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BumGenius fabric

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Does anyone know what kind of fabric the soaker part of a BumGenius is? TIA!
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I'm totally new to this, so I could be very wrong, but I believe it is microfiber. I've heard mixed reviews about microfiber--some say it's very absorbent, but that it holds in smells. I don't personally know yet--I'll find out in late October
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I was thinking that is what is it. I'm finding that it is very absorbant, but gets stinky quick.
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I had the stink problem before I got my wash routine down pat. I wasn't really getting the diapers clean all the way and it had a very bad ammonia smell to it.
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microfiber. and yes if youre not careful it will STINK. horribly.
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About the stink...yes, be careful with the double wash/double rinse. They aren't kidding. But...I have only had that problem with the AIO's. The pockets that you can pull out the microfiber insert don't seem to have that problem, probably since they get washed/rinsed better.

What I want to know...where do they get that suedecloth for the lining? I have been all over town looking at suedecloth and there is nothing quite as light and thin...if anyone knows, I would love to hear it.
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Try the costume weight stuff that's out right now for halloween. It might be light enough for your needs.
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You can buy suedecloth at a lot of the online stores that sell diaper making suppplies. Try the sticky on that. I bought mine from www.wahmsupply.com but I'm sure there are others.
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what exactly is suedecloth?
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Suedecloth is a 100% poly fabric that is great for wicking moisture away from baby. A lot of diapers use microfleece - they both serve the same purpose. Suedecloth is a little smoother, microfleece can sometimes get pilly. There might be down sides to suedcloth - for example, mine got a little snagged by my velcro. Both suedecloth and microfleece shoult work well.
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Not only that, but I have never found it to keep the baby quite as dry as microfleece did. I don't know if it's just too think, but she was always damp and whined in it.
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Originally Posted by meesa143 View Post
Does anyone know what kind of fabric the soaker part of a BumGenius is? TIA!
Speaking of Bum Genius, my friend heard a little birdy say that they are doing a project with BabyLegs? I haven't really heard much about babylegs except that they are really handy and popular in the cloth diaper world. I'm a mom to be and interested in cloth diapering....should i know more about BabyLegs?
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hehe I been trying to mimic BG diapers here too!!!

You can find olive suedecloth here at 50% off!!! I made my order of microfiber and suedecloth enough for 15 dipes just like BG's! My order came to only $30 and they were fast!!! I luv 'em!!!!
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forgot to mention, be careful with suedecloth some kids may be allergic to it...
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