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We have no cable, but bunny ears. We don't watch TV alot, but got Net flex.
any recommendation for kids age 4 and 6?
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Are you looking for movie recommendations for a 6 and 4 year old?

At that age there are not many decent movies... And I wouldn't recommend renting a lot of them...

But I remember that when DS was that age he loved the movie The Brave Little Toaster.

We have Netflix and we rent adult movies and we watch them after the kids go to bed. Its DH and I's time alone.
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Do you have any criteria that you would use to limit movie selections other than age? Do you want to avoid licensed characters or animation? Do you want movies based on books or no movies based on books?
There are a lot of DVD's in that age range but without knowing the criteria you consider important I wouldn't know what to recommend.

My dd likes getting PBS shows on DVD.
You can get lots of nature programs.

The World of Peter Rabbit & Friends?
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We like to get a lot of documentaries for dd1
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We have a similar set up, no "tv," but we have Netflix. My kids favorites are Chitty Chitty Bang Bang and Mary Poppins. I love Mr. Rogers, but the kids aren't crazy about him. Ds (4) also loves Cyberchase (not the greatest), and dd (2) adores Barney :.
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