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For those who have twins or preggo with twins...(Xposted in Pregnancy) - Page 2

Poll Results: Do you have any families with twins?

This is a multiple choice poll
  • 2% (3)
    I am one of twins.
  • 8% (11)
    Motherside (either mother gave birth twins or twin herself or etc)
  • 5% (7)
    Fatherside (father is twin or etc)
  • 16% (20)
    Maternal grand parents
  • 8% (11)
    Paternal grand parents
  • 8% (11)
    Husband side
  • 27% (34)
    No one in the family
  • 13% (17)
    IVF or other medical help
  • 7% (9)
    Other (please explain)
123 Total Votes  
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My boys are MZ, no twins on anyone's side (although it doesn't matter with MZ twins, as someone mentioned).

And no, I never bother to correct the assumptions about twins running on the dad's side having anything to do with MY ovulation...
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We used donor sperm to conceive our twins, and have since come into contact with several of our kids' donor siblings (kids conceived with the help of the same sperm donor), which include five OTHER sets of twins (so six sets total including ours). So, it's always funny when people ask if twins run in the donor's family. I do correct the misconception that the sperm could have anything to do with double ovulation.

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I am a twin (DZ) BUT my mother conceived us while on Clomid. No other twins on either side of the family.

We're also having DZ twins. And like a few other ladies ours were conceived the cycle following a m/c.

So do twins "run" in our family?
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I got pregnant with twins on my first month of Clomid! I am pretty sure this is why we're having twins

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My great-great grandmother had 2 sets of frat. twins, one of the girl twins went on to have a set of twins, then it stops. This is from my fathers side. No twins on my moms that we know of!
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No one in the immediate family but a lot of DH's gazillion cousins have twins, both MZ and DZ.
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Forget trying to explain genetic links to twins, I'm lucky if I'm not asked "are they identical" right after I say they are boy/girl. To further amuse me, they look NOTHING alike (click on link in sig and laugh).
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Pretty simple - fraternal twins are the ones that can run in families (and it has to be the mothers side of the family). Identical twins are chance (or maybe not...I know many MZ twin moms who lend up having 2 sets of MZ twins).
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My grandmother (on my mom's side) was pregnant w/ twin boys but sadly lost them during the pregnancy. Also, my mom had some ovarian cysts removed and one of them was the size of a grapefruit -- it had hair, teeth and holes for ears inside of it. The Dr told her that when she was conceived, she was conceived as a twin but that twin died and was absorbed into her body. I know, sounds like something from a movie.
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I was a twin, but my Mother miscarried my (identical) sister at about 4-4 1/2 months. Ironically, my Biological Father dumped my Mother when he found out she was pregnant and almost immediately got his next girlfriend pregnant. She had identical twin boys (my brothers), but they were premature and one only lived until he was 3 weeks old. I don't normally check out the multiples forum, but now I'm curious... isn't it fraternal twins runs on the Mother's side (two eggs, of course) and identical on the Father's side (something to do with the sperm)? It would be quite a coincidence if my Father concieved two sets of identical twins in a space of less than a year, without it running in the family.
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My paternal grandmother was a twin, zygosity unknown, and I believe she had other siblings back in Germany who were twins, but I don't know, they all passed away before I was born. Regardless, My twins, zygosity unknown so far, are the first born in more than 80 years. There was only one female in the generation before me, and she and her husband could not have children due to infertility. I am the only female of my generation. If it is genetic, then I am the only one likely to birth twins this generation. So far in the next generation we have 2 girls, and one on the way. It will be interesting to see if there are anymore twins in successive generations.
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No twins in our family (either side) at all.

But my boys are identical, and they say genetics doesn't play a role in ID twins.. which I agree. Though I do think that something in the man's sperm can help cause identical twins.
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I have fraternal. No family history of twins
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I am not sure if my vote counts because I was a surrogate who carried twins,

But I clicked invitro

and maternal since my grandmother had 2 sets of twins and she was a twin herself.
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I voted for my mom. There are no twins in the family that we know of (she was adopted and knows her maternal biological family somewhat). She gave birth to identical twins (me and sis) to go with the stats it was her fourth preg. I have not had twins, my bro did not have twins, my other sisters have not yet started to procreate.
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Count me in as another mom of MZ with a family history. My father is a DZ (b/g) and my mom's grandmother had stillborn twins (dunno zygosity). My DH's cousin is a twin and we *Think* she's a surviving MZ but we don't know for certain.
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I didn't vote, b/c I don't 'have' twins.

However, DS was a twin, apparently, whose twin did not develop. The midwives decided this due to a very defined second lobe on his placenta.

When I had a blighted ovum m/c in December, at 17 weeks, there appeared to be two distinct and separate placentas expelled.

I'm 14 weeks pregnant now, and we are lightly wondering, "Twins?"

As far as family history goes....on my mother's side, I'm an only child, she's an only child, her mother is an only child. Geez. I know of no twins anywhere on maternal side.

Now....on my dad's side. Paternal grandma is a MZ twin. My dad's brother's kids (my first cousins) have a load of twins, both DZ and MZ. I think there are something like 4 or 5 sets of twins among my five first cousins.

I have read that MZ is completely non-genetic. I have read that DZ has various components on my mother's side. Conversely, I have read that my father could be a contributor for various reasons and that my husband could have certain proteins in his sperm that could contribute to MZ twins. I don't what is true, but I am certainly of the opinion that I am predisposed to twins.
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Originally Posted by vanauken View Post
My understanding about fraternals running in families isn't that it's passed down only on the mom's side, but that it can only be expressed in a female descendant: i.e., if you're a woman, you can inherit the tendancy to double-ovulate, but if you're a man you can't double-ovulate (um, having no ovaries!), but you CAN pass that tendancy on to your daughters.

So it travels on both sides, but can only be expressed in women. Which is why it can LOOK like it skips a generation.
This is what I have read, and for me it makes sense because the twins are on my paternal side (dads aunt and uncle), and it skipped a generation to come down to me.
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My sister and I are the only ones in the family that we know of who have non-identical twins. Though hers started out as triplets before she lost one early on...

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My grandmother had fraternal twins as did my aunt. We don't know yet if these two are fraternal or identical.
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