lost a bunch of plug that was slightly blood tinged, and a whole bunch more this morning. Maybe we are on to something? But then, I keep saying that...

Trying to think of a place that I can go walk and walk and walk today. One can only do so many laps around the mall, and it's HOT here.

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still here also. at least makes me feel better that there are a few of us July due date moms holding over. 41w1d today, NEVER did I think I would be saying that.

I told my dh last night that if I woke up this morning pregnant I was going to go about my day like I am not pregnant at all. I have spent the last few days laying down and resting and conserving my energy for labor but that obviously is not working.

I am planning on some running around and shopping, some housework, and laundry. Maybe some jumping and up and down too. LOL
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I'm so glad I am not alone in how I feel! I had a great time at the bday party at the pool today. The pool was awesome, until the thunderstorm rolled up... It is sad when you are hoping it will be a severe storm to drop the barometric pressure enough It wasn't, thank goodness on one hand...

We have honestly turned off our phones. We have them redirected straight to vm with a message about how we haven't had the baby, appreciate their call, and they can leave a message if they want so we know they tried to reach us. We aren't calling them back. It is the same stuff - are you going to be induced, is everything ok, what is wrong - and even though I know nothing is wrong, I will not be medically induced, and that everything IS ok, I don't want their negativity to plant in my head the opposite (which has already started). That has helped some.

Good news or bad, at least in our area I've been told by a couple of nurses that births were SUPER slow this week, and I know of 2 other moms due this last week that are also late. So maybe it is something with the time of month??
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Hi! I'm new here, so I hope you don't mind me joining this thread.

My EDD was July 29, so I'm 40w, 4d right now.

I'm getting SO impatient! Since 38w5d, I have been over 3 cm dilated and 50% effaced. Just waiting on some good old contractions to get things going. My MW has basically said I'm 'ready to blow' any time...just likely need my membranes to rupture so the LO can get low enough to start generating the contractions.

In the meantime, I wait. And bounce on my exercise ball.

At any rate, I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed reading this thread because it really made me feel a lot less alone!!!!!
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I'm still here! 40+4 today. I seem to have more BH ctx throughout the day, and some other uterine activity, but nothing too promising yet. I've been eating spicy food, walking a lot, dtd, and giving baby lots of good pep talks, but no luck yet.
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I'm still here. Feeling a bit depressed and SORE. The whole August 1st thing got to me a little. I know he'll come when it's time but I wish it would just be right now! It's frustrating having so many contractions that don't seem to be very useful. The midiwfe stripped my membranes today which seemed to bring on a lot of contractions but that's about it.
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welcome, RBM....misery loves company
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Hi, also kind of new here (never did get around to joining the ddc, although i wanted to...). I'm 42+1 according to the mws today (or 41+6 according to the calendar), and I'm beginning to get a little stressed. We can only do a hb up to 43 wks here, so I'm feeling the pressure to pop this little one out. I'm drinking the ninth month tea, rubbing verbena oil on the belly, and dtd. I really don't want to do castor oil, but will as a last resort (ie., before having to go the hospital). I have an u/s booked on tues, and while I'm confident that everything is fine, my mw did mention that if they find the amniotic fluid to be low, then that will also rule out hb. So now, I'm stressed about that...maybe it's one of those tests that it's better just not to take, kwim?

Anyway, my sympathies are with all you other overdue mamas. At least we haven't had any heatwaves here in the last couple of weeks, and that is something to be grateful for.
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Originally Posted by HealingBeam View Post
41w today
.. I wrote.
At 3 pm we ate lunch and I started to feel PMS-like discomfort and didn't have much appetite. Went to bed and sent the rest of the family to the beach. By 5 I was leaking some yellowish-greenish water, called my hubby back. I laboured all over the house but mostly in the dark of our bathroom. When I hit transition, at 11.15 we went to the hospital and by 11.40 Kai was born (4030 g/ 55 cm).
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