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medicated filling?

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I was just wondering if anyone has heard of a medicated filling? I search this forum and the dental archives with no luck. I went to a new dentist today and got bite-wing x-rays (first time in a couple of years). The dentist said I have a really big cavity that can't be seen externally. He wants to do a medicated filling in hopes that he won't have to do a root canal. Argggggg!

The good news is that almost-4yo ds was checked for the first time and got a clean bill of tooth health However, I declined x-rays and flouride treatment for him. Should they even have been offered at his age?!
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I don't know, but my dentist put on something called a "pulp cap" I think, when she drilled a cavity she reached the pulp and she said it's an alternative to a root canal when the pulp is still clean. If your cavity goes all the way there, it's hard to believe the pulp is clean of bacteria, so then I guess a root canal would be a better option.

As I understood it, my "pulp cap" was a rinsing of the pulp and then a type of sealant, and then a filling. It works in about 50% of the cases, my dentist said. It's been in for 2 weeks now, with no problems (infections would likely have started by now).

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my dentist. when she cleaned up a painful tooth enough to get me by until I could get a root canal (I needed FOUR root canals at one point about 3 years ago and went 6+ months with no insurance because of no $, was in SO much pain something had to be done) did put in a medication in a bit of cotton and then put the filling material over it. It was some sort of medication to keep any decay she might have missed from going any futher. I have no idea what the medication was however. I just know it tasted horribly tart.
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Thanks for your replies. The dentist told his dental hygienist to schedule me for the medicated filling in the next week or two (in hopes of saving the tooth), but he didn't have any openings for a month. So I found another dentist that can do one this week. I don't have dental insurance either and this is pretty scary!
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