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No! DH is, but we didn't circ DS and won't for future children.
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Originally Posted by leerypolyp View Post

DH is Jewish and circ'ed, and will not circ a baby boy. We will be raising our children Jewish, too. (Plenty of interesting threads on THAT topic.)

The CAC forum is a very good place to begin.
i think i love you. come to the "jewish moms who didnt circ" thread if you are not there already (i just found it).
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My son was circed (I had him when I was 19 adn I was uneducated about the subject) the OB, PCP, and Ped all recommended it. They just went ahead and did it before I had a chance to think about it.

If I have a boy I do not want to circ but DH is being very stubborn. he says he doesnt remember it, it didnt scar him and he thinks his mother did him a favor by making him "socailly acceptable."

Ugh! Doesnt matter what I show him or what he reads... :

I am really really hoping for a boy but this is making me consider hoping for a girl.
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We're not sure what we're having this time around (will find out in a couple of weeks), but if it's a boy we are def. not circ'ing! My husband is and thankfully he agrees we shouldn't. I look at it as mutilation as well. Main reason, why would you have your child go thorugh any unnecessary surgery??
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Definately not, though I've always felt a little uneasy about the idea, in the years since I've been reading on this site I've come to realise how utterly irrisponsible it is to allow somehting like that to be done to a newborn child, and no-one would ever be able to convince me to do it for any reason.

I think if my first had been a boy, he probably would have been circ'd, my Ex is from the US and is circ'd and was pretty gung-ho on the idea. Though living in BC it's an elective surgery, so maybe beween my MW's and my Mum I would have had some sense knocked into me in time. I'll never know though, as luckily I had a girl and din't have to think about it

My two boys are uncut, not nesesarily because I was any more educated on the matter (at least for the first), but because my DH's Mum somehow got a gem of a Doctor when she was pregnant with him, and she talked her and my FIL out of circ'ing him And this was back in '68, when it was still a routine surgery here, and the Dr. had to fight the hospital staff not to do it anyway!
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if the baby is a boy we won't circ. it's not commonly done here and it would cost extra and since it's not a neccessary procedure and i just wouldn't want to do that to a little boy we won't do it.
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If this little one is a boy, we will not circ. I hadn't ever given it a second thought until I came to MDC. I think I always thought there was some reason they did it, but now that I find out there isn't any medical reason, I can't think of why I would want to. I brought it up to my dad and he was so mad he hung up on me, lol. He is just SURE our son would be the laughingstock of the entire middle school. Whatever.
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We won't be if this is a boy. I just see no reason for it. DH, thankfully, doesn't care, but I think that comes from exposure to other men who have chosen to say no to circing. Then again, maybe he's just smart and knows not to argue it because once I have my mind made up, there is no changing it! :P
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Originally Posted by PassionateWriter View Post
i think i love you. come to the "jewish moms who didnt circ" thread if you are not there already (i just found it).
hi, could you please help me find that thread? (my preggo brain is interfering with me, i'm afraid)

btw, re. the OP: i'm not in this DDC, but feel passionately about this topic, only in the last few months since i have taken the time to inform myself. DH is jewish and relatively observant -- i'm neither jewish nor observant. i had tacitly agreed for our first 2 kids that we would circ if they were boys. (i had not taken the trouble to educate myself and thought it was basically no big deal)

anyway, this time around, i put my foot down. i had nightmares about circumcision as soon as i learned i was pregnant. i knew i couldn't live with myself if we did it.

after a few days of misery, DH said "if that's how you feel about it, we won't do it" :

(chances are we may end up with another girl anyway)

i strongly urge anyone who is reading this thread, and planning to circ, to inform/educate yourselves as much as possible before making this decision. this will affect the rest of your son's life, and you owe it to him to at least know why you made the decision you did.
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I absolutely will not ever have any of my children circumcised.
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No. There's no medical reason for it.
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Originally Posted by KayTeeJay View Post
He is just SURE our son would be the laughingstock of the entire middle school.
Times are changing. Doing it for "social" reasons was why my bro & sis in law chose to have their son circumcised. But more & more boys this generation aren't being circumcised since there's no medical reason for it so, soon, it'll look perfectly normal.
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And I have to add, what is going to happen when all of a sudden circ'ed boys are in the minority? . . . All of a sudden their gauranteed social acceptablity will wither away and they won't have an option to switch (okay they can restore, but it is not exactly the same and takes a while)
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so....um.....I guess you are all against it?

Really, thanks for all of the awesome information. I am going to have dh look through these posts and also I am definitely going to check out the video of it. I am so glad to hear that less and less boys are being circ. Love the statistic that only 20% will be circ by the time the kids are in school. That's great! Thanks again for all the advice! I knew you ladies would come through!:

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This page has more information on circ rates and trends over time.

Here in the western region, 2006 data says only 1/3 of boys were circed. I wouldn't allow surgery on my child's healthy genitals for social reasons in the first place, but it's irrelevant as the locker room argument already doesn't hold any water here! Circed boys are already in the minority... so the intact boys will be the "norm" in the locker room.

The overall national intact rate for 2006 was about 40% - a far cry from being the odd man out, no matter how you look at it. Nearly half the boys across the country at this point are intact, and the rates are climbing - it's not going to be a strange thing by the time our boys are in school.
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No, I would NOT circumcise, nothing more sexy then a beautiful INTACT penis I say .
My sons dad was circumcised and sex was so painful, I couldnt bare have sex with him, it make my insides burn and he have nearly no feeling in his penis and had to really "pound" to be able to feel it. That lead to other problems (we drifted apart) and we ended up breaking up altogether. The foreskin helps keep the penis sensitive, the foreskin protects the glands and keeps them soft and moist, the foreskin reduces friction during intercourse and makes sex better. Nothing better then a foreskin I say.:
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My son is not circ. and if we have another boy, he will not be circ.
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Originally Posted by KayTeeJay View Post
I brought it up to my dad and he was so mad he hung up on me, lol. He is just SURE our son would be the laughingstock of the entire middle school. Whatever.
Yeah... my uncirced husband says he got no comments whatever in the locker room. If he had, he probably would have had some pointed words to say to the guy in question to the effect of "And what are you doing looking so closely at my junk?"
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Hey mama...

My DH very much wanted to have our DS circ'd at first. After I destroyed his argument that daddies and sones should look alike (DH has 1 testicle... so... stupid argument) he turned towards the cleanliness factor and sexual functioning. His best friend is intact, and he's had issues. Hence my DH thought that the foreskin caused it all. It got a little heated at times...

Basically, the clean-factor is a non-issue. With DH's friend, obsessive over-cleaning lies at the root of the problems. Just as a woman will get all nasty if she uses harsh, scented soaps in sensitive areas all the time, so will a man. Treat boy bits with the same gentle care as girl bits and things should be fine.
And regarding "oversensitivity"... I had to remind him that plenty of circ'd guys also have problems with stamina... and on the flip side, lack of sensitivity can be a HUGE pain, literally, as we know from experience. Marathon sessions are all well and good when I was 22, but.... yeah.

Then I had him read some calm rational literature about circing and he came around.
The history of why circing became the norm in the US was particualrly helpful.

I think it's a terrible thing to do, but I don;t think many people who are initially pro-circ respond well to "mutilation!" Read up, get educated, and then ask why would you want to do it? Once you learn about it, it doesn't make much sense.
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Originally Posted by delighted.mama View Post
so....um.....I guess you are all against it?
Yeah check this out...it's actually sort of against the rules to argue in favor of circumcision-- or at least that's how I read this:

We are not interested, however, in hosting discussions on the merits of crying it out, physical punishment, formula feeding, elective cesarean section, routine infant medical circumcision, or mandatory vaccinations.
from MotheringDotCommune's User Agreement

That's a pretty strong condemnation, or at least that's how I read it, and then the forum dedicated to that subject is awesome. Yay for MDC.

I had a gut revulsion of the practice even before I knew the history, but definitely check out the history...it is pretty messed up. Of course it's an ancient practice (as was slavery ) but it didn't really spread in the US until the Victorians started using it as a way to punish or prevent little boys from masturbating. There's more to it, but that alone leaves me OUTRAGED.

The one thing that's really important to know is that an intact penis shouldn't be retracted, or the foreskin "cleaned under" before it has fully loosened in its own time. Sometimes doctors/pediatricians will forcibly retract the foreskin and this can cause all kinds of problems. Then they say the boy has to be circ'd. There's a good article on how to protect an intact boy from having this kind of thing happen...

Protect Your Uncirumcised Son: Expert Medical Advice for Parents
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