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Anyone Seen Chickenpox Around These parts lately?? - Page 5

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I'm anxiously awaiting the results of your exposure as well!
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I was wondering if you would be interested....
Everyone keep your fingers crossed!
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We're on day 20 of the last exposure and nothing yet:. However...there was another exposure just last week, in SW Maine, and I'll be getting a phone call if it was successful, we'll try again!!!

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fingers and toes crossed, good luck
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We have Pox in NH

We have it here is Strafford, NH. This is day 1 for daughter #2. I am thinking Friday might be a good day to have folks over but if anyone really wants it....really any day is fine. In both of our cases it starts with a fever and a few spots. Day 1 is mild spots. Day 2 the spots are plentiful and redder. Daughter #1 had more red spots with a small fuild filled center. Daughter #2 has ones that look more like big blisters.

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Pox Remedies

Just wanted to say HEY JAMIE! Hope your kiddos got it from us. Also, I just wanted to share our pox protocol with anyone who is interested. If anyone comes to get our pox we can have another herbal brew party like I did sith Jamie . The herbs we used a readily available this season but will eventually die off this fall.. Now is the best time to make up some brew and freeze it in case of winter exposure...

So I have this great poison ivy rememdy that I brew up and freeze for poison ivy. I thought i'd try it for our pox and it seemed to work well for itch/healing etc.. The basic recipe is Sweetfern, Jewelweed, Aloe (fresh), and Colloidal Silver (I brew the silver so it's cheap). This time around we also added some calendula, chickweed and plantain. I'm sure other stuff could be added based on what you have available.... If anyone need help IDing these herbs let me know I can post links to photos. They are easy to find and easy to ID.

I take about 10 full stalks of Jewelweed (I use all parts), some fresh aloe (maybe 3-4 4-5" leaves) and put them in the food processor with some CS (colloidal silver) you can use water if you don't have any (if anyone wants some I have it cheap . Just enough to really puree the jewelweed. Then I strain out the liquid into a large pot for the final mixture. Reserve the pulverized mess too. Then I take about 10 full sprigs of sweetfern (10 " stalks) and remove all the leaves and put them in a pot. You can add whatever other herbs you have at this point..plantain, calendula and chickweed. I boil water in a teapot and pour the water over this mixture... Just enought to cover the herbage plus 3" of water. Let this steep for 30 minutes. THen add in the Jewelweed pulp also and allow to mingle until cool. Strain everything and add liquid to your jewelweed liquid. I strain first with a colander, then with a thin distowel or cheesecloth IN the colander to remove any particles. Sometimes I add some more CS or water depending on how thick and green it looks. This should be refrigerated or frozen. I like to put it into some ice cube trays and freeze the cubes in case I need them for rashes in the winter.

I have a teeny little spray bottle that I can put a days worth into and leave it out to use throughout the day - I have found that poxy kids don't like to be sprayed with cold water. I keep the stock mix in the fridge. I have 4 bags of frozen mixture. I might make more just to help out anyone who gets pox in winter from our infection stream! lol

We are also using Rhus Tox 6c and Sulfur 6C alternating 3 X/ day. And Echinacea astragalus for immune support. On the really bad fever day, I did give my first daughter some Motrin at night but I am thinking Benadryl might have been better. On the worst day (3-4) oatmeal bath 2X felt nice. For pox in throat/ mouth - raspberry leaf tea made into popsicles. You can add lemon balm (may also help the virus) or other yummy herbs to this to make it nicer. I didn't give CS internally in the early stages because I didn't want to kill the virus and not have it run its course BUT I did give it to my daughter to swish and gargle when her mouth pox were bothering her. I sprayed straight CS on the yoni pox and in the hair. The oatmeal bath was good for the yoni pox too. We are using Dr. Christopher's BF&C salve to prevent scarring. You can find it cheapest on iHerb (thanx Jamie

Anyways folks..let me know if you need pox or help with remedy

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Thanks Jenquin for havin myself and my son over. I will let you all know the resulst ing 10 days or so.
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Hi back at you Jen!

My kiddos had their second exposure Saturday(Thank U Jen). It was a good one too...tooth brush sharing, a bath, and a movie snuggle. I will keep everyone posted here if we get it. We are on day 17 of the first exposure and Day 3 of the second.
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Oh I totally want in on this. I'm in southern NH but will travel!
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I am from MA but am willing to travel...hoping that someone will want to share! I unfortunately had to miss all the MA parties! I am hoping to get it and spread it back here!

Lets see some blisters!
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mommy2xander, any spots yet??
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Originally Posted by Pumpkin_Pie View Post
mommy2xander, any spots yet??
Nope and we are day 10 of second exposure....
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we are on day 10 of exposure (thanks Jen!). One suspect spot near mouth, but seems liek a strange spot for pox. He had a low fever this weekend, and still a spotty (ha!) appetite, so keeping my fingers crossed that we'll see some, too.

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we will be 2 weeks post exposure this wed. so far no spots, but i think my ds #1 had a fever the night before it was going to be 2 weeks then the spots came out right at 2 weeks. DS #3 took about a 3 hour nap today which is very unlike him and DS #2 was a little more tired today. we will see what the next few days reveal. I will post the second we get any spots. we ae in durham.
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I cn't believe how hard this has been to get. We are day 10 today(I recounted) on Xander's second exposure and Zoe's third. And the last two exposure have been really good ones. If the don't get it, I am definitely having their immunity tested.
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Day 11 no spots yet. Still hoping
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We're on day 9 of 2nd exposure for DS #2, 3rd exposure for DS#1, come out, come out wherever you are pox!!!

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Pox in Southern Maine!!!

We just went to a party and as we were leaving I noticed a few spots on my DS's neck. He has a couple more near his armpit that definitely have bubbled up a bit. This is day 11 from his last exposure and just an FYI we did give him the first pox vaccine at 1 yr, we didn't do our homework, but didn't give him the booster in hopes that he would get it naturally. And another FYI, when I told my husband about the spots he said he thought he saw a couple of spots on Friday night so I'm not sure if this day one or two, men. We're home all day tomorrow and visitors are welcome anytime. My DH will be picking up more pops tomorrow and probably some popsicles. Feel free to call for directions, 207-793-8933, or PM me and I'll send you our address. We're an hour west of Portland, about 50mins north of Portsmouth, and 45mins. south of Conway.

Our DS #3 was also exposed at the same time so hopefully he breaks out soon too.
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Well, Saturday is day 21 of a second and third exposure with no signs. I am pretty sure there will be no pox for us...
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We have chicken pox!!!!!
Just wanted to let everyone know... if your looking we have em!!!
One of my 3 kids started with pox last night... chances are the others will follow (my two youngest were exposed at the same time... so the other should follow suite asap) but we might have another exposure chance in a few weeks if my oldest gets them too.
Anyways... Im in southern NH... half hour from nashua and manchester if anyone wants to catch some chicken pox!!!!
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