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Here's a question that I've been pondering for awhile. DH got a new camera this summer that takes short video clips. He's become quite a filmmaker and takes videos wherever we go. We have clips of DS feeding animals at the zoo, looking at ducks at the county fair and sliding down the slide in the park. You get the idea. Anyway, lately while he's editing them DH has been showing them to DS so he can relive the fun of those outings. They're short (2-3 minutes) and of course DS loves them. So, how big an issue is this for my tv-free child? On one hand this is screen time, but on the other these are activities he has experienced. Is this no big deal or is this a slippery-slope? Advice? Thanks in advance!
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I see your babe is about 2 years old? I don't think there is any HARM per se of your child seeing these clips. But you can think outside the box of other ways to "re-live" special times.

What about drawing pictures together of what you did. Is your child very verbal? Have him tell you what happened and you transcribe his version of the adventure. It's wonderful to hear their take on an outing and save that point of view. Take still photos and make a simple album.

And let me play devil's advocate... why do we have to re-live those moments so soon? We have this instant gratification society. Can dad edit when your DS is asleep? Save them for a few years. It will mean so much more to see them when he is 5 or older. It seems there are so many ways our kids are programmed for that instant re-play/ instant gratification. Sometimes moments are nice simply as memories.
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Thanks so much for your reply! DH and DS actually draw together a bunch, so that's a good idea. I'm pretty sure the newness of the video feature will grow tiresome for DH soon and this will be a thing of the past.
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I don't really think it will be a problem for your LO.
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