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Poll Results: Do you have a supportive family?

  • 41% (63)
  • 25% (39)
  • 32% (49)
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I voted other.
The only family member who knows we no longer vax,is my sister,who was the one to figure out that DD had a vax reaction.She doesn't vax either.
Just last week, my mom found out about all of the shots DC get these days. I just shook my head, and said something like,"yeah,mom,welcome to parenting in the world where hollywood,pharma,medical,and insurance industries try to have the BIGGEST influence on our Dc's lives."

I would never,ever tell any other family members-simplynot their beeswax!
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My parents are not happy about it but don't give us grief either, my IL's know that we fully educate ourselves before making these decisions and support us.
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My family is not supportive.
My mum has stopped fighting with me over it for now.
That is a step in the right direction I guess.
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IL's very hostile about not vax (for now they think it is delayed vax)
My parents very supportive.

DH more and more seeing that I might have a point
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i voted other. on my side, i believe only my dad knows that we are not vaccinating. my dad is supportive but i think the rest of the family would be hostile about it. most of dh's family knows that we don't vaccinate, his parents are supportive enough though they were worried at first. they feel we are good parents. the rest of his family talks behind my back about it though. they think i made the decision by myself and certain family members seemed to jump at the chance last year when dh and i nearly divorced to try and butt me out of the picture, i believe in hopes to convince dh what a stupid parent i am/was and that he should have ds fully vaccinated immediately, etc. dh thinks i am a good parent though and after we discussed vaccinations in length he was in full agreement about not vaccinating.
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I voted other. My mom thinks we are going the "delayed" route. She gets VERY nervous when we talk about it, always saying "well, you are going to get the important ones, right?" I just nod?

I plan on keeping it a secret from the rest of my large family(2 sisters, 3 brothers) because not one of them would understand. In fact, my sister's hubby is a Dr and I know it would only be a fight every time I see them if they knew the truth about how we vaccinate my daughter. It feels so weird having to keep this big secret from people I care about but I don't see any alternative. I like what one person said above that you can't untell someone that you don't vax.....so true!!

Thankfully my DH believes in my choice not to vax my daughter. It bothers/frightens me a little that he does no research about it - he just trusts my instincts - but I wonder if something did go wrong - like she got polio or something CRAZY like that (which I know will never happen) - would he blame me? I feel like the burden of "proof" of our decision not to vax rests solely on my shoulders and at times it is quite a burden to bear....???
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Originally Posted by claddaghmom View Post

Hahaha, our families would probably freak out if we did vax.
Same here. My siblings and I are unvaxed and so are Dh and his siblings.
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I had to choose other.

MIL is Ok with it...concerned, but ok and willing to listen

My mom has passed and is spinning in her grave over the fact that DD is vax free. Mom was a public health nurse in charge of well child care for the city. She was very proud of the fact that she was the one that got all the new grant programs in place for our cities free/low cost vaccination program.
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My parents support almost all our choices-
we do not talk about it anymore but
they wish we vaxed and baptised....the 2 big issues
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I said yes, because my family supports my choice to not vax 100% (well, my grandmother's expressed some concerns as she remembers the polio scares of her youth, but she trusts my judgment.) I perhaps should have said Other, though, since my in-laws are pro-vax and while no one has ever said anything to me about it, and I suppose that's a way of being respectful (or at least nonconfrontational) - they don't actually support the choice.
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I voted other. Some family members know and some don't. The biggest issue I face is getting past the delayed part to a we aren't part. They are supportive of waiting but a little freaked out about not. No arguments or anything, just "concern". If anyone does give me a hassle, I will give them lots of research to read and then "we can talk"!! I do feel though that it has a lot to do with just being raised in this society and the emphasis on how great or curing they are. It is not something that everyone researches and is more or less an automatic yes I vax and it's the right thing to do. That's what's been taught.
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I don't discuss it with anyone, I really don't care what they think.
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I have very supportive parents, ILs and brothers and sisters BECAUSE I forced them to do the research LOL
MIL looked at me like I had 2 heads when I first brought it up during my pregnancy, she then proclaimed that she would never even vaccinate her pets after the research she had done.

The ONLY people that aren't supportive - ok the only person - is my ignorant SIL who goes out of her way to contradict people to make herself feel smarter. She didn't even bother looking into it at all because she took a 2 year certificate program on biotechnology (and is working in accounting because she was only qualified to test the sugar contents of a Halls coughdrop!) and she claims they "studied" the immune system. She also doesn't want her kids playing with unvax'd kids, and claims it's borderline abuse (YUP - she's one of those)

I must say that I'm pretty lucky to have the support that I do because I feel that the weight of the decision not to vax our son is spread evenly thoughout my support system - huge help!
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They support US as parents, but I am not sure whether they support our DECISION necessarily.
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Yeah, I voted a big fat other! Thats because no one knows. My parents would be hugely un-supportive to the point where they would probably call CPS because non-vax=abuse to them. I just don't mention it, and they never ask. My DH's side of the family isn't that hardcore about it, and while we haven't told them, I don't think they would be un-supportive. They would at least respect us as parents.
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My parents would be disappointed if we *did* vaccinate our baby! Neither I nor my siblings were vaccinated as kids, and they've always assumed we'd follow suit.
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I'd say that they support it in that they don't badger us about vaxing nor keep going on about it. They know our opinion and stand on it and they leave it at that.

They don't support it though as a choice they'd make for themselves. My mother gets her flu shot every year and all my ILs kids are vaxed.
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i voted other. my parents are reasonably supportive, but they kind of think we will do some kind of vaxing at some point. they don't know we're basically 100% not vaccinating.

ILs don't know. they are big into getting vaxed themselves and FIL has talked about those "crazy non-vaxers" so we don't talk to them about vax. they just assume we do it.
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My side is totally supportive. My sister isn't vaxing her LO either,My parents are all 4 it!

My DH side not so much.His mom is against HPV and thats it. She's made it clear that these diseases are fatal and She ALWAYS made sure her kids were UTD. Then his grandmother flipped out at the "we're not vaxing" news.She's def. not supportive of that choice, oh well, she's not educated about vaxes either. Maybe if ppl would look at the facts (&the ingredients) they'd see things in a diff. light
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