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I bought 4 of these covers off a mama through Diaperswappers. There were 2 blue and 2 white in the lot, all with the same label (A Better World, which is the same company as Proraps). We love them! They are very trim, and contain even poo blowouts. Most importantly with a heavy wetter, they don't wick moisture to his clothes like his other covers. My only complaint is that in the NB size I often have to fold the pf down in front and back to get it to fit under the umbilical cut out. But now that I've figured it out it's not a problem. The blue ones got snagged in the wash and have some running/pilling happening in the front on the outer fabric. The white are holding up great. If I could find these in the small size in white I'd buy a lot of them - I'm pretty sure the fabric that they use isn't the same as the Prorap classic, and I've only seen the colors being sold online.