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For those who have twins or preggo with twins...(Xposted in Pregnancy)

Poll Results: Do you have any families with twins?

This is a multiple choice poll
  • 2% (3)
    I am one of twins.
  • 8% (11)
    Motherside (either mother gave birth twins or twin herself or etc)
  • 5% (7)
    Fatherside (father is twin or etc)
  • 16% (20)
    Maternal grand parents
  • 8% (11)
    Paternal grand parents
  • 8% (11)
    Husband side
  • 27% (34)
    No one in the family
  • 13% (17)
    IVF or other medical help
  • 7% (9)
    Other (please explain)
123 Total Votes  
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I posted this poll in pregnancy board but didn't get much answer and just found this board and thought this is THE place to ask this question! (If you all don't mind).
I'm curious to know how much in real life people have twins without family ties. So I was wondering and curious for those who gave birth twins or currently pregnant with twins...
Do you have any families with twins?
I know and read the stats but would like to hear from you guys' experience.
p.s. My father was a twin, his father (my paternal grand father) was a twin along with some of his relatives so I wonder if I get any more chance of having twins myself.
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My paternal grandmother birthed 10 children (one was stillborn). Her fraternal (boy/girl) twins were her youngest two.

Our twins are monozygotic.
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DZ twins, none in the family other than ours!
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I have fraternal uncles on my mother's side (grandmother). My dh's side has 5 sets of ID twins on both his mother's grandparents side. And on his father's side, dh's grandparents delivered stillborn twin boys (unknown if they were frats or ID).
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Nobody in either of our families has twins. Both of our sets are MZ.
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My paternal great aunt and uncle are twins. (is that right?) My dad's mother's sister and brother.

My maternal great-grandmother had twin brothers.
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My maternal grandpa is a twin but I think it was the IVF that helped us along!
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Nope. Not in my family on either maternal or paternal side, or Dave's side (not that it would affect my double ovulation--although my MIL loves to comment on how there are some random twins way back in his family. and HOW does that affect my fertility???)

We think it was likely a 'super ovulation' because it was my first ovulatory cycle after having Isabella. I read a couple of places that it becomes more likely in that situation.
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We have MZ twins, so apparently no genetic component anyway... but my husband's dad's mom had DZ twins, so I still answered that way.

From what I read when I was pregnant, the genetic tendency to double ovulate passes through the mother's side -- so if your mom was a DZ twin, you are more likely to have DZ twins. I think... it's been a while... and a few things have happened in the last three years so I may have forgotten!
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My great grandmother had fraternal twins. My grandfathers brother's wife had fraternal twins. My grandmothers sisters daughter had fraternal twins through IVF. My husbands grandmother had fraternal twins.

Seems to be pretty far down the line, but who knows??? We are having identical twins!!
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No twins for 2 or 3 generations in either of our families. Ours are presumed MZ.
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Not twins on either side of the family, but I did have a m/c the cycle before I concieved them which I heard can be a factor. We assume our twins are DZ. They don't look anything alike.
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I have first cousins on my dad's side that are twins (DZ, I'm assuming, but they look alike so I'm not sure...) and my dad's aunt had a twin brother that died very young (didn't find this out until after I was pregnant). I also have a first cousin on my mom's side that has twin girls, but I think her mom (who I am not blood-related to) has lots of twins on her side of the family so that's probably due to a different genetic line.
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MZ boys here ....

My grandmother had a set of fraternal twin half sisters, and apparently, DH has a set of twins somewhere in his cousins.

Do you even bother to try to explain to people, if you have MZ twins, that there is no genetic component to it??
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I have both identical and fraternal twins and I'm sure you've already heard that as far as the research goes, identical twins just happen - no family heredity. But fraternal twins come from the mother's line and I have none on my mother's side as far back as anyone knows about (and my grandmother does geneology, so that's pretty far back!)

There are three sets of boy/girl twins (which is what my fraternals are) on my dad's side in my generation. Two sets are from paternal aunts and one set is from a paternal uncle (well, his technically his wife). They were all spontaneous (did they even KNOW about IVF back then!?)

Edit to add: I also had a miscarriage the cycle right before my b/g twins. I did not have a period after my miscarriage, just conceived when I ovulated afterwards.
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I thought no one in my family, but then found out after some weeks of carrying mine that my Grandma's mother was a twin, ( don't ask me how I missed that before. lol), and that's why my Mum and Grandma were so happy to find out - twins in the family again. No idea if they were MZ/DZ though.

I conceived this time 2 weeks after a miscarriage, and had been taking folic acid for a while, so there is some query as to whether that theory is true. I think I possibly have a habit of ovulating twice anyway, but not sure if these two are MZ/DZ yet either. Looked like will be b/g DZ, but waiting to see....

Plus higher chances of multiples with a larger family, so I scored on that front. When I'm over 35 it'll be triplets
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My maternal grandmother was pregnant with twins but lost one midway through the pregnancy. Supposedly there are other twins on that side of the family further up the line. I used Clomid though, so I presume that was mostly responsible, although it doesn't greatly increase the liklihood like IVF.
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My maternal great grandmother had a set of fraternal twins.
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My dw is a twin, but she didn't have any genetic influence on our twins (it's amazing how many people don't realize that, though!).

I do have some twins in my family (my dad's aunt had twins, my mom's cousin had twins, there are some further back as well), but I'm 100% sure that my twins came to us due to clomid (5-10% chance of twins).

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My twins are MZ, so no genetic link there.

My understanding about fraternals running in families isn't that it's passed down only on the mom's side, but that it can only be expressed in a female descendant: i.e., if you're a woman, you can inherit the tendancy to double-ovulate, but if you're a man you can't double-ovulate (um, having no ovaries!), but you CAN pass that tendancy on to your daughters.

So it travels on both sides, but can only be expressed in women. Which is why it can LOOK like it skips a generation.
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