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Eli loves fruit, beans, rice, vegetables lightly steamed and sprayed with Braggs amino acids, whole grain bread, lentil sprouts, tempeh, cheese, etc.

One of our favorite snacks, especially with teething, is yogurt pops. I make smoothies with yogurt, fruit (bananas, frozen berries, mangos, etc), rice milk. I add in wheat germ and ground flax seeds. He drinks a smoothie and I freeze the rest in popsicle makers.

Dipping is a big thing too (thank you Dr. Sears). I make hummus, tzatziki, and peanutbutter dip and give him cucumbers, steamed carrot sticks, and bread sticks to dip in it.

There are days, however, when he survives on breastmilk and blueberries...

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My ds loves mixed beans- kidney, chickpeas, lima, navy beans warmed up-- makes a great finger food snack or mixed into our dinners. He also loves peas and carrot bites, organic yogurt, cheese, bagels with tiny bit of cream cheese, cut up avacado, peaches, pears, melons, loves brown rice cereal with applesauce, brown rice, br pasta, lentil/veggie/barley soup, arrowroot cookies, organic rice cakes, organic crackers
WOW, after writing all of these items, I just realize ds isn't as picky as I thought he was!! I sometimes find it hard to be creative or to think of alternative meals when ds rejects what we are eating, so I often use the Heinz toddler jarred foods as backup--I know that so many of you will cringe or may flame me for this, but I think as a backup they are a full meal in one, convienent(esp if we are on the run) and ds never refuses them.

Forgot to add that sometimes ds likes chicken and turkey, esp. in stirfry, but he usually ends up spitting the meat out, esp. if it is too chewy for him to chew and swallow. Anyone elses kids do this?
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I've always been good about making DS's food, but we keep several Earth's Best jars in our cabinet for the occasional tough day, and you're right, he LOVES them. I can't imagine anyone would give you a hard time over that!!
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teddy puffs (Healthy Times, organic), and breadsticks are also a favorite snack,
...as ds is throughly enjoying his teddy puffs this moment
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My daugher loves spinach, it's different for a kid to like it, but she does!
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Everytime I think I must be starving my poor girl or not offering her enough variety I come to these boards and find out you're all doing about the same as me! Such a reassurance!

*sigh of relief*

and yes, Eliza absolutely hoovers edamame.
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snoonootsmomma, a couple of times, DH has given DS bits of turkey from his sandwich and yes, DS spits it out every time. The cats love it when this happens.

IowaMama and others, DS loves greens too, especically kale and chard. He'll grab it from the back of the grocery cart and start chowing in the grocery store. We serve this sauteed with a little olive oil and garlic, and also include it in recipes, especially soup.
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My son likes to eat greens on occasion- Twee, pea? (tree, please).

Sometimes though when he hasn't been keen on green veggies, we throw them into scrambled eggs- Hugh will eat anything with scrambled eggs, it seems!
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My son is 18 moths old. He really likes :

Potatoes ( in any and all forms)
Green beans
Cheese Pizza
His great grandpas home made Vanilla icecream
Peanut butter on a spoon ( in his highchair)
Assorted juices
Ice water !!!! He REALLY likes a sippy cup with some water and ice . Go figure.
Scrambled Eggs
He does NOT like :

Bananas ( he spits them out ) He has NEVER liked bananas!

Meat ...which he spits out as well...should it grace his lips.

Toast . I am not sure why. I tried diferent types of bread, jam , etc. Any and all combinations..even plain. He just tries a taste and spits it right back out.

He really loves all sorts of vegetables, which is great and which I am very grateful for. I shall be incouraging this of course.

I just give him a little bit of what ever I have. If he likes he can have some...if not then we try something else.
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My 18 month old is almost a fussy eater; but, he loves gardenburgers with ketchup.
Almost anything with ketchup is good. In fact, he likes easting just ketchup too!
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My ds is 15mos and he loves
polenta with spinach and garlic
pizza (cheese)
any type of pasta with sauce
cavatappi with pesto
potatoes in many forms
strawberry yogurt
ice cream (very rare treat)
sausage (veggie)
multigrain oat bread
rice cakes
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they eat everything!

But these days thier favorite is watermelon and corn on the cobb!These are offered for snacks mostly,not usually for supper bc they can eat it and walk around and play.But they are 18 months tho.
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My dd is 18 months old. Dh and I are not vegetarians, but dd mostly is, just by preference -- she doesn't seem to much like meat. Other than a resistance to eating meat, she's a VERY adventurous eater for a toddler, I think. Some of her favorites:

* Pizza. (We had pizza tonight. "Pizza" is her newest word )
* Cheese (any kind, but especially string cheese).
* Apples
* Pineapple - fresh, canned, or dried.
* Raisins (for a while, she lived on raisins and breastmilk)
* Crackers (any kind)
* Buttered bread (any kind; we usually feed her whole wheat. She prefers GOOD bread.)
* Egg rolls. (What we usually get her when eating at a Chinese restaurant.)
* Tortillas. (I got takeout from Chipotle's last night with my sister. For dd, I got a couple of their vegetarians soft-shell tacos.)
* Chili. (We make a chili with cut-up kielbasa, frozen corn, canned stewed tomatoes, and canned beans -- it's one of my I-don't-have-time-to-cook dishes. Dd ignores the keilbasa while devouring the kidney beans, black beans, and corn.)
* Scrambled eggs. (My standard lunch when we're out of leftovers is two eggs, scrambled in the pan, and toasted English muffins. Dd likes eggs so much I've decided I'm going up to three eggs because she'll happily eat a whole one on her own.)
* English muffins. (See above. She likes the "offin" part, too.)
* Sugar snap peas (steamed or raw)
* Broccoli

Also, if it's some sort of ghastly junk food that no one in their right mind would feed to a toddler, she LOVES it. She has had the opportunity to sample chocolate, ice cream, jelly beans, and Cool Ranch Doritos, and of course she loves them all. *sigh*.

She's a remarkably good eater and will try a LOT of new things. Of course, she's also a totally unpredictable eater. She'll LOVE something one night (this is particularly true of vegetables) and refuse it two nights later. She'll also refuse things I know she'd LOVE if she tried them (like strawberries). I'd say that right now, her most reliably preferred food are the scrambled eggs; she will eat all I give her and nag me for more. She'll nag me for an "offin," too, but she's less likely to eat the whole thing.

I've been pleasantly surprised by some of the things she will willingly eat.
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I NEVER say this in fornt of ds, but he is, at 15 months a light and picky eater. Breastmilk is the only constant, everythign else varies from day to day, and some days he eats next to nothing. These are the food he has loved at least once:

frozen blueberries
frozen peas
spaghetti with red sauce (I try to use whole wheat or spelt pasta)
jelly beans:
frijoles a la holla
cheese, cheese, cheese
last month he ate whole grain bread, but no bread so far this month. . .
breadsticks (hard and dry from the local Whole Foods)
ONCE he ate a yogurt, but he really liked it, he just won't try it again:
scrambled eggs (I mix in a little rice cereal, rice milk and sea salt)
baked french fried and tater tots

and I bought some asparagus to try tomorrow!!
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I take baked sweet potatoes and mix in a little silken tofu and make little balls--she loves those. For breakfast she loves french toast made w/millet bread, and protein smoothies. Soups are also great--homemade lentil, corn chowder, bean, etc. Hummus w/pita bread, veggie corn dogs, spinach pancakes (I use all kinds of vegetables to make pancakes,) and she'll nibble steamed veggies of all kinds--carrots, broccoli, zucchini, kale, peas, etc.
We eat some free range meat and farmed fish here, so turkey burgers w/spinach and carrots mixed in, and fish fingers go over well. And I'm very happy because she's recently started eating salad!
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