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I'm pregnant!

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hehe, so if you don't know my story & you think I have a 4 week old I may have scared the cr*p out of you w/ the title of my post

But I was a 07/08 mama & lost my ds @ almost 23 weeks on 3/22. You all were so sweet to me after I lost Owen, I just wanted to come back & tell you that I just got a BFP & am sooo hopeful for a sticky baby due in April, 2009 (I always thought spring would be a great time to have a baby) :

I hope those of you still waiting to birth your babes are hanging in there & y'all who've already had yours, I hope things are going as smoothly as possible as you & your families adjust to life w/ a newborn.

Much to you all
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Congrats! It's good to hear a good update

And you only scared me for a spilt second
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Oh I am so happy for you, mama!!
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I wasn't in your ddc...but I did read about your story sometime back. I am very, very happy for you, mama! Congrats and I wish you all the best with this pregnancy :
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Not in a DDC from then or now (I'm in the 2WW) but I've followed your story and I feel so happy for you! Congratulations and the best of wishes to you and your family! : : :
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awe shucks, I've been stalked
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Originally Posted by JenMidwife View Post
awe shucks, I've been stalked

ETA: I hope to stalk you straight in to the April 2009 DDC. :
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That is wonderful! Congrats!
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Wonderful news.
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We've been in touch so I've told you already but it CERTAINLY bears repeating... BIG HUGE CONGRATS!! I can't wait to follow your pregnancy!!!

Much love to you, dearest!!!
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Honey that is wonderful! Congratulations!
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Oh YAY!!! :

Good luck to you mama! What wonderful wonderful news...

all teary here.

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So so happy for you! You've been on my mind a lot the last few months. Great news!! :
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I'm SO happy for you :
: for the pregnancy!
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I admit, you did scare the crap out of me for a sec!

I'm so thrilled for you!! Congrats!

As an April baby myself, I think it is a wonderful time to have a baby!
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You got me

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Oh, Jen, I'm so happy for you!!! I'm in tears here. Really, I'm so thrilled.

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I'm so happy for you! congratulations!:
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I am so happy for you!!!

I've actually thought about you quite a bit. I've had to drop out of DDC myself and I want you to know we never forgot about you.

What great news, a spring baby!!:
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Oh wow! I'm SOOO happy for you. I've been wondering about how you've been, and still think of Owen every now and then.
Best of Luck to you and yours!
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