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Reactions to CD? Is it really that hard? - Page 2

Poll Results: Is cloth diapering that hard?

  • 61% (106)
    It's not hard at all.
  • 33% (57)
    It's extra work, but worth it.
  • 1% (2)
    I have to cloth diaper, it's cheaper.
  • 2% (5)
    Too difficult, I quit.
  • 1% (2)
172 Total Votes  
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My mother had the exact same reaction as the OP. She diapered in the days of nasty plastic pants, wet pails, harsh detergents, flats, and pins. So, for her, the pail did stink, the diapers did blow out, and kids did get rashes.

I tried and tried to convert my mother, showing her the wonderful fitteds and comfy covers we use... go on without even a snappi.... but nope. She is STUBBORN. So fine, I let her buy the pricey 'sposies for when she babysits, and I use cloth.

And guess who gets peed and pooped on? Not me.... LOL

I voted not hard at all. The first little bit of time is more work, but once you know what works for you and you get your routine down, it's no harder than a load of laundry. I find CDing very satisfying for some strange reason, and I am very lazy. I even use wool (and adore it).
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Originally Posted by jenmichelle99 View Post

She has said today (I was at her house all day).
Your diaper pail/your house is going to STINK. Not true for me
They are going to leak everywhere constantly.Leak less than sposies, IMO
He is going to get a rash.Far less rashes with CD for our daughter
(When I said that CD kids potty train 6 months earlier) Why? Because it is so nasty? Can you imagine being in a wet towel all day?depending on what you use, they really don't feel wet and (really) they're sitting in the same stuff in a sposie PLUS they're also sitting in a ton of chemicals
Youre going to have to use disposables at night. CD work fine for us at night

SO what do yall think? Is CD that bad? Do modern conveniences make all the difference? Am I overly optimistic about my decision?
IMO, you're not overly optimistic. there is some extra work involved in some ways, but other things that you won't have to do, too. you know, like run out to the store at random hours to buy more sposies I love CDing and I really think it's more comfortable for the baby as well. modern conveniences aren't always everything they're cracked up to be, but because people perceive them as "easier" or "less disgusting" they don't tend to give a lot of credence or thought to doing things the old-fashioned way. good luck!
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To me it's not hard at all. I started cloth diapering almost 2 years ago with my twins and my 2 year old. I have an extra load of laundry every other day but I have 7 soon to be 8 kids so I do laundry constantly anyway. They don't stink up the house, actually disposables stink a lot worse even when they aren't poopy because of the chemicals in them. I also had a lot more leaks with disposables not to mention they were expensive and inconvenient when I'd run out. My mom also gives me a lot of flak about it. Mainly because she thinks it's more work. My dad's family think it's great though. They cloth diapered back in the day and they absolutely love the modern day version of cloth diapers and are very impressed with them.

My dh absolutely refuses to ever go back to disposables. He thinks cloth is so much easier. He also thinks they are healthier for the babies and says they have to be more comfortable than those yucky thin, papery disposables. He doesn't get excited about the cuteness of fluff but he certainly is a huge advocate for the practicality and healthiness of cloth diapering.
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Ah yes - another good point. My DH was a little wary of CDing, but now he likes them much better. DS had never had a real rash, but sometimes is a little irritated after a day in my mom's 'sposies. A night in CD clears him up.

Annd..... my DH changes diapers more than I do! I have no idea why - before CD that was not the case (not that he slacked). But I think he finds them satisfing too.
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I love to cloth diaper. I love the laundry. I love the way they look. I will never ever use disposables again. I don't see the need for disposables at night. I can't seem to figure out why a disposable would be better at night than a good wool cover but hey, everyone is different. My mother gave me hell about choosing to CD as well. She CD me and had a diaper service even. Once she saw the way cloth diapers are now and how easy they are to care for and how ridiculously cute they are, she totally supports it. She even shows off the baby's diapers to her friends and talks about the "wonderful system" we have for CD.
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I did not find it any extra work unless you hate washing clothes to the point you never do. I personally had more blow outs with my son in disposables and more night leaks in them as well. I don't think you are being overly optimistic. My main reason for cloth diapering is not cost or benefit to the baby (though those are nice) but environmental. I don't think that generating thousands of balls of paper, plastic and gel that will still be on earth in hundreds of years to be a reasonable personal cost to the environment. Seriously, washing a couple of loads of diapers a week, even if I did find it to be a lot of extra work, is not a reason to use so much of the world's resources on temporary butt covers for my kid. I know that sounds harsh, but it is how I choose to live my life- it is not always about what is easiest for me. I think that is a worthy lesson to teach my kids.
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I have been doing it continuously for almost 4 years. For about six months, I had three in cloth diapers all at once. I did it through the complete chaos of having newborn twins in the house. And I've never given up. It's really no big deal, once you get a routine going. If it was, I would have given up a long, long time ago. I am a lazy, lazy person, and I don't do things that are too much of a hassle.

I've never had pail odor, except when I let the wash get put off for too many days.

I've had at least ten times more leaks when I've used disposables than I ever had with cloth. Good quality cloth shouldn't leak. You do have to change wet diapers immediately, though. You can't let them sit around wet like people do with sposies. But seriously, poopy blowouts are a fact of life in the newborn months, when you use sposies. I have never ever ever ever had one not even once, with three kids, in cloth.

Choose natural fibers, not synthetics, if you want the laundry to be simple. The synthetic stay-dry fibers seem to hold onto odors and stains in a way real fibers just don't.

It's about five minutes extra work a day for me.

I heard it from everybody under the sun about how much work it was going to be and what a mess, and how I'd give it up within a week. Well, it's been 4 years, and here I am. So no, I think it's an entirely realistic decision, and the responsible and healthy choice.
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Cracks me. My mom said the same thing. "You don't want poop in your washer!" Which is why it took me so long to take the leap. Now--she's made my DD diapers and looks at my stash enthusiastically.

But like I tell people--these are not your mom's (and grandmother's) diapers!
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I'm in the "it's extra work, but it's worth it" camp. And that is mostly because I live in an apartment building and I have to go down to the basement and use coin-operated machines to wash our diapers. That is honestly the only thing I find hard about the whole thing.

I actually like changing his diapers and trying out different products, and I love knowing that I am not throwing our money away with every change. We haven't had any issues with stink, but did deal with leaks for a little bit while we found out what worked best for our son.
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It's a little more work, but not that bad and totally worth it IMO. And so much cheaper and easier than buying sposies all the time!

Originally Posted by jenmichelle99
She has said today (I was at her house all day).
Your diaper pail/your house is going to STINK.
Mine doesn't. I use a dry pail and as long as the lid is on, it's not bad. And even when I open the lid to put a diaper in it, it's not like the smell is overwhelming.

Originally Posted by jenmichelle99
They are going to leak everywhere constantly.
Mine don't. I rarely have poo leaks (much less than when we were using sposies) and only have pee leaks if I go too long between changes. (AND my theory on that is that while you can go longer between changes in sposies, it is ideal with either kind of diaper to change your LO every time they pee, except overnight of course)

Originally Posted by jenmichelle99
He is going to get a rash.
Not true - again, as long as you change frequently enough. And if you use pockets or fleece liners, then the baby's skin isn't next to wetness, just like in a sposie.

Originally Posted by jenmichelle99
(When I said that CD kids potty train 6 months earlier) Why? Because it is so nasty? Can you imagine being in a wet towel all day?
If your child is in a wet diaper all day, you're obviously not changing him/her enough!

Originally Posted by jenmichelle99
Youre going to have to use disposables at night.
I did in the beginning, but now I use cloth at night too. You may have some leaks until you find an overnight system that works for you, but we rarely get leaks at night anymore (and the few times we've since used sposies at night, they sometimes have leaked too).

When I first said I wanted to CD, my mom said "but you'll have to use pins and plastic pants!" When I showed her a snappi and the newer, nicer PUL covers, she was really impressed. She was even more impressed when we made a recycled wool soaker together or when she saw a pocket diaper.
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I used disposables with my first child and cloth with my second and third.

I voted "more work but worth it"

Because I did end up changing the CDs more and you do have an extra load or two of laundry a week...but you save SOOOOOOOO much money that to me it is worth it.

I've never understood people getting all up in arms about "diaper pail stink" because ALL baby laundry can be smelly.

Diaper blow-out on a onesie smells too, as does spit-up. Disposable diapers wrapped up in a diaper genie smell to high heaven!

Babies are fragrant people. But it is only a phase and a very brief one at that. If you keep on top of the laundry, you won't have smells.
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Extra work, but worth it. Even my DH goes on and on to people about how much he prefers CD's, and all his kids were sposied until DD.
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Originally Posted by jenmichelle99 View Post
Your diaper pail/your house is going to STINK.

They are going to leak everywhere constantly.

He is going to get a rash.

Youre going to have to use disposables at night.
Well, I personally think dirty sposies in the trash stink more. (And I keep my kiddos dirty pail in their bedroom and it doesn't smell at all.)

Disposables leaked more for me, and I always used the expensive brands.

DS#1 was NOT cloth diapered and had rashes, as did my CD'd kids. It was never diaper related, but rather diet or illness related.

A nice absorbant CD at night is WAY better than a disposable...that's when disposables leak the most, because you can't add an insert or doubler!

Originally Posted by EviesMom View Post
I think your Mom is out of touch with today's cloth diapers and especially, recommended washing techniques. It's less work for me than remembering to buy disposables, but YMMV.
This is likely the case. When I started CDing, my mom and grandma had pictures of birdseye flats and pins and plastic pants in their heads. And CDing is sooooooooo much better than a midnight-run to Wal-Mart because you just used your last disposable. (Which happened plenty before I heard of CDs!!!)

Originally Posted by MommyMichele View Post
Cloth diapering has been so integrated in our lives for years here that disposables seem strange to me!
Same here. On the RARE occasion that we use a disposable now, I can't believe how odd it feels....like, who would wear paper clothes? And the perfume in them makes me ill.....opening a package of pampers is like spraying a whole bottle of nasty Fake Flower Scented Glade!!!

Originally Posted by tex.mom View Post
As far as people being negative, I find that true in every aspect of parenting. What's wrong with people? Everyone always has something negative to say, whether it's out diapering choices, bfeeding, schooling...you name it. Everyone knows better. I've learned to avoid discussing things with anyone who isn't supportive.
That hits the nail on the head. No matter what you do, in ANY aspect of your children, there will be someone who thinks differently. It's just a fact of life. I've found it easier just to say, thanks for your opinion, I'm happy with my decision, and change the subject.
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I've found cloth diapering very easy. The difficulty of cloth diapering is a scam that keeps the disposable diaper industry in business.

I do know people who found cloth diapering difficult. They usually started out with crappy diapers, and didn't have a resource when they ran into problems... their problems were things that could have been resolved easily, but they just didn't know what was available.

I find it very convenient to not have to go to the store and buy diapers. I also love that we've saved so much money.

We've invested about $500 in diapers and supplies over the last four and a half years. We have a lot of stuff though. I got stuff some used. I got some for free. We tried some things that really didn't work or didn't last. I could have managed with just prefolds and bummis or motherease covers... so we could have invested a lot less. It costs $1 for me to wash and dry a load of diapers... but it isn't fair for me count all of that toward the cost since I fill up the washer with sheets and towels to run a full load.

My estimate is that, when all is said and done, we will have diapered three kids for $1200 (cost of washing and drying the sheets and towels included). That's with two kids who wore diapers until they were just short of three, and assuming DS trains about the same time. It doesn't include selling the diapers when we're done.
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So True

Originally Posted by living_organic View Post
I personally found it easier...because I was not always dealing with leaks. I had many more leaks than with sposies.
Us too. I found that cloth contained runny breastfed baby poop way, way better. All of our poop leaks were in disposables while we were traveling. We have never had a poop leak with cloth, and most of the pee leaks were either from poorly designed AIOs.
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I voted other because it was too hard for me in the newborn stage & plus my homemade diapers were not very good. Now, I enjoy it, but it's a lot of work. I still sometimes slip into the sposie trap.
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I said that it is extra work but worth it. In a way it's not really extra work though. i sposied my first and you have blow outs a lot more which means washing ALL of their clothes.

As for your mom's points. I will hit those one by one. But I will preface it by saying- Today's cloth diapers are not our mom's!! The options available now are amazing. I have talked to old school moms who have clothed and they are always amazed by what I would have on my baby's butt. Even your cheap prefold and cover option is light years beyond what they had.

-Your diaper pail/your house is going to STINK. It won't stick you can get a very nice diaper pail at any baby store, that is the same type that people use for sposies. We dry pail, so no soaking.

-They are going to leak everywhere constantly. They don't leak. Everyonce in awhile I have had a diaper leak. Everytime it is my own user error. You learn what works and what doesn't, and it happens quickly. Sposies leaked more on me, and that doesn't even have to do with user error.

-He is going to get a rash. Between my two girls the sposie'd one had WAY more rashes. When my cloth girl started getting rashes it usually meant i needed to strip my diapers. I also found using either a pocket diaper or a liner between the absorbant material and her butt eliminated that problem.

-(When I said that CD kids potty train 6 months earlier) Why? Because it is so nasty? If you change it often it's not nasty. Plus you don't have the nasty chemicals and carcinogens up against your babies privates that you would have with sposies.

-Can you imagine being in a wet towel all day? Nope, and that is why you change their diaper!

-Youre going to have to use disposables at night. Nope, you don't. Their are many excellent night time diaper options. Some of my favorite are fleece pocket diapers with extra absorbent material. When i didn't use that I just used a pocket diaper with extra absorbant stuff and a fleece or wool cover over that. If I didn't have a cover I would use a piece of fleece between the diaper and her butt. This keeps the moisture off of her skin all night long. The fleece or wool covers work best to hold in all that massive amounts of night time pee. (again this set up worked better then sposies.)

Good luck, my mom took awhile to warm up. But really once she realized it wasn't flats, pins, and gerber plastic (unbreathable) pull up covers she was convinced.
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When your mom sees "modern" cloth dipes she'll change her mind. Even if you go exclusively with old fashioned flats or prefolds, modern covers are way better than what she used. Oh and get some Snappis if you do those-they're way easier than pins!!!

As far as the work involved, we already do a ton of laundry, so washing dipes was not a big deal, especially when we figure we've saved THOUSANDS of dollars in the past three years!

Incentive to potty train is also a big plus, in my opinion. Paddy will turn 3 in three days but has been out of diapers with the exception of nighttime since 24 months. (he can make it through 2-3 hour naps and most mornings he is dry) Henri just turned 2 and is now in underwear during the day, and is doing very well with pottying. I really do think CD'ing makes the difference!

And really, how hard is it to dunk the poo into the toilet, flush, and put the used dipe into a wetbag or pail? And by the way my house does not "stink". I have a Mother of Eden wetbag and it keeps the "stink" in nicely. You can even put essential oil on the sewn-in sachet.

If your mom complains more, just tell her its more eco-friendly and safer for the baby (which is true. The asthma epidemic in this country has been blamed on the chemicals used in disposable diapers)
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I used to CD and would love to go back to it. IMO it wasn't any more work other than a couple extra loads of laundry a week. I never had a leak or blowout when I used cloth, can't say the same about sposies, and I've tried every brand almost.

My diaper pail never was never stinky with cloth. Now, esp. in summer, if I don't empty the sposie pail into the outside trash every single day, my son's room stinks to high heaven.

The $$$ makes me want to go back to cloth too. I was in Target today and have the prices for sposies skyrocketed! Any brand other than store brands are $$$.
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Cloth diapers ARE more work than sposies. Obviously. But are they TOO much work? Not usually. Back when I had one kid I never felt overwhelmed and rarely had to buy sposies. We do about half and half now, but we have a second child with special needs and I can hardly keep up on the laundry as it is. If it weren't for her constant doctor's and therapy appointments, I'm sure it would still be no issue.

Like I said, we also use sposies. Cloth does NOT stink. Well, yeah if you stick your nose in the pail. But if you cover it, it should be fine. Sposies stink. Even if your trash can is covered they stink. You don't even notice it until you've used cloth for a while and then go back to sposies. You wonder how you ever lived with it in the first place.

My DD is continuously tube-fed overnight so she can produce some *seriously* large pees. Cloth absorbs just as well as sposies. We never have leaks no matter what we use.

My DD occasionally gets a rash but it never seems to be from diapers. She's had yeast and I think she's getting a contact rash from her poop because she's getting formula now. Studies show kids in cloth have less rash anyway.

Cloth didn't help my DS potty-train earlier but that's because he did not care one bit if he was wet.

Cloth is not like sitting in a wet towel all day because you CHANGE the baby when they pee. Dur.

Sorry, your mom really doesn't have a good reason for discouraging you. You'll do fine and love it and then you can show her you were right.
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