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I registered here a few years ago - and posted very infrequently. Actually I went to register and found that I already was still registered LOL.

I am Mama to 5 kids - ages 10, 8, 3.5 and 15 month old twins. I'm always looking for likeminded parents of multiples to commiserate with - it's really such a unique situation.

Of course there's more, but I hate to bore you with my details. Ask any questions you like!

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Hi Bonny! And welcome back!! Sounds like you have a lot of parenting experience. I look forward to hearing some input from you on our boards. We can always use wise, experienced mamas 'round here!
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LOL okay, so I only posted once before, as that was my 2nd post

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welcome back Bonny. Please tell us more about yourself. Yes, i agree, you sound wise and I COULD some wisdom.

How do you manage?
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Eagerly awaiting Bonny's reply...
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me too...
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Well, alrighty then!

I've been married for 13+ years (to a very wonderful man who, unfortunately is gone many hours per week, so doesn't do much on the home front) and have 5 kids (ages 10, 8, nearly 4 and 16mo twins). I do some of the typical crunchy list - bfeed longer than a year, believe in gentle and positive parenting, despite feeling really inadequate at times, cloth diaper (about 1/2 the time), am always looking for ways to live a cleaner and greener life, etc. I work part time for the YMCA and am in the process of setting up a parenting resource center there for the parents who utilize the childcare program. I'm really involved in my church (I'm a Christian) and am in the process of applying (yet again -- long story) to begin the task of finishing my BS degree one class at a time.

eta ~ how do I manage? LOL! Coffee, regular exercise, good double stroller, a FLYlady like routine, and a very good sense of humor.

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Yay, Flylady!
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Thanks Bonny. Welcome back.

Hey, I'll bite....what is a FLYlady routine?
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ha ha ha ha ha

how do y'all do this with twins?
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I started FlyLady before Meg was born, went back to zero after her birth, gradually rebuilt my new routines as Meg got older, and am back at zero on bedrest. I imagine I will slowly rebuild even newer routines as the babies get older, but not for a while.
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I have used a sort-of FLYlady routine for a few years now. The things that have helped me the most are: decluttering constantly; making and maintaining a control journal; being dressed from hair/makeup done down to my shoes (honestly - if I don't do it in the a.m. there simply isn't any time the rest of the day to do it!) and keeping simple a.m. and p.m. routines. When we have an off week (or 2...) it isn't all that hard to just start up again. Keeping myself on track helps me to keep the kids on track - we use mostly all nontoxic cleaners, so they all pitch in.
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