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my baby girl is here!

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I am typing this here so I can link it in my BA post.... 1st baby was induced and epidural... I am so happy to have experienced it this way!

Well as you know we spent Saturday morning at the State fair, being little piggies and walking a ton. Got home at about 3, and laid down for an hour nap. At 5:15 I started to get painful contractions. They were lasting about 30 seconds and were 4-5 minutes apart. I was online reading about 'false labor' and pretty sure it was what I was having. at 6:15 they were still coming so I had Chuck start writing down the times when I was having them. I couldn't talk through them and they were making me cry a little so I called my mom, who said "I think you are having that baby tonight, missy, call the doctor!". I told her I was going to take a shower and see how it was going. took shower and decided I better call the doctor, still not sure I was in 'true labor'. She asked me the normal questions, when they started, how far apart, how strong....and suggested I come in.

We called grandma and figured we would drop Karmie off there instead of waiting for her to come here..she is a few miles from the hospital. I cleaned my bedroom and straightened up a little while packing up Karmie's bag. Luckily Chuck and I had bags in the car already worried about going into labor at the fair! How lucky!

Had lovely contractions in the car the whole way, parked in the structure and walked in and to the 2nd floor. I was put in a triage room and had a number of contractions which I just breathed through. the RN stopped asking questions when she saw how many I was having and thought she better 'check me'. I was 6cm! this was 7:15, so 2 hours in. She got my 'real' nurse in to start the IV for the penicillin, and got the labor room ready. They asked me what I wanted to do about pain and I said I wanted to try without. They were ultra supportive of this, and encouraged me that I was doing a great job breathing. With each contraction I just envisioned my cervix dilating, and really, it did go a half cm pretty much with every contraction. I reached in a few time and felt the head. They told me the bag of water was just bulging and would break any minute.

Nurse asked if I wanted to labor in the whirlpool and I am glad I said yes. She taught me how to position myself and reminded me to wag my hips and breathe through every contraction. I was not quiet about the pain I was in. My lines were something like "oh baby, come on baby, stop it, baby" and "I can't do this" and "shhhh baby shhhh please"...Chuck needed to be told to 'be my coach' as he suggested I take something for pain more than once. I was doing it no matter what!!

In the tub I got to 9.75 cm and still no water breaking and I had immense intense rectal pressure. I told the nurse about it and she said we better get out. They helped me out and I had about 3 more contractions on the way to the potty, where I peed (the loose stools during home labor meant no poo......the pressure was baby of course) and then I went to the bed, laid on my right side, and wagged through 2 more contractions when I said "I just have to push, this pressure is too much!". The RN tried to coach me to push to hopefully let my water break on its own. The OB hadn't arrived yet. I said "just get that stick and pop it already!!". Apparently it was a very tough bag....Who knows when it would have popped on its own! The OB arrived shortly thereafter, popped it, and I was ready to push. I felt like I was pushing out the biggest poo ever and it hurt REALLY bad. Again "I can't, I can't" was said but everyone kept telling me how great a job I was doing. I said "then why isn't she here!!?" Anyway, I only had to push through 4 horrendous contractions, before I could see her little head popping through and then her FACE! Yes, I was pushing out a sunny side up baby!!! When I saw the tip of the head, the rest was 'easy'. I could tell exactly how I needed to push, and just seeing that I was actually accomplishing something, out she came at 9:42. They put her right on my chest and I had her for almost an hour before they took her to the scale. She even nursed before they took her from me! My first thought was she looked nothing like Karmyn, but as I hold her now she looks exactly the same!

The RN told me had I had an epidural I may not have done such a good job getting her out because of her sunny side up position and having to push exactly right. She also said had she been face down like she was supposed to, she would have 'fallen out' because she was right where she had to be. oh well...she did come! I had a second degree tear between the vag and rec, and it hurt to scoot around on the bed for about an hour. NOW I was Ok with pain meds, haha....so I had a percocet and motrin and I felt a little better, but holding the baby was all that truly mattered.

Avery was born 8-2-08 at 9:42 pm (4.5 hour labor!)
7lbs 0oz
20 in

I told Chuck next time I'm getting the epidural..... probably won't, but that was my first thought since it was so painful, but worth it to experience a natural birth!!

the afterbirth pains are almost WORSE than the labor contractions. They last about 5 minutes and it feels like 'stab stab stab' and then bleeding.... I hope they let up a little bit... uterus already below belly button so at least they serve a purpose. She is a good little nurser so she is helping momma! So far a good sleeper in the hospital, so we'll see how the first night at home goes! Big sister Karmyn is a little unsure, but she seems mostly excited!
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Congratulations!!! Welcome to the world, Avery!
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Congratulations, what a beautiful name and story!
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Welcome Avery !!
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Welcome Baby Avery :: Loved your story mama
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Congratulations!! :
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: Congratulations!!
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What a great labour you had-nice work!
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Congrats! Welcome Baby Natalie!
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Yay! Congrats, mama & welcome, Avery!

Thank you for sharing your story.

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congrats!!!! happy birthing!!! ::
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Congrats! Glad everything turned out so well.
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Wow, congrats. Great story, you did awesome mama :
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Originally Posted by kimfn View Post
I told Chuck next time I'm getting the epidural..... probably won't, but that was my first thought since it was so painful, but worth it to experience a natural birth!!
how funny!!!!

yeah, I had an epi before too and I was telling dh while in pain how crazy I was for giving birth naturally but then now, I say: IT WAS SO WORTH IT!!!!!

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That's great@!! So jealous Welcome Avery! love that name.
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Congratulations! That is wonderful that you were able to make it through. I'm sure you're happy now that you persevered! Enjoy Avery.
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Congratulations! What a great birth story. I hope mine goes this well. Such a cute name!
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Congrats and Welcome Sweet Baby Avery!

Beautiful birth story!!! :
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