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YOU GO, DoulaSarah! (cheering section)

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Just wanted to cheer you on from the sidelines! Isn't today your due date?

Not much longer! You can do it!
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Adding love and support for you! They'll be in your arms soon!
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Go, mama, go!!!
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You can do it! Any day now!!!
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Way to go mama!! You are doing awesome!!!
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You are all so sweet!! Today is my due date and I can't wait to meet these babies!!

Did any of you go to 40 weeks? I would love to hear your stories either way.

The midwives are going to come here today, because I don't want to drive anywhere. I have asked them to do my first VE, not because I think it will tell me when I am going to have these babies, but because at this point, I just need something to grasp onto!! It would be lovely to have them say I am fully effaced and starting to open. Maybe that will mean another fast labor!
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I went to 40 weeks 1 day. I just tried to plan something fun or special each day to take my mind off the fact that I was still pregnant. The day I went into labor dh and I went to a movie (can you imagine the looks I got? ) then came home and I ordered some Chinese food. Just indulge yourself! You really, truly are almost there. : Oh and just prepare yourself for whatever your VE tells you. I was ONE cm dilated at 40 weeks and I went on to have an 18 hour labor.
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I am so excited for you! You are sooooo close now! :
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They couldn't reach my cervix because the baby's head was so low. I am very soft though, and that's good! Both babies are head down, and basically, we are just waiting for them to be ready.
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It's so hot here, thinking of you
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Originally Posted by gemelos View Post
Just indulge yourself! You really, truly are almost there.
With my first baby my Grandma sent me £5 when I was 36 weeks to treat myself with some chocolate. I was sooo touched she did that.

You've not got 4 weeks left!!! enjoy something special :
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40 weeks is AWESOME! Those babies are gonna be just so ready to be out in the world with you - congratulations!
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Wow! You rock, Mama!

I was whining all the time and mine were born at 35 wks

Wishing you all the best!
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You are ROCKING MY WORLD Sarah! Those babies will be here before you know it. I cannot wait to hear the story and see some photos!
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What a fantastic milestone!! The wonderful 40 weeks. . . what a gift for you and your new babies. Congratulations.

Although my twins arrived at 39wk 4days, all my singletons were over. Longest was 41 weeks 4 days.

I just kept trying to pretend that I could possibly have another MONTH of pregnancy left - made it seem like I might be pleasantly "surprised" when labour kicked in. I always found, too, that it helped to think of what a long life the baby will have and all the events that will happen in that life. Made a couple of days or weeks of waiting appropriately insignificant.

Going out is great if you don't live in a small town. Who could possibly stand to hear one more "What!? You STILL haven't had those babies!?" . . . Unless of course it really tickles your fancy to prove to people that twins can go past 40 weeks. In that case, I guess starting all those tongues wagging can be fun.

I'll be checking back frequently for your birth story.
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I am happy for you and cheerfully envious. Good job, Mama. :
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Yay Sarah!! : You're going to meet your babies real soon.
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The longest I went with a singleton was 42w3d, and she only came that day because I did make the choice at that point to use castor oil. She was born posterior brow. But I had her at home!!

I think that I will take the girls to the pool right up the street today. I was spilling protein yesterday (30) and so I need to really watch that today. Any suggestions for good high protein foods?
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Oh mama!! You are doing great!! I made it to 40 weeks to the day and man oh man at the end....I felt like if I did anything besides get out of bed to go to the bathroom I was spilling protein!! My MW left the strips at my house and I was basically checking it every time I peed. Lets see. Tons and Tons of B6. I think I was on 6 a day by the end to help control my levels. I also went for acupuncture to help keep every thing balanced like get rid of excess fluid and keep my BP reasonable. IT is such a strain on your body to do anything right now! It is so worth it. Keep pounding the protein (eggs, eggs, and more eggs....hope you are not vegan!) Get into the water whenever possible and raspberry leaf tea to beat the band. Anything to support your strained body systems in the last little bit of time. Hurray for you!!! I am so jealous that you get to have your twin delivery soon! Mine was my crowning achievement as a woman and yours is right around the corner!! Hurray!

I was already at 4cm before mine even started and DD #1 was born 4 hours later and DD#2 1.5 hours after that! It was by far my easiest and most amazing delivery(ies) yet!! Sending birthing vibes your way!! Hurray for you mama!!
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