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I lost it finally.

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My temper that is.

I have been asking my (not so) dh to put the birth tub together for a few days now and I finally did it myself this afternoon. Then we get home tonight and I ask him to put the clothes he wants into one dresser so we can move the other one out (to the garage until we can move it tomorrow or the next day to the in-laws) and make room for my arms reach co-sleeper. I want the dresser out of the room completely because it looks way too crowded in there as it is and we ARE trying to sell this house. Plus I already emptied out the drawers and moved 1/2 of his things to the new dresser already for him. He won't and doesn't want the dresser in "his" garage. So now we have no place for the co-sleeper, my mom is coming tomorrow and will be using the only other spare bed and my ds, dh and I can hardly fit in our queen size bed as it is. : Ummm hello...we have another baby coming ANY DAY NOW!!! So I start putting all his clothes in the garbage bag and taking the empty drawers out to the living room. One was dropped and broke (it's an old dresser and I was probably going to toss it anyways but really...) and that made me even more So now I have a broken dresser on my deck, my dh clothes in the garbage bag by the garbage and to make matters worse...my arms reach co-sleeper is missing parts so I can't use it any other way other than the "bassinet". : So much for buying a used one. :

The worst part is that my ds got so upset that mommy was throwing things away. And that daddy was raising his voice at mommy. He said daddy was being mean to mommy.

What a way to welcome the new addition.

Anyway...sorry for the vent. I really needed to get that out and now I feel like crying. And all this because I was trying to make room in our bed for our WHOLE family so my dh wouldn't have to sleep on the couch to make room for the kids.
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((hugs)) that sounds really frustrating. I'm the same way about wanting stuff done and in order so I don't blame you a bit. Are the parts for the co-sleeper something you can get at the hardware store maybe?
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Sorry things are so stressful for you. *hugs* If you can't get the parts at the hardware store, I bet you could call the manufacturer and get some replacements.
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I'm so sorry you are stressed. Hoping things calm down before you welcome the new baby.
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I'm so sorry Cheryl, that just sucks. DH & I have been more nitpicky at each other lately and I get mad & sad. DS said something similar, he didn't like the new daddy & mommy and that put it into perspective unfortunately It's just some stress and will go away mama. Just clear your mind and focus on the positives
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I'm sorry hun. Just think of it as a bad day and tomorrow is a new one.
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Thanks...I don't think today is going to be any better. It's only 8 am and already crappy. My dh was supposed to leave by 7:30 (at the very latest) to pick up my mom from the airport. So to spite me he saunters out of here at about 7:55. She will be waiting with no one to pick her up for at leas 40 minutes. And I have no contact information for her to let her know. I know it's not a big wait but the ONLY reason he is going to be late is because he wanted to tick me off. I think I am having the prepartum blues...I hate to see what the postpartum is going to be like.
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hope your day improves, mama!
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You can order replacement parts for the co-sleeper online!


I hope things get better for you!!
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Thank you for the support. It sucks that I have to buy all the replacement parts. I could have bought a new one for the same price once I buy them all though. :

My mom is here now...so things will be better now that I have some help around the house.
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I can completely understand - i (usuallY) love my DH but we have had very similar issues . We bought a minivan from a local just before we had #4 , it was the only vehicle that would fit 6 and it was utterly filthy . we wouldnt even let the kids in it . - it was also late June, in Texas and around the 7th day of 100+ heat - and the day after a false labour ( and the 80th or so time he promised to "do it first thing tomorrow ) about 3pm while he was watching football - i went and took it to the car wash , i yanked out all the seats, scrubbed, vaccuumed, disinfected ( we all know how fun exposure to chemicals is in te 9th month) scraped the gunk out of the seat sockets etc etc etc when i got home he was very very apologetic and said he would do "anything"
we cancelled the cable
men will drive you nuts- i am sorry you have to deal with tat on top of te stress you are already in - i really really wish that men could take just that last month of pregnancy - i think it would cure a plethora of the worlds ills
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I know what you mean. My "to do" list is done except for sorting the pantry, which isn't a necessity. He hasn't started on his list yet, which includes putting together the co-sleeper and installing the carseat and several other things that really need to be done before the baby arrives.

I should have a few more weeks to go (DD 8/26), but I can tell you, if that date creeps up and there is still nothing done, I am going to be crabby as all get out. It's bad enough I have to remind him to clean the cat litter on a regular basis!
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Thank you for sharing. I was hoping that everyone wouldn't think I was being "crazy". My dh is doing a lot now (we are building a new house) but I think I get extra upset because he doesn't seem to really care about the new baby. I know he does but he doesn't really show it at all and hasn't helped with any of the baby stuff. He doesn't go to any appts. with me, doesn't come up with any names (other than to say that he doesn't like the ones I come up with ), he hasn't helped me get anything ready like car seats, supplies, etc, and won't even watch one birth video with me. I really wanted him to watch orgasmic birth but he had no interest. Now if it were about the whole Brett Farve fiasco...now he knows the minute to minute details of all that. :
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