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I'm a Geographical Information Systems (GIS) analyst for a county government. So it's pretty interesting, I get to map all sorts of things, although I mainly have done work in our planning and zoning division. The hours are good (everyone leaves at 4:30 on the dot), good benefits.
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I am an IBCLC working for WIC part-time, per diem. In the fall I will be working 3 days per week, and I have the flexibility to switch days if one of my kids is off, or has something at school I want to go to. I also can pretty much take off as much time as I want (with my supervisor's approval) and just work more days on other weeks, so I can be off whenever my kids have vacations. The pay is not great, but DH is the main breadwinner and I was recently a SAHM, so we are used to living on just his income and mine is helping us save for college and do other things we couldn't quite manage before. Maybe when I feel ready to start my own business, I may start a private practice as a lactation consultant, but for now, I actually love working at an office and I am happy doing what I love all day long (helping moms and babies). :

Dh has been doing a bit more around the house than before but I've also paid to have some extra help around the house because we are just not keeping up with it as well as when I was SAH.
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I feel so weird saying this.. and was really really second guessing if I should even post in this thread, I somehow felt less then..but it IS my work, and I should not be worried what everyone thinks. So, here it is.

I am a Intuitive Reader which encompasses many things under that umbrella.

I work full time from home, and my hours vary.

I work when my dh is home, and at night when the kids are in bed. I have many international clients ( mostly from Japan and the UK) who contact me late at night, when it is their day time, so that works out great for me.

I have also taught workshops in my city, and will be doing this as well in this new town I moved to , eventually.

Before children, I was a hair stylist and loved that too. I just love helping ppl feel good so both jobs work well with me!
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I'm an education manager at a large non-profit arts presenter. Basically we present dance, music and theater from all over the world and I plan and execute education events that connect our audiences with the artists and art forms. I like it a lot and I've been doing it for the last 4 years. My job is very flexible and family friendly. I pretty much can take off whenever DD needs me. There is some evening work, but I've been pretty firm with them about how much/when I can work.

I have an Ed.M. in Curriculum and Instruction so I write K-12 curriculum to accompany our youth events. In addition, I recently started to write curriculum freelance for a prestiges arts presenter in NYC. I've thought about possibly freelancing full-time, but I don't think I have the time, energy and resources for that right now. Besides, I like having colleagues in office. I don't think I would like to work alone at home.
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I work in a store that sells cloth diapers and baby slings. it's cool because I can bring Wolfie (my six-month-old son).

I also work in a small office, assisting an event planner. we have a porta-crib jammed into her already-teeny office for when I bring the baby along.

I can't tell if this is the best of both worlds or the worst.
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I am an RN clinical manager for a private husband/wife Ob/Gyn team (they are also my docs and have delivered both my girls!) and I am a stay at home mom during the weekdays! LOVE them both. :
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