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I've said it here a hundred times before, and I'll probably say it a hundred more times:

Local milk from a dairy you trust is much better than any organic milk you can get from the store. And it's regular prices. Many places do not even use the RGBH hormone because it is costly and detrimental to cows' long term health. All you have to do is ask.

I buy homogonized from a dairy about 5 miles from here, and it is a hundred times better than milk from the store. Even one of the bigger brands around here, Rutter's, is rgbh free so in a pinch, I can run to the convenience store. There are at least 10 dairies around here for milk like this, and several which you can buy raw from, if that's what you like. We don't, though.

One thing to keep in mind, not every small farm can pay the expensive fee to use the word "organic" on their labels. That doesn't mean at all that they are bad or even un-organic. It just means they need to pay the bills and not some government agencies.

Support your local farmers, everyone benfits. I always choose local conventional over organic non-local whenever I can.
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Ironically it wasn't until I weaned my dd at 22 months and started her on two bottles of whole cows milk that she started to climb from 0% to 20%. We always only buy the normally pasturized though and NEVER the ultra-pasteurized. Horizon just started to ultra theres. Yuck!
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Originally Posted by EmilyS View Post
Horizon just started to ultra theres. Yuck!
AND Horizon is pretty shady w/farming & organic practices anyway, so best to steer clear of them anyhow.
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I don't know...I mean, my DS hasn't really gained any weight since he was 12 months old and he's 20 months old now...he's been pretty much stuck at 24-25 pounds but he keeps getting taller so I wasnt too worried. He doesn't drink cows milk though, only breast milk and eats food (but not very much of it!) I was thinking of giving him some organic milk so now I'm wondering. Hmmm.
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Another fan of raw milk from the farm... I know the farmers and pick it up at a dropoff site in the city every Tuesday. LOVE it. And I hate the taste of milk normally! DD loves it as well. We try to stay away from pasturized dairy products, but she does get some non-raw cheese just because raw cheese is so stinking expensive to have it be our only source (what the heck... doesn't pasturizing it take MORE effort... blah)
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wow, I was just doing a bit more poking around (I can't get raw milk here) researching the milk I bought the other day for DS to try...I got him this organic, non-homogenized cream top whole milk from Trader Joe's...so I was reading up on it trying to see if it was ultra-pasteurized...and I found out it is this :


just repackaged so it says Trader Joe's not Straus. Sounds pretty good to me?
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Straus has a good rep. Sounds good! I'll have to look for this at TJ's in the future.
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Strauss has WONDERFUL stuff! For special occasions, we'll get the cream for desserts or coffee. We love the ice creams and butter too! yum, yum, yum! (And, one of the farmers who runs our veggie CSA farm used to work there, so he says it's good.)
Unfortunately for us, no lactose free.
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