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First postpartum meal

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The daily thread has turned into a food discussion so I wondered if you've decided what you want your first meal to be (or what was it?).

I'm not sure what I want yet. Last time dh made pancakes while holding ds while the midwife helped me clean up and deliver the placenta (it took a while to come out).

Some of my favorite meals last time were these frozen rice bowls with orange chicken that my inlaws brought, cheese danishes, and fresh pesto and angel hair.
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well tomorrow I know I am having steak and eggs for breakfast...
but for my first postpartum meal... who knows!
I've always given birth in the brunch/lunch time...
There's a starbucks at the hospital - lol and a mcdonalds...

But probably if its during the day it will be take out from my fav breakfast restaurant - french toast and a monster fresh fruit salad....
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I'm delivering in a hospital, and it actually has INCREDIBLE food. The last two times I've gotten this insanely good veggie mushroom burger, steak fries, and a chocolate shake. The rest of the time I have a lot of risotto and salads, or blueberry banana pancakes. The kitchen is open 24 hours a day, so I order a cookie and milk at 2 am just because I can.

Now I'm hungry. :
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I have no idea... I guess it depends on when I actually give birth I gave birth at 5:25am to my son, and I had a huge plate of scrambled eggs that the midwives made for me.
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ohhhh how funny!!!! I was discussing this with my mom today... I been craving a Turkey soup she made the other day and I want it for PP. We got a whole turkey the other day for $.89 the pound and broke it down into 3 parts, so one part is going to be our soup for PP. I want to be able to eat something hot and easy to digest. She makes it with potatoes, oregano, salt, pepper and cilantro. Very simple and easy :
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I want a medium rare steak with sauteed onions, mushrooms and peppers.

Or croissants and tons of fruit.

Heck, I just want to eat without somebody's feet in my stomach!
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Probably the first edible thing I see.
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Originally Posted by holothuroidea View Post
Probably the first edible thing I see.
Sooo the placenta then huh?
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Originally Posted by ChristSavesAll View Post
Sooo the placenta then huh?

I don't consider placentas any more edible than any other human organs... maybe I'll reconsider, though!
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Breakfast: scrambled eggs with cheese, hashbrowns, turkey bacon and a smoothie

Lunch: Seafood pasta with strawberry limeade soda from Sonic

Dinner: Potato, corn and neckbone soup in heavy cream
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Last time all I wanted was fresh pressed apple juice from granny smith apples with a little lemon. Tart and yummy. I drank liters of of it and was so:. Who knows what I'll want this time. Maybe more juicing. Apple, carrot, celery, spinach, and ginger sounds good right now and no, I'm not joking

light and easy does it for me!
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Originally Posted by AKA_PI View Post
strawberry limeade soda from Sonic
I have an unnatural love for Sonic limeades... Mmmmm...
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Sushi. Lots of it.
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No clue! I don't even remember what we had last time. I've got the kitchen stocked, so hopefully the meal of my dreams!
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I had a hamburger after ds was born and it was delicious! This time I don't know. Probably whatever sounds good.
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well, I have to announce that our Turkey soup is ready!!!
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After every one of my babies so far it's been In N Out burgers (two, please!) mainly because it's open late, and for some reason it's just delicious. It depends on what time this baby comes though...between 2 AM and 10 Am and it's a no - go.
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Originally Posted by robertandenith View Post
well, I have to announce that our Turkey soup is ready!!!
Is that your way of telling us that you are in labor? ;-)
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I have no idea yet! I'd better get something figured out...
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No clue either...I had a roast beef sandwich, chips and birthday cake last time(for my DH and DD) and 2 advil! LOL

I know I was STARVING and could have eaten a bear whole..so anything was great

It kind of depends what time Ethan makes his appearance! If my dream is correct, it should be 4:55pm, so PLENTY of time to have ANYTHING my heart(and stomach!) desires! : (Although steak tips, rice, corn on the cob and a milkshake are sounding pretty good right now!!!!!)

I would like something different this time, but I will SO take the advil with whatever meal I have
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