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August Plan!

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I've been decluttering for awhile and it feels great! This month I am determined to finish up the whole house and cellar. Here's my plan:
Our trash pickup is Tuesdays, so as a general rule I always clean out the fridge and throw out from the pantry. That's always my Monday clean up. But this month dw is home ( she's a teacher and on vacation) so I plan to spend a little time every Monday also packing up some junk from the cellar to throw out. We have a cellar FULL OF JUNK and I just can't deal with it anymore. It's been a little damp down there and anything that's down there that I bring up has to be washable or I don't want it. When we moved to this house it was a fast family move. I had a 2 month old baby ( who's now five!) and I inherited a cellar full of stuff from my whole family living here for 60 years.
I have already decluttered the bookshelves, junk drawers, and linen closet. Our clothes closet is a disaster, though. And no matter what I do, my desk is terrible. I keep cleaning out the drawers and they keep filling up I have been able to throw out stuff while dw is working, she wants to keep everything "just in case we need it" so it might be a little tricky to get past her...
Also, every Friday I have scheduled a donation pickup for things that are too good to throw out.
I want to try to figure out how to post pics on craigslist for some of the really good stuff, too. We have furniture and good baby stuff, stereo equipment and video games, ahhh! Can anybody help me learn to post pics? What do you think of my plan?
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I'm no good with posting pictures either, so I can't offer any help there, but I just wanted to say "way to go" on your plan! Very inspiring. I especially love that you've SCHEDULED pick-ups!! Now that's motivation.
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