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First postpartum meal - Page 2

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I totally don't do deli meats while preggo so both times I had the same thing- HUGE sandwich! I will do the same this time as well
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Dh's labor project is to make his sinfully yummy gooey dark chocolate chunk brownies - so I'm hoping for that and a big glass of milk.

And then - whatever else is on hand, or someone's hand if they get in the way of the brownies
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Wow, everything on this thread makes me hungry, lol! The hospital I have been to the last 3 times brings you a cheese/cracker & grapes plate right after birth that just seems like the best food I have ever tasted each time. Then they bring you some food, but that is the highlight. I am going to a more baby friendly hospital this time and have no idea, but I am always starving after birth.
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I have two meals frozen for our first post-birth meal. My husband is supposed to get both out as soon as I am in labor, and my sister is in charge of preparing the food closer to the actual birth.

If we have a morning birth, I made a carmelized onion, roasted red pepper, and feta strata (egg casserole), biscuits and gravy, and cinnamon rolls. My sister will make some roasted potatoes to go with it - everything else can be stuck in the oven frozen or thawed!

For afternoon/evening, I made smoked pulled pork BBQ, chorizo baked beans, and scalloped potatoes. Sister will whip up my tarragon veggie slaw. I also have some gooey brownies with peanut butter frosting and a birthday cake (yellow cake, strawberry mousse, white chocolate frosting) for the baby for dessert! :
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Boy, I don't know! I guess it depends on when I give birth. My first choice would be these enchiladas rancheras that a local place makes. They're a big favorite of mine.
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My mom made me a bowl of Honey Bunches of Oats. Baby N was 2 weeks early so we were a little unprepared (no faucet hookup for the birth pool hose, the freezer meals were all planned to be made in the coming week, etc...). He was born at 6 and mom came after I had a little nap around 9ish. But lemme tellya, Honey Bunches of Oats never tasted sooo Goooood!
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Mom's chicken pot pie! Deeeelicious!! Over the next several days I had lots of bananas, salmon, broccoli, etc. I think that really helped my milk supply.
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My hospital has soup and cereal for after delivery that is a non-mealtime. DH knows that he is to arrange to have something better snuck in. Probably something from the Thai place across the street, if its the right time of the day. Or, if not, then Tolly Ho, the 24 hour campus greasy spoon, down the street.
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