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I looked at the vitanica supplement. I think it is just as good of a choice as the floradix, and probably will work out to be less expensive.

I use vitanica supplements in my fertility work and like them. The Naturopathic Physician I share my office with recommends them for her clients too.

The regimen you are on right now sounds good though. Keep up the good work! It may take a while before you feel 100% but you will probably notice some improvement from this point forward.
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I've seen women recover well, and in some cases more rapidly than I would have thought possible, from such bleeds....it's all in listening to your body, meeting those needs. Our bodies are quite capable--and eager!--to build more blood fast in such situations if we give the needed ingredients.
I apparently had a partially separated placenta during my labor/delivery and lost a pretty large amt of blood (thank GOD baby was still getting everything he needed and did wonderfully through the whole L&D: )

My mw was simply WONDERFUL and kept such a good eye on me and baby and although I'm sure she was more than a bit worried about me, she stayed so strong and supportive and was exactly what I needed to stay strong myself

Anyway, after the delivery although I felt pretty good I continued taking my rainbow light prenatals (still am) and for a good couple weeks I took my floridix religiously, drank TONS of water, and my hemoglobin was quickly back where it needed to be
My family commented how "washed out" I looked for a good 2 weeks though

Get plenty of rest these next couple weeks, drink plenty of water and I highly recommend ordering yourself some floridix
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I also lost a lot of blood after my last UC.

Stay in bed, drink lots of water, have whoever cooks for you do as much of it in cast iron as possible. Eat acidic foods like tomato, orange etc with your meals to help boost iron absorption. Do you eat meat? If so, things made from beef and tomatoes (like spaghetti sauce with meat or meatballs) are great- again, cooked in cast iron is great.

Liverwurst is a palatable way to eat liver if you don't otherwise like it (I hate liver but love liverwurst/braunschweiger).


There is a product called Hemoplex which I think helped me. Floradix is also great.

Vitamin C also helps with iron absorption.
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sorry i didnt reply again right away- busy!

we were at the hospital last night, my CBC was healthy. they were really impressed. they gave us NO TROUBLE at all. thank goodness!

i have been taking all the good stuff still and will keep on for at least a month. i no longer feel worse every day, kind of the same. baby is getting older and now has periods of awakeness at night, so i am tired. but i am feeling stronger.

consulting with my homebirth midwife from my second birth, she has been really helpful. thank you all here for your support!
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If you can get some fresh coconuts the juice is very close to human plasma, also liquide chlorofil. i also found spirulina and nettle alfalfa rrl tea helpful
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Forgive me, I have not managed to read every single post as I am a bit distracted by kiddos, so I hope I am not just repeating! My iron was very low during my last pregnancy and I was very much struggling to get through the day. I did not even know how bad it was until I started to get better and realised I had been barely functioning!

I took liquid floradix 4 times a day! I also took rainbow prenatals. I took beetroot capsules three times a day and yellowdock tincture. And OJ to drink. This was a great combo for me. I needed to boost my iron levels fairly quickly otherwise, I would have been risked out of my homebirth and I was not going to let that happen.

Postpartum, I am continuing the regime but am now only taking the recommended dose of floradix. I have even converted my partner and he is taking beetroot capsules and iron tablets daily. He does not get constipated from the tablets. I do which is why I stick with floradix even though it is kind of pricey.

Good luck. I hope you get stronger soon and congrats on the arrival of your beautiful baby.

If you did need to seek western medical attention, could you not just say you birthed your baby in another state and leave it at that? Oh...just saw your last post so cancel that! Take care of yourself!
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