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Moving to Sheridan, WY

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Hi ladies! My husband took a job in Sheridan, and it looks like we'll be leaving Friday!!! We're so excited! What's the atmosphere like up there? Neither of us have ever been to WY. (An adventure!!) Is the area homeschooling friendly? How about homebirthing? We're hoping to get pregnant again next year. Thanks for any help!
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Well, at this point - welcome to Sheridan! Sorry I don't check this forum frequently.

There are a couple homeschooling networks, Ina isn't school-aged and we haven't decided for certain whether we'll homeschool or not yet anyway so am not familiar with what the groups are like ....

There are also a couple different mom's clubs. MOPs and MOMs. I haven't joined either one ... dh and I are a bit introverted and it's not as high a priority as I suppose it should be.

The Health Food store is the Health Nut. There are a couple others which also have some. Sheridan Stationery (downtown bookstore) has a booklet about all the local foods available (if you're interested in eating locally grown foods). There's a Farmer's Market on Thursdays (4:30 to 6pm?) at the park between the Senior Center and the Library .... It's pretty small but a start. There's also one on Saturday mornings at Landon's nursery (out by the college).

There's a lot to do here outdoors - the Big Horns are wonderful.

In terms of homebirth - assisted homebirths are not legal in WY. That said, I have heard that there are midwives in SD and MT (and CO) who will work with WY moms, I don't know how many want the mothers to cross state lines to birth. Bummer, I know. There are two OBs here; Dr. Gill is married to a (not practicing) CNM. Dr. Scott (the one I see) has been very supportive of NCB (and 'extended' bf) etc. with me. So I think if you have to use an OB, you have a relatively good selection for a community of this size. The cost of birth at Sheridan Memorial is astronomical though.

Either Ped would probably be good, as well. I'd recommend meeting with both and deciding. We chose Dr. Bowers who is anti-circ and very supportive of bf (helped me with an elimination diet and supply issues).

We are headed out of town for a long trip after next week, and won't be back 'til mid-October (well, in and out) - dh is self-employed so we have a pretty flexible schedule and take advantage of that.
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Originally Posted by elanorh View Post
In terms of homebirth - assisted homebirths are not legal in WY. That said, I have heard that there are midwives in SD and MT (and CO) who will work with WY moms, I don't know how many want the mothers to cross state lines to birth.
Hello from down in Cheyenne, WY (about six hours? seven?...)

Actually (preparing/hoping/working towards a home birth myself)...home births are not illegal in Wyoming. However, if you have a "direct entry midwife" attending your home birth then she is, by State law, practicing medicine without a license (illegal in the State's eyes). If you can find a "certified nurse midwife" willing to travel to your home to assist you with a home birth, then she would be completely legal. Good to know...harder to find.

Good luck with your move...and welcome to Wyoming!
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Really? I thought the wording of the law was that it was such that it was pretty much UC or hospital (i.e., I think CNMs are only supposed to work 'under' OB 'supervision' therefore hospitals?) .... I don't know .... I guess I should look for the wording of the law. IIRC it was incidental to a different bill back in 2002 or something, as opposed to an intentional (or at least, openly intentional) ban.
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See if this link works for you...this is what I based my understanding on the law on, and my CNM from Colorado vs. the DMW from Ft. Collins who no longer travel up here to provide home births services....

Now...hopefully the link works

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Hey, I travel to Sheridan alot for work. I love Sheridan-very cute! it is only 2 hrs s of Billings. My MW was practicing in WY, but is now based in Billings. www.mountainmidwives.com Her name is Pat. I organize a mom's group at the Good Earth Market in Billings. Come and we can share experiences! It is 2nd Tues of every month at 10am, upstairs. kids welcome!!! PM for more details or if you want to get together if you are coming to Billings.
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Thanks for everyone's replies, and I'm sorry it took me so long to respond. It's been a hectic month or so. :

Thanks for all of the info! We're out in Wyoming now, thank goodness!! It was a LOOONNNGG trip, but we're here, and we're planning on trying for #4 around New Year's, so I appriciate all the info everyone sent me! Thanks again, everyone!
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