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looking for chicken pox party - Page 2

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Sorry, we had it in the Spring! Didn't even think to post on here to "share" as my kids felt so miserable. Definintely not in the mood to party.
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Anything yet?.. Any one???? Willing to travel!!!
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Ladies in search of a pox party

Dear ladies,
I'm the Family columnist for a national magazine. My February 2009 column is on chickenpox parties. I'd LOVE to hear your thoughts on why you're choosing to have your children catch it "wild" versus receiving the vaccine.
If you're willing to go down on the books (i.e. quoted by your first and last or just first name) then feel free to contact me directly. If you have an opinion but don't want to be named, that's fine too. I can use your screen name off this forum. I look forward to hearing your replies. Take care.
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Thank you for the link to the Yahoo group. I just requested to join it! I came here specifically looking for a local pox-party, so I hope that will give me the info I need.

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