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Reactions to CD? Is it really that hard?

Poll Results: Is cloth diapering that hard?

  • 61% (106)
    It's not hard at all.
  • 33% (57)
    It's extra work, but worth it.
  • 1% (2)
    I have to cloth diaper, it's cheaper.
  • 2% (5)
    Too difficult, I quit.
  • 1% (2)
172 Total Votes  
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I just bought a big stash of CD's today and started up.
My mom, although willing to participate, has plenty negative to say about it. She CD'd, at least part time, 4 kids.

She has said today (I was at her house all day).
Your diaper pail/your house is going to STINK.
They are going to leak everywhere constantly.
He is going to get a rash.
(When I said that CD kids potty train 6 months earlier) Why? Because it is so nasty? Can you imagine being in a wet towel all day?
Youre going to have to use disposables at night.

She has a lot of experience, and obviously she is not thrilled about the extra work involved when she is taking care of him.

SO what do yall think? Is CD that bad? Do modern conveniences make all the difference? Am I overly optimistic about my decision?
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It's extra work, but definitely worth it. In fact, I get a weird sense of pleasure and satisfaction from sitting on the couch and folding/snapping/stuffing my nappies (sorry, diapers, you'll have to excuse my Aussie terminology) and then looking at them all piled up nice and colourful under DS's change table.

Originally Posted by jenmichelle99 View Post
She has said today (I was at her house all day).
Your diaper pail/your house is going to STINK.
They are going to leak everywhere constantly.
He is going to get a rash.
(When I said that CD kids potty train 6 months earlier) Why? Because it is so nasty? Can you imagine being in a wet towel all day?
Youre going to have to use disposables at night.
My nappy bucket doesn't stink when the lid is shut, nor does my house. I dry pail (so no soaking or bleaching, like our mothers would have done). I was every 2 days, so there really isn't time for them to get too smelly.

They don't leak any more frequently than sposies. When DS was a newborn, of course his newborn breastfed poo leaked occasionally - I've heard that this is very common with sposies too. Now that he's older (15 months), they never leak. Ever.

DS has never had nappy rash. Ever. He got a tiny red ring around his anus once, from eating dairy, and has never had anything since. Some children are prone to nappy rash, others aren't. I've been lucky, but I don't think using sposies will necessarily prevent nappy rash. I do change DS frequently (at least every 2 hrs) so that might help too.

I do use sposies at night, but I didn't for the first 12 months of DS's life. I only do now because he ALWAYS does a huge, smelly, sloppy poo in the early hours of the morning, and it makes my cloth nappying laundry so much easier just to be rid of that one poo daily. But I'm just lazy that way

Good on you for making the decision to use cloth
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I personally found it easier...because I was not always dealing with leaks. I had many more leaks than with sposies.

My house never smelled...but I washed every day or every other day.

BTW: I CD twins
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I think your Mom is out of touch with today's cloth diapers and especially, recommended washing techniques. It's less work for me than remembering to buy disposables, but YMMV.

I'm on my second child and do all cloth except a couple weeks a year when we're at a family summer cottage (no washer; I don't mind line drying, but I'm not lugging dirty dipes to a laundromat during vacation to wash them!). I would highly bet your mom used prefolds, maybe pinned, and probably old style, leaky covers. If your mom is my mom's age, she probably dunked, did a wet pail with smelly water that had to be changed too which I find really foul personally. If I had to dunk/wet pail, I would probably not be cd-ing.

You have many many more options to choose from, and even with prefolds, you also have doublers, better PUL or wool covers with different fits, advice from MDC and web stores, and snappis. I've never been caught out with a massively poopy baby that got the caregiver as well; but 2 of my sposie friends have. I have neglected to wash dipes when I should have and noticed a bit of stink in the house. (And threw the dipes in the wash right away!) No big deal.

Do show your mom what ti do though, so she doesn't do it the old hard way. I had to explicitly stop my mom from dunking dipes in the toilet early on (with the diaper service even, my mom was still trying to dunk them ! which made the whole pail really really really wet and gross and then the dipes going back to the service for washing had to be double bagged.)
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I've been cloth-diapering my children since my oldest was 10 months old (6 years ago). My second daughter was nearly always in cloth and my son has only used disposables when we went on vacations. (He was born at home and I even used adorable Kissaluvs size 0 with liners for him from the start!)

One extra load of laundry per week (or maybe two when baby is young) is hardly noticeable. It only smells if you put your nose into the diaper pail; the smell does not escape into the house! LOL

I don't think we've had any leaks with cloth diapers, but I remember many leaks with my oldest daughter in disposables. The breastmilk poo goes right up the back of the disposable, but gets caught in the texture of the cloth diaper. Fitteds are the best for this, of course. I may have had some messier diapers when I used prefolds and Prowrap covers with my oldest. I don't think I've ever had a leak with Kissaluvs, wahm fitteds, or Fuzzi Buns.

My children are not in wet diapers for more than a few minutes because at home I don't use a cover and change them immediately. When we go out we use Fuzzi Buns which feel dry even after being peed in.

My children have not had any diaper related rashes (only food related ones). Probably because I change them so frequently.

We use Fuzzi Buns at night stuffed with folded up large prefold. The prefold is sometimes soaking wet, but baby's tushy is dry!

Cloth diapering has been so integrated in our lives for years here that disposables seem strange to me!
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I don't think it's hard at all. I enjoy it actually(though m/s might make me use sposies a bit more often so I don't have to deal with the poo). But really they have changed so much over the years that things your mom did are different now. Not to mention all the different types of CD's there are. I'm sure she'll end up being pleasantly surprised.
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My 3rd ds is now 4 1/2 I started whenhe was 1 BECAUSE i battled bleeding diaper rashes for his first year. I went to cloth and they went away he may have had some minor rashes from teeth /illness but NOTHING like he had before.
I love my fitteds but also use/used pockets alot.
My house NEVER stunk
I washed every 2 days During the summer in a powder room size bathroom I did add a little baking soda w/ a few drops of teatree oil to the pail.
Nathan potty trained at 2 1/2 I think it was because he felt damp when he peed the posies dont allow that and you see many kids not even getting a clue about potty training till 3 1/2 or older

Believe me I was a super mainstream momma but cloth is SO worth it. Im pregnant again this time from birth.
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I have CD'd all three of my kids. My oldest will be 6 in a couple of weeks.

We used disposable diapers part time until he was 4 months old. We went through many brands - most giving him a bleeding rash along with what looked like a chemical burn wherever the diaper touched his skin. And LEAK ! Oh my did the disposables leak.

So, for us, CD'ing has been MUCH easier - even when we lived in an apartment and I washed everything (including diapers) by hand and hung to dry.
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I used cloth 100% of the time from birth until about 15 months old. I now cloth during the day and 'sposie at night.

I think it's MUCH easier to cloth and much cheaper. I don't mind doing laundry (I actually like it). The people who I know that find it to be a little hard are those who hate doing laundry. All of my friends I knew before I was pregnant used 'sposies and I remember them running out in the middle of the night to buy more. We've never had to do that. With #2 on the way, it's nice to have them all ready and handy for this one.

I traveled away from home for about 6 days. I used cloth the entire time. It was easy too; no problems whatsoever.

When I worked, I had my son with me in the cloth. I had random board members and colleagues come into my office to see my son and check out his cloth diapers. They couldn't believe how great they are nowadays and didn't get why more didn't cloth now that it's not just cotton and rubber pants.

I'm convinced cloth smells much less than most 'sposies. A friend's 'sposie diaper pail was awful! She was using Pampers and Luvs and it did stink up the room at times. I've never smelled my diaper pail except when it was open around laundry time.
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I voted extra work, though I don't find it hard or tiresome.

I sposied my first 2, so I have that background--if I'd started with cloth, I probably wouldn't see it as "extra"!

My main reason for cd'ing my 3rd was that I couldn't stand the thought of all those poop-filled (I know you're supposed to dump the solids, but really, who does that?) sposies in the landfill. After getting "into" it, though, I love the cuteness and softness of cloth.
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It's more work, but not too bad. I don't have a choice now because we don't have trash picked up. I have to use cloth.

It was a little tricky for me to figure out which detergent to use and how to get them really clean. I battled some nasty diaper rash at first, but now it's fine. I started cding DS #1 at 18 months and DS #2 at 2 months.

Leaks are worse with my toddler in cd rather than sposies. It's not a problem though. I don't mind a little leaking pee.

Leaks are the same or better with the baby.
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It is not hard at all. We do diapers every other day and we hang ours to dry. We have had an occasional leak but that was mostly due to diapers that were not tight enough/penis not in the down position/gappy legs. Not the diaper's fault . DS has only had one disposable on in his life and the next one won't even have that. I don't find cloth to be a hassle it just requires a "system". My prissy main stream Sister stated that she would never cloth diaper or breast feed... She has reconsidered because "it really is not that bad". FWIW we only use prefolds and soakers/prowraps. I have "fancy diapers" but I don't like them at all.
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I voted it is not hard at all. In fact, I think cloth diapering is easier (you never have to worry about running out of diapers or lugging around big, bulky boxes).

*I have never had a problem with the cloth diaper pail smelling up the house...let alone the closet in which it is stored.

*I have never had a problem with leaking cloth diapers. But, I have used sposies on vacation...which led to leaking and diaper rash!

*At night, the LO wears a prefold with a couple of doublers (hemp & microfleece) and wakes up dry and fresh...after 10+ hours of snoozing!

Plus, I love CDing because it is fun! Like, Peppermint Poppies, I enjoy taking care of those fluffy dipes.... CDing is better for baby (comfort!!!) and the environment...and, it saves a bunch of $.
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I voted not hard at all. I have never used a disposable (never have babysat) so I really don't know any different. I decided I would CD and that's just how it is. I usually forget disposables exist. And I have never been tempted to use one.
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I would rather be in a wet towel all night than wear a maxi pad for the first 3 years of my life!

We just started last week. My twins are 5 months. No stink, no leaks, no hassle. Well, my only hassle is that I didn't order enough b/c I wanted to try different things so I am doing diaper laundry 2-3 times daily right now. But ordering more today! I enjoy putting cloth on them. I know it feels better. My mil rolled her eyes when we said we were starting cloth, we showed her some fitteds, pockets and aios (which we use for night and travel, pfs during day at home) and she changed her tune. It has come a looooong way from when we were kids 30 years ago.

And with the 1000s of dollars we will be saving maybe I can get a new car!
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I voted other because while CDing isn't hard it is a little more work and there is a learning curve but it is totally worth it.

I use simple prefolds and Bummies covers (though I lust after some of the cuter dipes and I'm going to get some fitteds because DH is scared of the pins)

I have no stink problems. I wash about every 3rd day and use a dry pail.

IME we have less leaks with cloth than the sposies, especially once I mastered folding and pinning the prefolds. When I first started I was using sposies when we went out. I can't tell you how many times I changed her into a sposie then laid her down to gather our stuff to leave the house only to have to change her clothes because the stupid sposie leaked. I finally just started cding full time.

My DD is not a heavy pee-er. At night I just add a doubler to her regular diaper and use a bigger cover because if the bulk. I've never had a night leak (except for the night I forgot to put a cover on her )

DD has very sensitive skin. We have fewer rashes with cloth. In sopsies, dd's bottom was always red and on the verge of a rash. In cloth, the skin of her bottom is the same color as the rest of her skin.

I love cding. : Since we BF and cd I never need to buy anything from the baby aisle at the grocery store. I kind of enjoy breezing on by it every time in the store.
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It is more work. And I don't mean just that extra load of laundry every other day...some trouble-shooting and whatnot...otherwise, why would there be a whole forum for it here! lol But it's worth it. I kinda view it like breastfeeding. I had to bottlefeed one of my (adopted) children, and IMO breastfeeding is more work. But I wouldn't choose the easier route just because it is. On the other hand, one thing I'd never say is that there are more messes/leaks. Paper diapers can't touch what cloth dipes can do for a newborn.

As far as people being negative, I find that true in every aspect of parenting. What's wrong with people? Everyone always has something negative to say, whether it's out diapering choices, bfeeding, schooling...you name it. Everyone knows better. I've learned to avoid discussing things with anyone who isn't supportive.
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I've never used disposables so I can't compare, but I will say that my house doesn't stink (or if it does, it's the cat's litter box, not the baby's diaper pail). The diapers don't leak; in fact, I shudder when I hear my friends talk about the leaks they get with disposables. Dd practically never gets diaper rash, and we change her when she's wet, except at night, but at night we stick an extra diaper in there and it doesn't leak and it doesn't give her diaper rash.
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I've been CDing for 2 years now. Never had a blow out. Never had a rash. My house does not stink. It's not hard at all- just an extra load of laundry.
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i made the switch to cd when ds was 9 months-ish. it was so much easier than i expected and i'm glad to have made the switch. i will start with cd immediately when i have a second child.
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