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I am a mutual fund sales project manager. I deal with incoming trades for an international banking corp. The upside is the great benefits the downside is that the job lacks interaction with people (but lots of interaction with spreadsheets!).

I am currently being recruited to go back to my old company as they re-open a local office. I don't know what to expect so I am all ears on this one and the possible transition.

Overall I am one of those people that needs/wants to work. I wish I had a more flexible schedule but working in the market doesn't really allow for that. Someday!
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I work in the travel industry. I work for a corporate travel agency. We develop, implement & fulfill online travel booking tools for companies to cost effectively manage their business travel. There are alot of details involved "behind the scenes" so most of the time I tell people I am a travel consultant but I really don't handle much of the actual "travel" portion. It's a fun industry because things are always changing, which can also be a little nervewracking at times. The family/life balance is decent. I work from home full-time currently. Our company has alot of employees that telecommute full time. I am in school currently finishing my BS degree in MIS as I plan to head more into the IT implementation area.
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I am a Paralegal in the Legal dept. of the local government. It's unrewarding, monotonous work but I get a decent paycheck, insurance, and I can study as much as I need. I plan on being a SAHM for a while next year, but then might go back to law school.
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I am a cellar door host. I do wine tastings for people that come into our vinyard. I have been doing it for a year now. I have ALWAYS wanted to work in the wine industry and now I do, I LOVE IT! I am going to start study at the beginning of next year on a Wine Certificate in Viticulture, Winemaking and Marketting. I am so excited about it!!!WOOHOOOOO!!!
Now that sounds like fun. Good NZ wine, mmmm.
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I'm an Orthopedic Technologist. I've been doing this for 10 years. I got my start in the Navy as a Hospital Corpsman and trained in San Antonio in orthopedics. I enjoy it very much. Main duties include casting, splinting, post op care, assisting the surgeon....it has good hours and I love the staff I work with.
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I work on my campus at the library. I work at the circulation desk, which means I check books in and out, help people find books, etc. My job used to also include putting the books away, but we got a new manager at the beginning of the year who is pretty anal about doing it all himself. *shrug*

I just celebrated my 2 year anniversary here in May. I really enjoy the job, the people I work with, and (for the most part) the patrons. I plan to stay here until I graduate (another 2 years).

It's really nice because there is a lot of downtime. I can do my homework, or surf the net, or read. I really really like my job!
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I am officially a "Takeoff Engineer" which means I get to quantify dirt, concrete, asphalt, what have you for any number of projects that my company is either bidding or working on. I am officially in the estimating department. I could be an estimator eventually, this job frequently is a lead in to that, but I'm not sure if that's the direction I would go. The money would be insanely better, the hours/workload insanely worse. The pay is decent, the company is pretty good about what they offer us benefits wise, the workload is pretty trim for me, which is probably my biggest problem here. I'm bored. But I get constant reviews about how good I'm doing and raises, so apparently it's all ok.

What I'd like to be is a writer who is also an herbologist. I should use my spare time here to work on that, but I don't.
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Originally Posted by LizzyQ View Post
I work PT at WIC as a breastfeeding counselor. I also go to college FT.. plus photography for some extra cash

I've been wondering how i would get started being a wic bfing counselor??

I'm a cocktail waitress at a casino. I'm only gone at nite when the kids are sleeping. So it's like i'm never even gone!
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I am a mortgage processor for one of the large national banks. Needless to say, I work in Southern CA and it's pretty slow right now. I like the job that I do (very detail oriented) and plan to stay in this position for a few more years, but I am about as high as I can go for advancement in my specific job. It's a good compay to work for so I may try to transfer to another position in a few years, or, I may go back to school to get my masters and switch careers entirely.
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I'm an Intelligence Analyst in the military. Currently, I work for a counter drug unit in Key West. We try to catch people bringing drugs by boat or plane out of S. America.
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I am an office manager/ med assistant for a Pediatric Neuropsychiatrist. He is a DAN! doctor. if you havent heard of DAN! check it out... its AWESOME! I work with kids with autism, downs syndrome, ADHD, and other developmental disabilities. Although not just kids. We have patients the doc has been seeing for up to 30 years. I love my bosses (the doctor and his wife, a family therapist) and I love the other members of the staff, two chocolate labs (in the office its me, the doctor, and the therapy dogs who belong to the doctor and his wife.)

I am working full time until my DH, who is a plumber, has established his business enough to pay me to work for him full time as his CFO/ Field MGR. I will then branch off from his business and start my own doing Interior Design (which I have a degree in) So this job is temporary but I LOVE it!

I am expecting in January and its going to KILL me to have to become a WAHM for 6 months. Hopefully by then DH will be better set in his company to pay me. (Im currently working for him for free as a bookkeeper.)
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Originally Posted by BeBe123 View Post
I've been wondering how i would get started being a wic bfing counselor??
All I did was call the WIC clinic and talk to the woman in charge, told her I was interested in being a BFing counselor and brought in my application.

Although, I knew they were hiring, my LLL leader told me they were looking for someone.
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I'm a cost accountant for a manufacturing company ...and I'm working on starting up a business making diapers.
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I work in IT as a systems administrator. The hours are pretty good and I get to go home at a reasonable time every day. It's pretty family friendly because if I need to go home early, I can work from home. It does require some night/weekend work and I am on call 2 weeks out of every month, but thankfully things are pretty quiet so it doesn't take too much time away from my home life.

But, I'm transitioning to a different sys admin job in a few weeks. This one will allow me to work part-time and do much of my work from home. I can't wait until I get to spend more time with my kids!
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I'm a geophysics professor. I study the behavior of materials under the pressures and temperature of planetary interiors. (As in, I squeeze rocks.) I teach general education science classes, upper division mineralogy, and graduate solid earth geophysics. I've got 4 grad students and 2 undergrads.

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Yoga teacher.
Great user name.
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i sell stuff, incense, mists, etc. geared towrds kids with fairies and dragons on etsy and i do some stuff like that based out of my home, i go to school ft and work odd jobs for cash a little. very little.
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Ok I'm going to sound incredibly boring after the rest of you, but oh well.

I do accounting for a small company that makes animal and fish feeds. Not exciting but its very very close to home and very flexible for all the kid stuff, doc appts, etc.
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I'm a wish coordinator. I plan travel trips for families with children who have life threatening conditions.
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Originally Posted by Sarah W View Post
I'm an Intelligence Analyst in the military. Currently, I work for a counter drug unit in Key West. We try to catch people bringing drugs by boat or plane out of S. America.
How cool! Keep up the good work secret agent wo-man. That should translate very well to the civilian world (if you choose that route).
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I'm an adjunct instructor at 2 community colleges and a writing center tutor

I've been teaching off and on for a few years.

I enjoy the work but the pay is terrible.
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