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I'm a web developer (not designer), which essentially means I do the coding/programming end of things, as well as systems administrations and things like that. I mostly work with community and social networking websites. I just gave notice this week for a startup which is a social networking site for authors and writers, which has been fun. I also work from home.
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I am a therapist (Masters level counselor). I work primarily with adults right now in a community agency. I really love the work I do and am starting to venture off into more independent work. My goal is that by the end of the year I will be my own boss.
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I am an IT project manager for large-scale ERP systems implementations. I have been doing this type of work for 10 years. The work is definitely not cocktail-conversation-worthy, but it sure does fit with my logical, methodical, orderly brain. Currently, I am working as a contract consultant for a large consumer products company. We actually have a systems conversion this weekend that will keep me out of town and away from the babes for the next 9 days -- hence why I even have this evening time in my hotel room to browse the web! This month, I will spend 16 nights away from home, which is far and away the most time I've ever been away.

As for the work/life balance...I have always heard of IT being a place where there are fabulous jobs that allow people to work from home or be flexible. That has never been the case for me -- I used to work full-time for the big consumer products company that I'm contracting for right now, and the reason I quit was because they wanted me to travel too much and work too much, with little to no flexibility.

I'm about to receive a job offer with a mid-size company that is 10 minutes from my house (I could bike to work!), so I'll give it another go and see if I can figure out the work/life balance thing.
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I am the owner and co-founder of a web development company, focused on non-profits and governments. Our main field is international development, and USAID is a huge client of ours.

I didn't mean to start a company -I am not very entrepreneurial, really- I only did it b/c my boss was being a jerk, I quit and the freelancing thing snowballed until I had my husband join me. Now we have seven employees (including me and dh).

Work/life balance is always a challenge. A business is like another child - it will take all the energy and time you give it. And it being our sole source of income (and the source of our health insurance), plus the employer for 5 other people, it is pretty important to keep working hard. But on the other hand, we only started this company to give us the flexibility we knew we needed for our kids. We work from home, which helps a lot, and we keep our hours down to 45 a week as much as we can (though I had a doozy of a week, where I was at 45 hours on Wednesday...).
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I am a registered nurse. I currently work in a hemodialysis unit. Before that I worked on a busy medical floor. This area is better because it has no night shifts and only 2 on call shifts in 6 weeks. I make a good wage. Although I think I will make a career change in the next 5 years. I love working and find it very stimulating. Although I do have conflict between the alternative/complementary therapies I believe in and the western/medical way of treating patients. I think I would like to become a nurse practitioner and take some courses in alternative therapy so I could practice what I believe.
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I'm a web designer/developer. I was working from home with my own freelance company, but I just started full time web design at a very large, tech/communications/government contractor company. I basically work on a team to help maintain their external website and huge intranet. I'm trying to work my way up to developer b/c I'm overqualified for design, but there's no open spots.

Since I just started, I'm still working on finding some balance in it all. I'm really overwhelmed and tired all the time. But I do enjoy what I do, the creative and functional aspects of it, and I'm enjoying the adult interaction after 2+ years of being a WAHM (not to mention the steady, awesome salary).
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Educational writer. Freelance. My current client is set up as 6 hours on site for meetings and 20 more hours from home; but sometimes it doesn't work out that way. This week was 45 hours though, I worked last weekend, and the vast majority was on site during the week. It's a juggling act, honestly, between kids, household, and work. I do like it though. We're finally to a point financially where I don't absolutely have to work to pay basic bills, but I've chosen to keep working at it so we have more $ to travel. I hope I can keep doing it while homeschooling, but the beauty of the job is that I can take or not take on work in 6 month or 1 year chunks as needed.
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I am a physical therapist assistant. The past year I have been doing travel assignments with my DD and SAHH. We made it to the east coast and now back west. We are expecting in September.
The job is very rewarding though challenging at times. It pays well enough for hubby to be at home with DD. All in all it's really great.
I don't think I could stay at home full time. I've got to be around people and Hubby is so great with DD...he is really more suited for the job. He is wonderful.
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I work with adults who are developmentally delayed, which is the new PC term for mentally disabled. The particular clients I work with are violent and lack complete communication skills. Its very stressful and mentally exhausting. My boss wants us to start working with a client in our complex who has extremely low communication skills and is classified as unpredictable violent. The guy that I work with in particular are pretty predictable once you learn their signals and triggers. Anyways I work 3 and 4 12hr shifts on a rotating weekly schedule. I have also signed up for 12 credit hrs this semester and Dh and I are going to TTC this Dec.

Am I insane? I don't know how we are going to get through the semester. I need to make it to Sept 09, thats when the new GI Bill kicks in and I get a living stipend and I can work part time if at all, which will help when the next baby is born. At least I have great day care, that is such a blessing.

Oh my looking through PP you women are all so accomplished. Honestly I know that what I do is pretty self sacrificing but on the scale of things it gas station attendant compared to what you all do. not to down play working with people with disabilities but at my level there is no skill required, just a HS diploma or GED, they don't even care that I know ASL. Its actually kinda sad when you think about it. I am going to school to get a degree in Social Work and I want to work as a WIC councilor so I am applying now to get my foot in the door.
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grad student in mathematics dept studying mathematical ecology - I model genetic change over time (evolution models).

I LOVE teaching, research is sooo hard to get motivated doing. I am considering having a career choice after graduation that would involve less-no research and all teaching because that is my passion. I completed my orals last year - I am just trying to get this little bitty paper done so I can graduate sometime in this life - LOL!

I currently teach mathematics for biology majors (biocalculus) and a seminar on mentoring and a seminar on teaching for other graduate students.

My son just turned 1!
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I work part-time (30 hrs/week) as an office manager at a small commercial plumbing company. I do all the office stuff - payroll, bookkeeping, answer phone, typing, etc. I am able to be home to put my daughter on the bus before school and home shortly before she gets home from school and they are very flexible about stuff for my family. It is not in my field (I have a degree in Pyschology) but w/o a masters degree I can't do much in my field. Someday I might go back for my masters and work in the probation/parole system or for social services.
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I am currently the Operations Director for a local academic IRB (Institutional Review Board). I'm very thankful I only have 2 people to manage and really only now over see an office who has a manager (thats not me!)

I have a very 8-5 job, but its really flexible in terms of in/out times, lunch appointments, flex time etc and my boss is quite nice! : It should be a position where I would bring home tons of work all the time, but I've been there for a job and its not worth it and I have told my boss basically that, and its ok. I'm planning on a career change in maybe 2-4 years as I've done this work for sometime now and I'm figuring out its not what I want to do in life.
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NOthing intersting. I am a grunt, a paper-pusher. I resent not going to college and doing something I wanted to do, instead of something "practical."
Now I can't afford to go back, not with 2 small children.

Anyway, my job isn't interesting but the program is. It's a non-profit children's agency that provides a wide-arrange of services. I am the "program secretary" (a title I hate, since it reminds me of the 1980's and the movie "9-5" but my supervisor got po'ed for me asking to be called an Admin. Assistant) for our adoptions and adoptions training programs. The trainings are where our trainers go all over Arizona and train professionals on how to respond if they have a client that wishes to place their infant up for adoption. The adoptions program does home studies for prospective adoptive parents (or parent) and helps them get through the process, even though we (sadly) no longer do the actual adoptions ourselves.
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I am a RN in the Emergency Room and also help to manage it as well as the "clinical educator". Its busy and chaotic.

I worked in the ICU up until December also, and moonlight at a Level One Trauma ER when I can.

Its alot of work as we are opening a new hospital and moving to that facility. What a huge huge project.

Someday I would like to do flight nursing.
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I am a dental hygienist. I clean teeth, place sealants, scale and root plane, educate patients, take x-rays etc. I have been doing it 6 years and I like it. I will stick with it because I like being able to work part-time and still take home decent pay. Sometimes I day dream about doing something else but it's a good fit for me.

I dream of opening a vegetarian/vegan cafe and bakery. But I don't think that will happen anytime soon.
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I am self-employed as a grant-writer and non-profit consultant.
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Hairstylist I love it!!!
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Originally Posted by jlpumkin View Post
I'm a wish coordinator. I plan travel trips for families with children who have life threatening conditions.
That is my dream job!
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I am a part-time work at home childcare provider and blogger. I have visions of expanding my business into an organization that assists families in other ways too (tech support, advertising, taking families into the wilderness with their kids) when my kids start preschool in the fall.
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I am a policy analyst for a child advocacy organization. Essentially I write background papers and briefs related to a variety of policy issues affecting children and families. I also work on national and regional convenings of stakeholders working to build policy, set a policy agenda or understand the nature of a policy problem. Because most of my work is research and writing work, I now work from home most weeks (I live in Michigan), telecommuting to Washington DC for a couple of days about once every other month.

I'm also an adjunct lecturer at a local university in the Department of Social Work.
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