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Aesop is here!

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Aesop Jacob Wagner::
9 lbs. 10 oz.
21 1/4 inches

He is so beautiful! And he has hair - I thought he would be bald. He's been nursing pretty well. I seem to be better on one side vs. the other so we're working on that. He's sleeping next to me right now all swaddled up.

Whew! labor was not what I expected! I started having what I thought was a bad back ache on Monday afternoon and didn't really believe I was in labor because the back contractions were not what I expected (FTM) but they were really the only kind of labor I experienced. Born at 41 weeks at home after over 30 hours of labor (turns out he was posterior, hence the back labor - until he was in my birth canal - when he decided to rotate). Thank goodness we had a great labor and doula. Our doula works hospital births as well and said we would have ended up with an epideral & almost certain c-section in a hospital. I really couldn't have done it w/o them and my partner.
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::Congratulations mama and welcome to the world baby Aesop!!!::
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congrats!!! love the name!
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Congrats to you and welcome little man!!!
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Congrats :
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Oh yeah!! Congrats!
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Yay! Welcome "Little" One and congrats Mama!
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Congrats mama on a great homebirth!
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Welcome Aesop! :
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Welcome baby Aesop!
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Yay! Way to go Mama! Will watch for photos!!
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Isn't Lana great?!

elcome Baby Aesop!:

Brian and I are so happy for you guys!
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: Congrats on the arrival for our new little man!:
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Congratulations on your big baby boy!!
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Congrats, mama!!!! :
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Congratulations! :
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