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Can we get this as a sticky? We have to pm the mods right?
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Not sure how that works...But it should be sticky!
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oh look, it already is!!:
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I think I'm 4 weeks, not sure of dates!
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I can tell you that with my first pregnancy I noticed a stretch-mark at around 32 weeks or something. That guy invited all his friends and before I knew it- stretch mark city. I will not be posting any pictures for fear of scaring everyone! I freak out when even a tiny bit of tummy or hip peeks out on accident, like with a wrap skirt malfunction.

Oh I just thought of something! We'll all be pregnant through October- that means we can do jack-o-lantern tummies! Hooray! Pumpkin tums are the best!
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Okay, here is my eight week picture. My camera is broke so I had to use my camera phone.

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Heres me at 4 weeks
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Here is mine, today : 5 weeks !
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OK - where has everyone been with the belly pics?? I know we are still early but if you go into our neighboring DDC's they all have SO MANY belly pics up already and have been the whole time!! I went ahead and added my most recent picture to my post!! Come on ladies!!!!
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I'm just waiting til I look more pregnant than flabby. I was thinking maybe next week, though, when I'm right at 12 weeks. Thanks for posting - you look adorable!
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Yeah its hard for me to post as well as my stomach is by far my most "not liked" body part I have but I figured I'm going to learn to love it over the next 30 weeks!! I do see a tiny bit of a change too which is nice (although its probably just more fat - but I'd like to think its stuff starting to push up as my uterus gets ready to make its rise from my pelvic bone!!)
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I'm not slacking...I swear...I just don't look any different. I'll take another one, anyway. At least it'll prove that I've cleaned my bathroom mirror inthe meantime
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I'm going to take another one this week, but it remains to be seen whether or not my camera will let me upload it onto the computer. :
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OK, here I am at 10w5d.
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Amy you look adorable thanks so much for sharing!!
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I FINALLY uploaded my 6.5 week picture on my blog. It was the last pic I took (I'm 10 weeks now) but I look quite the same size.
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11 weeks 5 days

and for comparison 5 weeks

Not much change
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i'm too superstitious so will wait to post until we see the baby again... but everyone looks great so far!!!
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Originally Posted by wobblykate View Post
11 weeks 5 days

and for comparison 5 weeks

Not much change
I see a tiny change - thanks for sharing
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