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Whey Sodas

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Anyone know how to use whey to make soda like drinks. I have seen it hinted at in many places, but no solid recipes. Thanks!
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Well, you basically just put a few tablespoons in to some juice and let it sit a couple days.
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Really?! That's it? NICE! Does it taste good?
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Well only you can be the judge of that I like them a lot, so does everyone else here.

Just squeeze a few oranges, then add a few tablespoons of whey, cover let sit for 2 days, put in fridge.

It really is that easy. I always use fresh juice, but you could probably "healthify" store bought juice this way
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OOOH! Gotta try this! THANKS!
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I've got a blueberry one ready today! I can't wait to try it.

I took a cup of blueberries and whizzed them in a blender. Then I put them in a mason jar with a tablespoon whey, a little bit of sea salt and enough water to fill the jar to 3.5 cups. I like leaving a little head space because when I open the jar, the soda will expand!

I leave it out for about 3 days. I know it's ready once the pop lid is stuck up (unlike sealed down as it would for jelly/jam) and I can't push it down again.

I've done this with all kinds of berries and concord grapes.
My next experiment will be plums I think.
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Kiva Rose wrote a great article about this a couple months ago!


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Wow you can do this with plain old whey or does it have to be yogurt whey (as described in Full Moon Feast)? This sounds so much easier than procuring kefir grains and such. Can't wait to try it!
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I used curdled milk whey and it definitely was gross! What did I do wrong? I used fresh orange juice and a few tbs. of whey... when I opened it and tasted it, it just tasted like orange juice gone bad and I had to throw it out . How is it supposed to taste? Thanks! I have LOTS of whey and would love to make some YUMMY sodas!
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Hmmmm, mine doesn't quite taste like rotten milk, but it definately doesn't taste like fizzy OJ either. I use yogurt whey, but I haven't done this is in quite some time.

ETA: for my kids though I just dump a little whey in to a drink so as not to waste and get the nutrients. They wouldn't like it if it sat out and got all fermented.
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I think NT has a simple recipe for grape juice soda using whey, hold on...

juice 16lb grapes
add 1tbs salt & 1/2 c. whey

ferment three days at room temp, skim off any scum
strain and store in airtight containers in fridge, flavor develops over time
can dilute with water to drink

that said, I like fruity 'whatever-ade' made by adding fruit to the second ferment of my kombucha - it really pulls a lot of the fruit flavor out into the liquid and is strongly fruity even diluted as I usually drink it. I hear the key to bubbles is airtight bottles for the second ferment, so I am sure you could get the soda effect with that too. I haven't had an opportunity to get any airtight bottles but I am looking forward to trying it.
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Yeah i do the Kombucha thing a lot, but have a huge amount of letover whey, so want to use it up some how.
Yeah, airtight bottles make it super fizzy! YUM!
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Oh, if you have lots of dairy whey, maybe you can make ricotta!
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oooh! Any tips?
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