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important poll

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if you...er when you get up to pee at night:

do you flush?
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I'll start

nope.. in less i am "unclean" and in the "red tent" than i do lol
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no. we often don't flush pee during the day either until the toilet has been used twice.
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No... we are a mellow yellow family... unless we have asparagus.
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Not usually -- it wakes the baby.
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nope. mellow yellow here.
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No--I don't like to be woken up by someone flushing so I don't do it.
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I just had this discussion with DH. We don't share bathrooms normally, but he got up the other morning and (I thought) pre-flushed the toilet. So, because of his "judgemental flush" it made me feel like I needed to flush every time. However, he had thrown something into the toilet and flushed it and explained there was no judgement in the flush. (Sounds like an episode of Seinfeld, doesn't it?)

My way of thinking is this...I get up between 3-5 times a night. So that adds 90-150 additional flushes per month and I think that's just unnecessary.
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Much to Dh's disliking, nope. I don't flush.
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Now that dd is sleeping like a log, yes I flush. But when spider farts used to wake her up? Hell no. I'd rather have to clean the toilet than deal with her waking up.
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Yes I do flush and yes it may or may not wake the baby. She is usually awake from me getting out of bed. She is a snuggle bug.
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I never flush at night. I rarely flush for pee at all, night or day.
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Yup, I flush. My husband rarely does.
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We always flush our toilet. I don't really care to find my toddler playing in there in urine when she sneaks off and gets into it when we're not looking.
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Yes, I flush- otherwise I gross out whichever child is first to use the bathroom in the morning.
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If its yellow, let it mellow (until there is too much TP in the loo)

If its brown, flush it down.

We do this all the time to save water (drought), not just at night.

ETA: Except when we have guests.
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If I get up to pee in the middle of the night, no. I'm usually a "let it mellow" person. Except during af, and for first morning pees. Then I flush.
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If it's yellow I leave it until morning cause it'll wake up the kids, otherwise I flush. Dh always flushes and wakes me up.
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I don't flush at night. We're in a small apartment and it would wake up the kids.
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