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Queer TTC August 2008

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Thanks to Astraphell for keeping last months thread!!

:A Rainbow of options! :

Waiting to O
Lexbeach's DP
giggleblue's DP

Waiting to Know... Braving the 2WW

Insemming all the freakin' time!

Waiting to Transfer

Taking a Break
Sprout's futuremom

Waiting to be Ready
megincl & ktcl


: August BFPs :
lemurmommies (and DP ruvalokiteshvara)
Love My Family

: July BFPs :
quasar (and DP smartycat)

June BFPs

April BFPs

March BFP

January BFP

December BFP

November BFP
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Thanks JennM for starting the new thread.

Welcome Lovemyfamily :

Coco, I hope your retrieval went well and you'll be having lots of little embies ready for transfer soon.

AAM: I'm still over here waiting to know... DP was trying to convince me to POAS this morning. But I'm only 7DPO. I swear I almost feel more impatient this time than I did the first time. I'm feeling very fatigued this morning and ravenously hungry... except when I start to feel nauseated (which makes me sooooo excited!). I'll probably test on Thursday morning, even though it will only be 9DPO. Just have to remind myself that it still too early.
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Sprinkling some in this thread. :

CoCo, hope your ET went well. I was thinking about you first thing when I got up this morning. Oh, this is soooo exciting!! :

Welcome : to Love my Family! I too have heard about 15-20% per IUI. We were right in statistical range with a BFP on try #5.

I'm wondering how lemurmommies and FTM Papa are doing. :
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Coco- I hope everything went perfectly this morning! What an exciting time! :

lovemyfamily- Welcome to the boards!

heart-n-bones- Those sounds like very positive signs! Best wishes to you! :
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Thanks for all the welcomes! I think you all will really help with the waiting! It's so great to look through everyone's stories and see that I'm not alone! With my DP, we never knew how many follicles there were before clomid, only after, so I was just curious about that. I can't find any info on it online. I go in on Friday and hopefully 1-4 of them are mature so I can do the HCG trigger on Friday night and start my 2ww on Sunday!:

Isn't the 15-20% chance slightly skewed by women who have infertility problems? I wish there was a separate statistic for women in my situation: healthy, under 30, regular, etc... I guess I'll just have to wait and see like everyone else though!
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I've often thought that percentage might be slightly skewed also. Like you ...I have regular cycles (like clockwork)...ovulate on my own...never had any issues at all. And like I said...1 IUI...1 pregnancy. So, who knows? Are you doing any fertility drugs to help push things along? Anyway...good luck...and keep us posted!

AAM: Just talked to my "new" Dr (since mine left the practice) and he had looked through my file pretty extensively. He said he was concerned about how thin my lining was with my pregnancy cycle. He said it was mostly likely due to clomid...so he's thinking about what to do this cycle. The options are to try clomid again (since I responded so well to it...other than the lining issue) or move to injectibles. I'm really leary of clomid now that he said that...so I'm thinking of just sucking it up and forking out the cash for the injectibles. I know it's pricey...they told me how much when I first started going to this RE...but I can't remember. Anyone out there who does/has done injectibles and can give me an idea of how much it might cost?
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Hi all! Popping in to satisty smartycat's curiosity.

We did three IVI's this weekend with fresh donor sperm. The first two were about 26 hours apart, and then the last about 12 hours after the second. The actual inseminations went really well, I was able to lie with my hips up for at least 45 minutes each time (we actually did the second insem right before ned, lo I lay flat all night long), and it wasn't even too tough to do with a toddler. Please move us to Waiting to Know.

I do NOT, however, feel very confident about our timing. When we got pregnant with E (on the first try), we inseminated on CDs 11, 12, 13, and 14. My cycle ended up getting kinda hosed with E being in the hospital and the stress that resulted, so this time we inseminated on CDs 9, 10, and 11. I don't temp or chart because I know it would just make me too insane and unbearable to live with, which means that now all I have to do is wait.

I am not planning on peeing on anything until at least the 16th, and maybe not at all depending on whether I feel any of the same symptoms I had when I got pregnant with E. With him I was sure I was pregnant before I even POAS, because I was bloated, constipated and my boobs were on fire (read, I came home from work and put frozen peas on them.)

My crazy mind is already playing tricks on my and I am having psychosomatic breast tenderness, even though I am pretty sure that I only ovulated last night and I can't possibly be having any real hormone changes yet.

Let the fun begin! Can I just say that I am loving the fact that the Olympics are starting? I am hoping it'll help keep my mind of the TWW.
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JennM1021, I have taken 50 mg of clomid for 5 days, now just waiting for the next scan to see how it worked! My DP tried 3 cycles on clomid, 1 cycle on follistim. We got the follistim from a friend, so we got it SUPER cheap. It was $500 for 1200 whatever the measures are. The follistim was really easy too, but it didn't end up giving her any more follicles than the clomid had. She had 1-2 mature follicles each time.
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coco... popping in from the preggers thread to give you some of this:

Our embryo transfer worked on the first go, so here's hoping you get those two little lines soon!
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Love my family...That's what I had done...50mg clomid days 3-7. Now, I only had 1 (maybe 2 by trigger time) mature follicle...and like I said...it took for me. So, I guess it's just different for everyone. So, since you got the follistim "cheap" for $500...I guess I should expect to spend over $1k maybe for this? We're ok with it if it'll do the trick...I was just curious what to expect tomorrow. Anyway...good luck with your next scan! Keep us updated. This is really a great place to ask questions...vent...obsess...whatever your heart desires. So...welcome again!
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Hi all - Just popping in to say "hi" and spread some .

Welcome Love my Family! to Coco and lemurmommies.... and big hugs to JennM and all the rest of us waiting to O.

AFM...I took a few days away from everything TTC related to mope over the BFN. AF finally came on with a vengeance this morning. Looking forward to some acupuncture tomorrow and moving on to try #3. The great news is that our KD is staying in the country for 2 more months : so we'll have a couple more tries with his fresh swimmers.

He also just finished banking a year's worth, and the quarantine will be lifted at the end of January. So if it doesn't work in the next 2 cycles, we'll have a 4-month wait before trying again. It would suck to have to wait, but it's so good to know that we have a supply of baby batter in the freezer.

So... question for those of you on Clomid and/or follistim. When and how did you/your RE decide that it was time to get some help?
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Originally Posted by ellie74 View Post
So... question for those of you on Clomid and/or follistim. When and how did you/your RE decide that it was time to get some help?
Well...for us it was more about just helping things move along...increasing our chances I guess. I was o'ing on my own and all...but we decided to do the full on monitored/clomid/trigger cycle just to take advantage of any and all the help that is available to us. When you're using frozen swimmers...and they cost as much as we have to pay for them...I'll take all the help I can get! Oh...and it looks like we're cycle buddies...AF showed her face for me today too!
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Originally Posted by ellie74 View Post
So... question for those of you on Clomid and/or follistim. When and how did you/your RE decide that it was time to get some help?

We started out with Clomid and IUIs right off the bat - the reason for this is because I had already been diagnosed with PCOS, had wildly irregular cycles, and had a history of uterine polyps. It was a year of monitoring, surgery, and other appointments before we were even given the go ahead to begin trying, so I was glad to be a little aggressive - good thing, too, because I didn't ovulate on 50mg of Clomid. This cycle I'm doing 100mg.
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Hi everyone, I've decided to finally introduce myself after reading along for a couple of months now...I guess I would be in the 'waiting to be ready' group at the moment if you'll let me play along.

I was very lucky to get pregnant on the second try with KD fresh swimmers at home. I charted for 6 months before trying so we were able to time it fairly easily. Unfortunately, I just had a m/c a few days ago at 9.5 weeks. It was pretty traumatic and scary but I'm back reading along with everyone else for therapy....DP and I are planning on waiting a cycle or two before trying again so my body (and our hearts) has time to heal. Hoping my cycle gets back on track too!
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Carmen- Welcome.
So sorry for your loss Know that there is an amazing group of people here to support you through this difficult time.
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Welcome carmen! I'm so sorry to hear about your loss. . It sounds like you are trying to take care of yourself and waiting until you've had a chance to heal at least a little bit before taking this step again. I hope your TTC journey is quick once you start again and that you have a happy and healthy 9 months.
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Welcome, Carmen. I'm so sorry for your loss, but glad you've decided to hang out here while you're waiting to be ready. There's nothing more comforting (in my opinion) than a group of supportive, parentally-inclined queers.
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Just hoping on for a minute to say I'm back in the game. I'm currently 6dpo on my first Clomid cycle. Total this is try #13 and the second try (3 months) after my m/c.

Carmen, welcome. I'm sorry for your loss. I hope your recovery (both physically and emotionally) is swift.

Good luck to everyone!!
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Hello everyone !

Well I had my egg collection today and they got 9 eggs... I am pretty happy about that since we were expecting 7 or 8.

I would like to tell you that the procedure was painless... but it wasn't. It didnt last too long but when they were emptying each follicles it was pretty darn painful...

They also thought my girlfriend to give me the progesterone shots... at this point I dont know what hurts the most, the cramps in my ovaries or the muscle pain from the shot ! Owww ! Those are BAD !!! Oh well... it takes what it takes !

We will find our tomorrow how many eggs fertilized...
We have a very nice embryologist, I asked for a picture of one of teh eegs and she sent it to me with a report about all what she had done ! She said she would send me pictures everyday !

I slept pretty much all day... that helped.

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Thanks for the warm welcome!
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