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I got my donor information!

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Hey all, long time no talk - been busy with the boy (now 4 months old) and have had little internet access!

Just had to share - I got my donor's information this past week. So now I have only to call or email him and "meet" him! I'm kinda excited and kinda nervous. I know he's married with kids, so it will be neat to exchange pictures and see what his kids look like - will they look like Ian? Will Ian look like his donor bio father? My sperm bank is the only one in the country that gives you the donors' information and that's why I chose it. I'll get to thank him in person (or via telephone or email) for giving me such a cute & healthy kid. Now it gets real! I'll let you know how our first conversation goes!
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Madison, it is ssooooooooo great to hear from you again and to hear that Ian is doing well and is as cute and healthy as ever. How exciting about meeting his donor . It must be slightly anxiety-producing and yet thrilling all at the same time. Keep us posted! Bashful and I just did our first insemination with our known donor on Thursday, and we did another on Saturday. I am feeling like my ovulation was on Saturday, but we will probably do another insem tomorrow just in case. Send me lots and lots of pregnancy energy !

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Sierra, I will keep my fingers crossed for you and Bashful!!!
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Wishing you baby dust all around. My thoughts and best wishes are with you as you make your journey into parenthood.

Blessings to you,
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