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I only recently found this board and haven’t really posted anywhere yet, but I’m due at the end of August (27th) with my first.

This pregnancy has gone very smoothly for me—no real morning sickness or aches-and-pains. But in the last two weeks I’ve found myself utterly, completely bone-tired all of the time. I sleep in as late as I can, take a nap for an hour as soon as I get home from work, make dinner, take another nap, wake up to maybe drink some water and talk to hubby. Then back to bed for the night. I can’t get anything done and don’t have the energy for the cleaning and cooking I know I should be doing.

Is this just one of those late pregnancy things I have to deal with? Or does anyone have some thoughts on what I might try in terms of nutrition/herbs? I follow a high-protein, fairly-low-carb diet with lots of veg/fruits. I’ve increased my milk intake during the last week after some issues with leg cramps at night. Alongside my pre-natal vitamin, I take omega-3 oils, drink chlorophyll, rrl and nettle tea.
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I've been exhausted. Thank goodness I'm at home all day, because I keep needing 2-3 hour naps.
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I'm tired, too!

Have you had your iron levels checked? A friend of mine had her baby 6 weeks ago and she was so sluggish the last month. Had her iron tested - it was low - and started supplements and found some energy again!
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This is exactly how I've been feeling. I too take a couple naps during the day and sleep in, my 4 yo doesn't understand poor kid . Although the other night I only got like 3 hours of sleep and had an insane amount of energy that day, I dont know what that was about but I slept in late the next morning and then got a couple naps in again and presto back to sleepyland.
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I was super wiped until this week (I'm due tomorrow). This week I've been pretty energized, but crashing around 10 and sleeping allll night (except for one pee around 4). Thank goodness, as I was waking 4-6 times a night and dragging my ass. I don't know if it's just that the baby was going through a big growth spurt, sucking it all from me, or what! I know my iron is okay. One thing I haven't been doing is napping-I thought I needed it, but I'm just resting instead (reading, watching TV), and sleeping better. Who knows!?
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I'm due 8/16, and I'm completely wiped out. At this point I'm working from home for the rest of the pregnancy -- but since I'm removed from the adrenaline of the office (which definitely helped me with motivation), I'm finding it nearly impossible to get anything done. Yesterday I was telling my dh that I think working from home isn't really working and maybe I should go back...he thought I was being ridiculous. But I really hate to feel like I'm slacking.

So work is going really slowly, the apartment is a total mess (where's that nesting surge I keep hearing about?), and I'm pretty much too tired to really care. My iron was just checked, so I know it's fine...it must just be par for the course for the end of pregnancy (and for the next 18 years???).

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Originally Posted by becomingme View Post
...it must just be par for the course for the end of pregnancy (and for the next 18 years???).

Yes! Unfortunately...
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Well at least I have a little company!

I hear everyone talk about this nesting urge and I'm just trying to figure out how much nesting one can do from the couch.

So much for all those home-cooked frozen meals...
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