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Ok- I haven't shared this on MDC before and I am not really positive I want to now- so might DD.

DH thought we should and I didn't really think anything about having DS circed. He cried and cried and cried- like for hours. the nurses kept telling me that he was just hungary and I needed to suppliment with formula- I told them that something was wrong- a mama just knows right? Then in the middle of the night his penis started uncontrollably bleeding (we were still in the hospital) and anyway- they had to call back the dr who did it- and of course he said he had never had one that did that before. to make a long story short- we had to have his poor little penis superglued back together by the urologist 2x. DH didn't take him- it was me.... me with a toddler in tow..... me watching them super glue my baby back together. super freaking glue. DH and I let them cut off part of our baby and then superglue him back together.

so- no- we won't be going that route again. I used to blame DH- but he didn't know.... and if we wouldn't have had problems- who knows if I would ever become addiment about it.
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Originally Posted by KayTeeJay View Post
If this little one is a boy, we will not circ. I hadn't ever given it a second thought until I came to MDC. I think I always thought there was some reason they did it, but now that I find out there isn't any medical reason, I can't think of why I would want to. I brought it up to my dad and he was so mad he hung up on me, lol. He is just SURE our son would be the laughingstock of the entire middle school. Whatever.
What I told my in laws was that the stats are now something like 60/40 (60% circd, 40 not) I have no resource handy for that, I just remember reading it somewhere. Some of that may change regionally, in areas where certain religions are more prevalent, etc., but overall, the kids in his middle school are likely to be almost half circ'd and half not. Just to give your Dad some perspective
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Oh my, Iowaorganic. I'm so sorry.
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Originally Posted by delighted.mama View Post
At the same time, I keep hearing all the reasons to do it.....not sure what those reasons are right now, except for, I guess, the cleanliness aspect of it.
Not in your DD....but, I am not sure why the "cleanliness aspect" would even be on your list of reasons to consider circumcision? You said your DH was intact, and I'd think that if cleanliness had been an issue with him, you wouldn't be in a DDD expecting a baby right now!

You said you DH would like a baby boy circed, what reasons did he give? Has he had some sort of issues that he thinks circumcision would solve? If so, you will want to investigate the issues so that you can present him with information on how circumcision would NOT prevent/solve the issues. I concur with others though, head over to The Case Against Circumcision to read and ask questions.
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Iowaorganic- I am so sorry for your experience.

I am grateful that I had older sisters that learned from their experiences with their sons and stopped. Also my dh is circ'd but his younger brothers are not. I can't imagine consciously removing healthy body tissue.

delighted.mama- I know of a couple where he was not circ'd and after their son was born they signed the consent in the hospital for circ. Afterwards when they realized what happened the father was devastated that they had allowed it to happen. Has your dh had problems? I am not sure why he would want the procedure done when he himself has not been circ'd.

As for cleanliness, girls are harder to clean after a major poop than boys.

Best wishes!
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My son is 5 years old and not circumcised. I personally don't think I have a right or a reason to circumcise him. Re your mention of the cleanliness factor, I have never had any extra trouble diapering or bathing my son due to him still having a foreskin. Now that he is 5, it retracts and he washes himself in the bath. I have had to change diapers for recently circumcised boys and it was more than I could handle dealing with for my own son...sore, red, oozing.
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Originally Posted by dinahx View Post
And I have to add, what is going to happen when all of a sudden circ'ed boys are in the minority?
Even before the US started reducing circumcision, 85% of the world wasn't circumcised. About 95% of the boys my daughter plays with are intact, so my kids are going to grow up thinking that's just how it is.
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When Dh and I had our 1st son (1st baby) on 9/22/98 in a birth center attached to hosp. we decided to go ahead and circ. I myself, being a female didn't really have a strong opinion one way or the other and told my husband if he felt strongly led in one direction or the other to go ahead. Being born in 1977, he was circumcised as an infant and chose to have our son circ'd as well since this was what he was familiar with and figured " like father like son". He was given pain meds for the procedure, circ'd by plasti-bell method and had no problems whatsoever.
We had a baby girl 11/24/99 so no need to worry that time around.
fast Forward to 10/23/02.... We have oyur 3rd child, 2nd son, at a different birth center. I once again, still feel pretty much the same way I did the first time around, and once again left he decision in my Dh's hands. We chose once again to circ. This time, our little red-haired boy was given NO pain relief, strapped to a board, my husband was banned from being there with him and he was circ'd by scalpel blade and a crushing mechanism. When he was brought back to my bedside and changed following the procedure his diaper was full of blood and there was even some "stray" skin hanging from him. He was inconsolable and either screamed for hours at a time, or slept like the dead. Later when we were preparing to leave for home, the staff "admitted" they might have "taken a bit too much" from our little boy. It took all I had to not knock heads let me tell you! Dh and I decided then and there that if we were ever blessed with anymore sons, we would not circumcise. Since then I have read and researched so much on circumcision and wished I had been more enlightened at the time of the birth of our 1st son. I console myself in the fact that the procedure for him was well executed.
We then found ourselves pregnant with #4 in 2004 and had decided to birth at home with a CPM. We had another beautil red-haired son and we knew this time he would not be subjected to a circumcision.
We had a beautiful Uc birth of a baby girl on 4/21/06
We know find ourselves pregnant with baby #6 and if this blessing is a boy he will also remain intact. It is not our place to remove anything that God has chosen to give us.

Each of us must choose what is right for us in our own circumstances and lifestyle choices. Blessings to all!

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We'll hopefully find out today the sex of the baby, so this may be a non issue for us anyway....but this happened to come up in conversation with my dh yesterday. I'd been waiting for the right 'time' since we come from very traditional backgrounds and I figured he would be in the camp of "that's just what everyone does". So I just mentioned that it really is just a cultural practice, no reason for it, and that not everyone does it anymore.

He seemed intrigued.
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Shelby- omg.... I know all about that.....
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I'm so sorry to you whose sons were damaged by their circumcisions. My first exposure to the whole issue was finding out my ex's little brother wasn't circumcised. I didn't know what that meant and when I found out, I really didn't know what to think. Later, I figured I'd leave it up to the dad, then I started doing research and was so horrified... I found out my best friend's brother was permanently deformed--his penis was cut into and scarred so that it pulls to one side and always will, mutilated. And of course, the story aired about the twin boys where one circumcision was so botched they turned one into a girl... the list goes on. The botched circ rate the year I was born was 80%. So much NOT common knowledge!
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Absolutely not.

I am so thankful that my first son's father was intact, I knew absolutely nothing about circumcision and probably would have gone ahead with it if he hadn't stopped me.

Both of our sons are intact and my oldest has not had one problem with his penis - he's a teenager now.
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Well, I can no longer post here except in the truly hypothetical, since we found out we are having a girl -- but good luck to all you mamas!
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Im so sorry your son had to go through that as well! Superglue?! Poor lil man! Im glad I became more enlightened as time went by but do sometimes have guilt in my heart. At least I know now I will never put a son through that again. Their body= their choice.
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My 2 year old son is intact, and the boy I found out yesterday that I am carrying will be intact as well.
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