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that's so awesome, cat! I know you are so glad to hear everything is going great. I hope that's all you hear for the next 8 months.

how's everyone else doing?

i havent been having anymore cramps and also I found out there are some things that could be causing them other than something going wrong (maybe because my uterus is tipped which i know it was years ago maybe its more now and causing crampiness and then i saw someone post about irritable uterus). on Sunday I was feeling it and told dp that i couldnt see how everything could be okay with feeling like that and was really worried but now that i can think of other explanations other than miscarriage i feel hopeful. plus, it stopped sometime sunday and hasn't come back. and i have had no spot whatsoever, even after dtd. so, as i said, very hopeful about seing the u/s wednesday.

hope everyone else is feeling hopeful and well now and continues throughout.
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Originally Posted by JenMidwife View Post
I too kind of had a premonition w/ my loss. Originally dh & I decided that 3 years would be the ideal gap b/w our kids. But then around the time dd was 1yo, I thought "what if something happens to my next pregnancy or it takes us a long time to get pg, that would certainly increase the gap" So we stopped using condoms & got pg shortly there after. & sure enough, we lost that baby.
This was me, too, expect that we'd not agreed to 3 years. I'm 38 and I wanted to start trying a year ago and kept telling dh that we don't know how long it will take to get pregnant, don't know if all will go well, so, let's get this show on the road! And we lost the next pregnancy when, a year later, he finally agreed to ttc again.

Anyway, I'm excited to be in a MDC birth month group! I had a miscarriage in Apr-May. It was missed and took a month to expel. I felt something was not right very early on. I had m/s with dd 2 days after my missed period. With this one, I was getting nothing. I only had tender breasts and no fatigue coming either. The embryo died at 6wk 2d, I had an u/s at 7wk 2d and it was measuring a week behind, but it was unclear weather the fluttering in the sac was my heartbeat or the embryo's. The only "sign" I had was churning/twisting like cramp. A single such cramp and the faintest of a single spot of blood. If you weren't fanatically looking as I was, you would have missed it on the tp. I didn't start bleeding until about 3 weeks after it expired. Then I had an acupuncture treatment and the m/c proceeding the next day and half and, thankfully, was complete.

This time, I was taking naps before the end of week 5, got morning sickness during week 5 and threw up last night, just into the start of week 6!

I did have a spotting episode last Sunday which sent me running to the doctor (an OB) for blood work. I went in on Thurs and they still didn't have the results Friday. I should get them today. Good news was the doc said I was not bleeding at all and my uterus is appropriately enlarged. After last night, I'm feeling more confident. I was going to go in for an early u/s, but, now, I'll skip it and wait for the 19/20 wk. Meanwhile, I'll use my doppler at home to find the heartbeat around 8/9 weeks. Doctor was checking my HCG and progesterone levels.
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honeybunmom...your experienced almost mirrors mine and at the same time too. the only difference is i didn't find out until 8 weeks. i had some bleeding and then it was okay...so we waited all weekend with me just taking it easy...then monday night i had a couple big cramps and huge gushes...so we went in and found out that our bean had stopped growing at 6w 2d...it took another week for the m/c to actually happen.

this time, i feel more pregnant. last time my symptoms were very mild and i kept convincing myself that it was just going to be an easier pregnancy. at around 6 weeks though i really didn't have much in the way of symptoms. the blood work they did at 8 weeks showed my betas only corresponding to about 5 weeks, with the baby measuring 6...so my hormones were depleting.

right now i'm just about 5 weeks and feeling sick and exhausted...boobs hurt alot worse than before, i'm extra irritable and just all around crappy feeling..yay!!! i'm really trying not to analyze it all, just in case...but i can't help it either. today was actually the first day that i said out loud to dh "i feel like crap because i'm pregnant!" :

i should get my numbers from thursday back today and hopefully the betas will have gone up...oh please oh please oh please...
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My first pregnancy ended at 9wks and i didn't find out until my appt at 11wks. i bled for over a month and that was upsetting. i was so excited about the pregnancy and told everyone we knew. after we lost it i was very depressed over it. i got pregnant the first time we tried after my mc and was depressed my entire pregnancy because i was sure i was going to lose him too and be heart broken all over again. luckily he made it. this is my third pregnancy and i'm 7 days late and have had FADED pos test.

does a faded test mean m/c is on its way? my other birth board says yes but my best friend says no.

to answer the first post about what we're doing differently. this time we are not getting our hopes up until the second trimester and not telling anyone until then either

i haven't contacted a doc or midwife yet. we won't have insurance for another couple weeks anyway. in my mind i feel that if i go to a doc i'll have to admit to myself that i really am pregnant and denial is easier right now.

i don't understand checking hcg and progesterone levels. do you ask your doc to do that and you know based on those if your going to m/c?

here is a chart that says the chance of m/c at 3-6 wks is only 10%. that's comforting
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Originally Posted by riverview9 View Post
i don't understand checking hcg and progesterone levels. do you ask your doc to do that and you know based on those if your going to m/c?
This is my first experience with such blood work; but, as I understand it, testing would ordinarily not be a one shot deal. HCG levels are supposed to double over a 24/48 (I forget which) period in early pregnancy. And there is a general range of expected levels in early pregnancy. If the levels are low, or are not increasing normally, or, worse, decreasing, you can have some expectation as to the viability of the pregnancy. From what my midwife and OB told me, a 5 wk u/s is pretty useless and blood work provides more information.

As for progesterone, it plays an important part in supporting a pregnancy (pregnancy with low enough progesterone levels may end in spontaneous abortion). Some people take progesterone supplements if they have low progesterone levels.

One more thing, my OB said that if the HCB levels are at least 2000, then one can expect to see the gestational sac with something in it.

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an u/s can't tell anything until the hcg is 2000 or greater, as the pp stated.. this is my first time dealing with that too and i did tons of research! basically the doubling time is 48-72 hours...until around 10 weeks i think when it starts slowing down. i could be wrong on that and it could be 12 weeks. anyway, you have to have at least 2 tests to make sure your hcg is going up like it should be. alot of doctors will order 3 just to be safe. if your numbers are not doubling or are going down, that most likely means a m/c is oh its way. although some women have had numbers not double and gone on to very healthy pregnancies, it jsut really depends on how low they are. progesterone will go up too and usually they want to see it go up a couple points or more.

home pregnancy tests can detect the pregnancy hormone (hcg) in your body as low as 25 depending on the test (some even lower but i don't think any will claim that). when you say faded, do you mean the line was light? or do you mean you've taken several tests and the line is fading? if the line is fading, unfortunately that could mean a chemical pregnancy. but blood work will definitely tell you how pregnant you are. if you got a positive test then you are pregnant my dear..
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Hi everyone
Thanks for this thread.... I just saw a BFP last night! (and again this morning, just to make sure I wasn't totally hallucinating ) I'm so excited but still feeling very trepidatious about getting my hopes up this early (4wks).

I'm happy to have this thread... I was just planning on lurking for a while before joining the DDC but this feels like just the right place to introduce myself

My first pregnancy ended in mc in May (the baby stopped growing at 6 weeks, I found out at 10wks, and then started bleeding at 12.5wks). I've had one normal period since then and now voila! Preggers! I'm not nervous exactly.... I'm just thinking of myself as "almost pregnant" until I FEEL the signs. Just waiting on those sore boobs I'm not going to get any additional testing or take any extra precautions this time. Maybe less actually. I want to just enjoy this and read the signs that my body gives me and try to be as zen as I can. This is a completely new pregnancy and a fresh start. See, I'm getting this all in writing here so than in a few weeks when I'm totally freaking out you can all point me back to this and say "shut up and RELAX lady!!!!" hahahah

Well, it's nice to meet you all, and my fingers are crossed for all of us April newbies!
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got my second round of betas back! 2009! doubling time of 1.71 days...

i'm so happy about it, but also know anything can happen. my prog is still good too, i'm still on supplements though so will get my next script in a week or so...but so far so good!!! : i'm trying not to get too excited as i know anything can still happen, but at this point all is going great..
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Hi everyone!

This is my first post in the DDC! I miscarried my first pg around 8 weeks. I can't tell you how afraid I am of losing this pg! I have a son who is 2.5 years old and we're still nursing. Can too much nursing effect being pg?

Is there anything I can do to increase "stickiness"? Right now I'm obsessively checking my BFPs to make sure they're still there! I'm afraid to temp tomorrow in case it tells me something I don't want to hear, and I'm even avoiding the other "O" because I don't want to cause contractions (is this totally silly, or what?)!

Thanks ladies, I'm enjoying reading everyones posts and hope for a healthy 9 months for all of us!

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welcome grace!! i totally know how you are feeling...it's so scary after a m/c so far along...after any m/c, but particulary for me it was hard at 8 weeks as opposed to the one i had less than a week after getting my bfp.

nursing can cause lower progesterone, but i was still nursing my oldest dd regularly when i got pg with dd#2 and never had an issue. this time i'm on supplements mainly because of my age and the last m/c. other than getting your prog checked, there really isn't much more you can do.

don't temp...temping is not longer reliable after a bfp and it can go up and down and be all over the place...trust me!

otherwise, try to breath and relax as much as possible..and congratulations!!
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I've already folded. I have an u/s scheduled for Thurs at 11:30. I swear I will never see an OB again. No offense to anyone who sees them. This one makes me so wary! Now, he wants to make sure this pregnancy is not ectopic, whereas my m/w would just send me on my merry way to monitor myself and contact her if I had any symptoms.

But, now I have a new worry. Molar pregnancy. Why would I ever worry about this you might ask? Because my HCG levels as of 25 dpo were 52,540. Of course, I looked that up to see what is "normal". It's "normal" if there is more than one baby - a whole 'nother reason to freak out - or a molar pregnancy. I don't seem to have any of the other signs of the latter, so, hopefully, I'm just obsessing unnecessarily.

But, as of Thursday I am done, done, done with this man and back over to my midwives! He makes me too nervous!
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Horay for pg symptoms!!! I almost threw up changing dd's poopy dipe today! :
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Originally Posted by JenMidwife View Post
Horay for pg symptoms!!! I almost threw up changing dd's poopy dipe today! :
Today I am 6 weeks and my symptoms are really picking up. I am nauseous, really tired, and now I have heartburn and restless leg syndrome. Yipee!:
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thanks honeybunmom, i may try to get to the doc a little faster after hearing that info.
congrats jenmidwife, preg symptoms are a good sign, i hear

i'm starting to feel mildly better about the pregnancy after hearing only 10% end in m/c. i called a local preg hotline to get a test from them on thursday for proof of insurance for medicaid. i'm going to try not to test before then and hopefully it'll be good news. i'm going to ask if they have a minute to talk and get out my fears about the pregnancy
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sounds silly to say, but im glad to hear you got sick yesterday, Jen. I saw you complaining about no symptoms and hadnt seen you post in a while, was worrying about you. i'm glad to hear you are feeling pregnant.
yay! cat, on your betas doubling.
congrats shantiani and grace. ikwym about avoiding O, Grace. and its hard to enjoy dtd because i am worried about starting to bleed. i am really praying we will all be okay and sharing birth stories come april. Aries babies I can't wait!
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Originally Posted by ms.shell View Post
sounds silly to say, but im glad to hear you got sick yesterday, Jen. I saw you complaining about no symptoms and hadnt seen you post in a while, was worrying about you. i'm glad to hear you are feeling pregnant.
awe, thanks for thinking of me : We've been busy busy w/ house guests & my new job (I just became a RN)

Glad you're all well so far! :
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so i think i'm somewhere between 5 and 6 weeks...today i am feeling a bit queasy, so am hoping for full blown sometime next week if it goes along with my last 2 pregnancies. how crazy to hope to be sick..

still exhausted and my back hurts...not like cramping hurt, just sore..i hope that's a good sign. i can't wait to see a hb...then i'll feel alot better and stop analyzing everything so much. i try to see the positive but then i feel like i'm setting myself up. i hate this roller coaster...

oh, and last night dh and i got into a huge fight, so that doesn't help my emotions. he did apologize and we are fine, but it still bummed me out. we've been having issues for awhile because he was so bummed with work, and now it's worse because he got laid off...anyway, that's for a different thread.. i'm just an emotional basket case..
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Heard the heartbeat today!!! : What a welcomed sound. Tech said I'm around 7 wks. By my count, I'm 7 wks on Saturday. So, we'll see what they say technical due date is.
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oh my gosh that's wonderful!!!!! great news!! :
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you guys are tempting me to pull out my doppler!

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