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Our ped recommends Extended Nursing

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Well, to a mainstream person it's extended nursing.

I took DS in today for his 1-year check up (he turns 1 on Sunday) and the ped. asked me about nursing/breastmilk. The ped. is well-aware of DS's physical limitations (tongue-tie, lip-tie and high bubble palate).

So I told the ped. that I was getting toward the end of my domperidone and when that was gone, I'd pump what I could, but I am not ordering anymore domperidone and/or herbal supplements because I feel like we're near the end. I've already done over and above what A LOT (not all) of other mom's would have done and I need to just feel good that he's gotten a year's worth of Bm (mixed with formula, but he got all the BM I could possibly provide).

The ped says (and I quote), "Well, you know we are recommending now that babies be nursed 18-24 months and not just 12 months, but I know you've done all you could and your little one is thriving so if you're looking for permission to stop, you'lve got it from me, but I'm telling moms with no obvious difficulties to keep on nursing well into the 2nd year."

How cool is that!?!? This is the same ped that in the beginning was very knowledgeable about the different sizes of SNS tubing and which size worked for which circumstance. He also wrote a letter to the ENT trying to get the ENT to clip DS's tongue tie and lip tie, but ENT refused saying that if DS could take a bottle, then he wasn't having a problem...I'm not allowed to post what I think of that guy!)

Oh, and this is also the same practice where another doctor called my insurance company and gave them he** for not paying for LC visits.
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sounds like you have a good one there!
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Wow, that's fantastic!!!

We just had Dd's 1 year checkup last week and I wish her dr was half as support of extended nursing as yours is!
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Thank you for posting this story. It's so great to hear of some of "the good ones".
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similar situation;

my DD was born with a cleft palate (and a tongue tie) so I ep'ed 21 months and when she was about 15 months we switched to a new ped due to vax issues. I told him I didn't know how much longer I could go and he really encouraged me to keep going until 2 yrs. I ended up making it to 21 months, but I thought it was great that he most likely encourages all his patients to go to 2 yrs! he was very serious about it!
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Here's to the good docs! Mine recommends nursing for as long as possible. When I had to wean dd2 early to be able to take a much needed medicine, our family practice doc started to tear up when she said that I would have to wean. They also have pro-bf posters in each room as well as pamphlets for lactation counselors for low income families.
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It's a good reminder that there are great medical professionals who do support and encourage breastfeeding. My mom is one of them, whenever I hear bashing about peds not supporting BF I get a little sad, 'cause I *know* there are a lot of good ones out there too who don't get the proper recognition.

Yeah for the peds trying to make headway!:
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That's great!

At my DD's 2-year-old well child visit one of the first questions was if she still nursed and I said yes. On to the next topic. Later I asked if she should have vitamins - because I know I don't feed her as well as she should be fed IMO. Though I didn't tell the Ped that. The Ped said she was already eating better than most kids her age and all the Dr knew was that my DD was still BF. She did not recommend daily vitamins for young children that are growing well either. I also got kudos for still nursing a 2-year-old at my own annual exam a few months later from my Gynecologist who I then learned nursed her youngest for 18 months.
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