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Joaquin born yesterday

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I can't be more happy. Our little one born yesterday 08-02-08 at 5:11 pm
We have our dream HBAC after 41w1d.
Joa and I are fine, healthy and enjoying the babymoon. DH was the perfect dad-coach birth.
Later, I will try to post the birth story
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: Congrats mama!!!!
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Welcome little one!! :
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Congrats :::
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oh, wonderful! we will miss you in our still pregnant circle. Congrats on your HBAC! :::
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Congratulations on your baby and your HBAC!
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Yay!! Congratulations Mama and Welcome Little One! :
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Yay! Congrats on the baby and the wonderful HBAC!
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Congratulations, and can't wait to hear the birth story! ::
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Congratulations mama and welcome to the world little Joaquin!!!::
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Woo hooo! Congrats on teh HBAC! YAY! And congrats on your new little man!
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Congratulations!!! Welcome Baby Joa! And Yay for the HBAC - way to go, Mama.
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congrats!! :
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Welcome baby Joaquin, and congratulations on the HBAC!
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Congrats! I love the name. I wanted to name ds that. Enjoy your babe.
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Congrats mama!!!! Great birthday too (also mine) Welcome Juaquin!:
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Welcome Joaquin!! :
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Congratulations! :
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