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My water just broke!

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OMG! I can't believe it actually broke by itself! No hard contractions yet, but I am GBS+ so we will have to head to the hospital sooner than later. I was up from 5 am to 6:30 with hard cntrx, then it stopped. After Sean nursed this am, I had a really hard contrx & heard a pop. Went to the bathroom & saw a bit of the plug and light pink fluid. Came downstairs to tell dh and sat on the birth ball to talk. Suddenly felt a gush. Soaked my jammie shorts. Fluid looks clear so far.

WOO HOO! I'm having a baby!

See ya with Eleanor soon!!!
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Good luck mama!
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Congrats mama!!! Eleanore...love the name...we were going to name our 3rd little girl that, but she ended up a Sarah...lol....I love the name!!! Good birthing vibes!!
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yay! Can't wait to hear all about her!!!
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Can't wait to hear about your baby!
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I'm jealous, but happy for you! Have a wonderful birth!
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Ooo, exciting, : for an easy labor for you that's quick enough to not be tedious but slow enough for you to process.
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Here's to an awesome labour-good luck! How exciting!
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SOOOO exciting!
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Oh my! At this pace all the August mama's will have a baby before me!
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WOOHOO!!! let us know how it goes as soon as you are back! ::: ELV!
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I'm excited for you!! Can't wait to see the story! Good luck!
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Yeah! ELV's!!!
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Good luck!!!
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Hope things are going smoothly!
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That's exciting news, Deborah! I can't wait to read your update. I hope everything goes quickly and safely for you.
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yay! Can't wait to see a birth story!
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How exciting! I can't wait to hear your birth story! I hope you are holding sweet Eleanor...
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