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: I'm so happy for you!

I hope you find this a healing time...sticky baby vibes to you! : And spring is a great time to have a baby!

Big HUGE congrats!
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I am so so happy for you!! I think about you all the time. :::
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Oh, that makes me so happy to hear! : You've got tons of support from me so let me know if you need anything. The journey is rough but absolutely worth it in the end.

I'll probably stalk you too.
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Oh Jen, I'm so very happy to hear you have a BFP. That is just wonderful to hear. I'm sorry that you have to wait all the way till April, but spring is such a nice time to have a baby. My DD#2 was a may baby and it was lovely - never got "too" hot! I wish you the very best of luck and an easy laid back pregnancy!
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i am so happy for you! spring babe! yeah!
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Congratulations! I'll have to lurk the April DDC so I can read about your little one next spring.
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Huge congratulations and tons of sticky vibes! I'll be checking out the April DDC as well.
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Congrats to you!!
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I didn't get scared when I saw the post, I said. "Oh, Hurray!!" and then when I read it I got goosebumps. I am so happy for you, mama!
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Congratulations! I hope everything goes easily and well this time and that you have a beautiful healthy baby.
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Thanks so much mamas :
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I'm not in this DDC but I just wanted to say CONGRATS!
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that's fantastic, i'm actually tearing up over here! congratulations, and : for a sticky bean and a healthy, term baby at the end!
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Oh that's soooo exciting:
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Congratulations! I hope you have a wonderful and healthy 9 months! :
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That is such wonderful news! I couldn't be happier for you, Jen. Blessings.
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Ah Im so glad for you! s and here's to an easy breezy pg, beautiful birth, and sweet healthy baby!!
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Aww Jen Im so happy for you!! Many sticky vibes and prayers your way. Last I saw from you (I dont get around much) was that you were going to TTC so this is pleasant news. Good luck!!
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That's such wonderful news! Congratulations!!!
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