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Need Stories of Black Market Births

Please spread the word am looking for women who have had 'Black Market' VBAC's for
my presentation to the American Public Health Association, this October 2008.The topic of
the presentation is 'VBAC Beyond Borders' and I will be looking for stories having to do
with VBAC's (or attempted VBAC's) that happened beyond the borders of insurance,
hospital policy, immigration, midwifery laws, etc....At the moment, I am first interested in
collecting the Black Market Birth stories. Those would be VBAC's where care was
*explicitly* illegal - midwives attending home births where HBAC is spelled out as illegal
in regulations or where midwifery practice itself is explicitly illegal. No identifying
information will be used in the presentation. You don't even have to give me identifying
information unless you choose to, which I will treat with care. Having been in this specific
situation myself, I am very sensitive to and have the utmost respect for your privacy
needs. The stories will be used to create a national picture of challenges for accessing the
midwifery model of care in VBAC situations. The numbers of women and the scenarios are
what are important to the presentation.Again, please share this post widely and
generously. I thank you, in advance, for your interest and your trust with your stories. This
issue has a special place in my heart and I will treat it with care.Best Wishes,Nikki DeSalvo-
AmickICAN of the Midlands (SC)