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I've been in labor for 20 hours...baby girl! Update #27

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And I can't seem to get anything progressing enough. Everytime ds wakes up my labor starts to slow down. dh is in his room trying to calm him and get him to sleep right now.

I'm frustrated and tired of the contractions. They've been coming from 3-5 minutes during active times but slow down to 10-15 minutes when ds is needy.

I wish I had someone's home to take him to that I could trust and where he would enjoy his time so I didn't have to worry about him.
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Sounds so much like my first labour (obviously not the the kid part, but the sort of progressing, sort of not progressing labour). That sucks. It's a horrible limbo!
There's no one to watch your son? You need to rest up and focus on you and baby, or find a way to rest while he's around.
Or maybe this baby is just taking his/her time? With E my contractions would be 3-5 min apart, pretty intense, then go back to every 10-15 min...for 2 days. B/c it was my first, I kept thinking it would happen any minute, so I couldn't rest properly. I was exhausted when it was finally go time-I hope you can avoid this!
Good luck!
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awww, Megan, I wish I could make things speed along for you! I hope tonight is your night!
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I've been basically sleeping in between contractions all day in case I'm up again all night.
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Okay, I doubt you want anything advice- like, but really try to rest and just enjoy these last few hours of mystery. Your body is probably giving you a great head start for when you do get going strong. I had a similar experience, but it was after my water had broken. I was at like 6 or 7 before my contractions were consistent for real. It's uncomfortable and exciting! I'm wishing you the best and

JUST REMEMBER - this baby will have it's own ideas about how to do things forever, this is just the beginning! :
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Good luck, mama Have you tried anyone from your tribe? I used to live in OR and there are so many mamas...I know one will jump at the chance to help you out!!

Hang in there and hopefully you'll be holding your sweet little babe soon
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Are you sure it's active labor and not that crappy pre-labor stuff? Have you tried a half a glass of wine or anything?

Hang in there, mama, it can't be too much longer now Hope you get some sleep tonight...
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I've got friends that are willing to help but they have their own kids. I'm also not sure how to get my kids there. The contractions are too close to let me drive safely and we only have one car. I'd rather not be without a car while in labor.
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:: Good Luck Mama!!! I hope Tonight is your night!!!

And I hope you can put your mind to ease about your ds.... Its so hard with other littles at home... ((HUG))
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I'm sorry it's going this way so far; I can only imagine it must be very frustrating to have things slow down just when you think they're really moving. I think that tonight, while your DS sleeps you'll have a long enough period of time for things to progress well. You can do it!
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Sending lots of calming vibes to you & DS, he must know something's going on with mama

I do hope that things keep on progressing for you :
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Praying things have picked up for you tonight and if not that you are able to get some rest!
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I got in bed at 10 with almost no contractions but now they are making me wake up and get out of bed. I'm up to time for a while.
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I'm up too. Ds woke us up when my contractions picked up. I totally get how the focus on them slows it down! Thinking of you and sending awesome, speedy, focused labor vibes. Good luck!!!
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Hi Megan, I hope you everything is going well. Do you want me to update our local thread. I know there are two mamas near you in our tribe.

Wishing you a calm peaceful labor mama!
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mw coming. pool filling. 3-4 minutes apart lasting more than a minute for over an hour now.
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Yay!! Can't wait for an update
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ELV! :
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hey, it's Megan's midwife, Pamamidwife She's in the tub and contr are getting stronger. Of course, she's so worried that they will stop...they won't - at least not until that sweet baby girl slips out!

I promise to keep you guys updated. <3

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sweet! thanks for the update.
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